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Rumi and Quran


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There is story in Quran that Prophet Abraham ask God to show Him how He resurrects the Dead.
What is your take on Rumi's interpretation of this story?

If you want human beings to attain to eternal life,
Then cut off the heads of these four loathsome and evil birds,
And then bring them back to life,
Transformed into another sort,
So that afterwards they will do no harm.
The four formless birds that beset the Way have made their nest
in the hearts of human beings.
These are the duck, the peacock, the crow and the rooster:
They are allegories for the four pernicious qualities in human beings.
The duck is greed.
The rooster is lust.
The peacock is superiority.
And the crow is worldly desire.

(taken from John Baldock’ s The Essential of Rumi).

You can read the whole poem from the Source: https://mrumia.wordpress.com/2006/11/11/the-four-birds/


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See the Sermon of Imam Ali of the differences between religious scholars. That shows the way to attain truth.