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Science and Psycho

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by questfortruth, May 17, 2021.

  1. questfortruth

    questfortruth Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2017
    Eastern Orthodox Christianity
    Dear friends, is this correct? Grammar is correct?

    1. My short CV and principles.

    I am positively different from millions of non-prominent and unfamiliar
    journal submitters. I have completed secondary school with the Gold Medal,
    Tartu University with Cum Laude, and I have successfully published in Physical
    Review E and European Physical Journal B. Presented are short clear proofs of
    the conjectures from Number Theory, waiting at my home office to be published
    by you!

    If somebody (including me) has convinced me of having made a mistake, I repent
    and will try to correct the mistake. But I cannot correct a mistake, just
    because somebody has seemingly joked in saying that I have made a mistake
    there. Writing to me rejection letters like ``we have no time to read your
    paper because you are not the only submitter [and you are not a Professor];
    and it seems that it requires considerable effort and meditation to understand
    your approach to the conjecture'' is not acceptable at all as a flaw! Please
    look at the type of mistake demonstration I would accept:
    If I would write in a paper: ``2=5+7'', then the editor would find that place
    and reply: ``2=5+7 does not hold''.

    2. I have no authority to tell you that but drop your shields of distrust!

    In the reading process, the brain does mental activity and dwells on what was
    read. A new web of connections in brain cells should have the time to form
    and rights to be emerging.
    Scientific trust, curiosity, and interest are necessary to be in origin
    because the instinctual defense mechanism of the brain [called ``skepticism'']
    does not allow new ``software'' to be ``installed'' in the deep, operational tissue.
    This defense is necessary, because malware (or defective software) if installed,
    will harm the consistency of the system. The authors of mental malware are called
    ``intellectual terrorists''. However, reading an original scientific paper is a complicated
    learning process. I have very new material, so you should learn; thus, it is normal
    to feel unease and even tingle.

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    Last edited: May 17, 2021