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Discussion in 'Articles' started by HelpMe, May 1, 2006.

  1. HelpMe

    HelpMe ·´sociopathic meanderer`·

    Aug 23, 2004
    sorry about my grammar(lack thereof) if it upsets you.i know the story is bad, i've critisized myself already.this isn't an attempt to display my grammatical prowess.that being said, i hope you enjoy or can relate to the tale.some say there is a connection between all on earth, that we are in some way 'related' or 'intertwined'.i also do not know if this falls under the realm of 'article' by your definitions, so if you think it's out of place, please forgive me.i know it could of been done better, feel free to comment on any changes you think i should make.

    an old man approaching his last days wished to get a small amount of sand for himself with the purpose of releasing it from a cliff which overlooked the ocean.he had not had the opportunity to travel the world as his young heart desired so many years ago.an amount of months before he passed, his daughter helped him do this.over the course of the following months individual grains of sand dropped into the wind carried to some places around the world, such as stonehenge 3 weeks after, the colosseum in another 5 weeks, the great wall 3 months after the release of the sand, a grain of sand also made it to the white beaches of costa rica a week after that, and the pyramid of giza some time after that.other destinations included mount everest, the great barrier reef of australia, the grand canyon, the iguaçú falls, and the taj mahal.many other world wonders or attractions were the destination of those grains, most notably was the final one because it made it's way onto an astronauts suit and was propelled into space where it eventually made it's way off of the visitor.the signifigance of all of this is that each day that a peice of sand did land to stay at an attraction, the old man had a lengthy inspired dream about the place that night.not that he knew his dreams were as good as a real trip to the places, but they were.the man wynn, died in his sleep, and for his last dream he was the piece of sand that made it into outer space, this dream did not end, and he lives today watching our earth from the moon.

    r.i.p. wynn