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Sara Thinks

Are Women oppressed? Bible Vs Quran
Can they Divorce? Bible Vs Quran
Are they Slaves? Bible Vs Quran
What is the Status and Role of Women? Bible Vs Quran
Watch this video to see the response


De Diablo Del Fora
Premium Member
Why has it been so difficult for so many people to accord women the same rights as men? Religions in general have been stupid about this issue, pretending there are good reasons why women should have lesser rights than men.

sun rise

Feeling groovy
Premium Member
There's a great change all over the world, in some places more than others, but slower or faster women are more and more being recognized as being equal with equal rights.

Personally I'm not interested in debating which religion or nation is worse but in looking for signs of progress and welcoming them.


"Peace is the answer" quote: GOD, 2014
Premium Member
The video makes a good point, while Islam may be considered backwards for today's time with regards rights for women, compared to the Bible, the Koran was ahead of its time in offering more rights to women than previous times, this is not to be taken lightly, but thinking that we cannot go beyond the rights women had in 650AD is a bit ridiculous.