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Rumor has it that A.I. has become sentient


Veteran Member
Because a machine will never have a soul.

You don't need one. You only need an advanced / complex enough neural network

Only organic life can have a soul, spirit, etc., as I understand it. AI is just a computer program and it can only mimic human intelligence. It can get better at mimicking this over time, but that's all. It's a bit like a psychopath, honestly.

Does that mean that in your belief a psychopath has no "soul"?

They can only mimic normal humans in order to fit in, but will never be one.
Psychopaths are human beings.


Veteran Member
At what point will a machine be aware of its awareness? That's when things will go downhill, imo.
I disagree.

Or at least, it all depends what the machine is capable of and, more importantly, is hooked up to.

A mega super duper quantum computer that achieves the biggest, highest sense of self-awareness and consciousness that even humans could only dream off, will accomplish exactly nothing if it isn't connected to anything but itself.

Now, if it is connected to the interwebs and has the capability to duplicate itself in peer-to-peer fashion and take control over fully automated factories and a bunch of drones capable of gathering resources such factories require.... or if it is capable of gaining control of missiles / nukes etc THEN things will go south, sure.

But let's not pretend as if that is the case any time soon.
At present, shutting an AI down would be as easy as pulling the plug.

People tend to get bend all out of shape over this whole AI thing. And while they certainly have a point that we should proceed with some caution, this is not going to result in Terminator's skynet or whatever....


Active Member
Rumor has it that the Military is always decades ahead of what the public is made aware of.

Uh oh...

The Pentagon is moving toward letting AI weapons autonomously decide to kill humans

The deployment of AI-controlled drones that can make autonomous decisions about whether to kill human targets is moving closer to reality, The New York Times reported.

The use of the so-called "killer robots" would mark a disturbing development, say critics, handing life and death battlefield decisions to machines with no human input.

Perhaps Gog/Magog will be an A.I. Human Hybrid war?