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Scientology minder prompts Katie Holmes through first big interview

Katie Holmes, whose whirlwind engagement to Tom Cruise has produced one of Hollywood-s more improbable unions, has taken on a new role - that of a lovestruck automaton.

In her first big interview since her betrothal to Cruise, who turned 43 last week, the actress, 26, responded to every question with gushing platitudes as her Scientologist "minder" looked on approvingly.
Celebrities and Scientolo



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I don't know - but I do know that these people give off what I see as 'bad vibes' - there is a group here that go under the name of 'Dianetics'; they ask you to fill long intrusive questionaires that look as if they are designed to find your psychological weaknesses. People therefore think that the answers will give the 'daianetics' people some insight into how to make them be 'better' people.

This is not promoted as a religion, but the first book you are asked to buy is - surprisingly- one written by Ron. Hubbard.

Par quote from article..........."What makes Scientology a hate group
Among other unethical behavior, hate- and harassment activities are part and parcel of Scientology. Hatred is codified, promoted and encouraged in the cult's own scriptures, written by founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology's unethical behavior: learn about the cult's 'Fair Game' policy

More of Scientology's unethical behavior: the cult's 'dead agenting' policy

Examples of Scientology's hate- and harassment activities

Scientology's 'secret service' - a history of crime and dirty tricks"..........

More research resources on Scientology

The above may be seen to be very judgemental -but if anyone I kow was tempted to go to see these people, I would be worried for him/her;)

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I am the ORIGINAL Freak
When you have to be shaperoned....can we officially start calling Scientology a cult now? I better stop, last time I tried to talk about *bitting tounge* this crap I got warned.