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Result Oriented Prayers Need Pure Changes, Immersion, Devotion, Focus, Remembrance, Worship.


Peace be upon you.
Peace be on you. To get understanding of spiritually connecting to God, to learn ways to pray, to correct the self, to do good deeds, to get goodness in this world and in Hereafter, to achieve personal and collective aims, the ardent devotee of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), the promised Messiah and Mahdi (peace be on him) explains in compact form:

Bring Pure Changes, Observe Limits Set by God
“It is also essential for acceptance of prayer that human brings about pure change within himself. There is no effect in prayer if he cannot avoid evil and breaks limits set by God.”

Immersion to Spiritually Connect to Allah
“An immersion is required to connect to Allah the Exalted. We repeatedly enjoin our Jamm’at [Community] to be firm on this, because unless one is detached from the world and love of the world is cooled off and natural fervour and immersion towards Allah the Exalted is not generated, dedication cannot be facilitated.”

Devoted Attention, Acceptance by God Alone, Special Times for Focus
“In prayers, when, with complete devotion to God, attention is made then they bring about extraordinary effect. But it should be remembered that acceptance of prayers comes from God Almighty alone. And there is distinction in certain time for prayers, as there is special time in morning; this specialty is not in other times. Similarly, there are certain times for prayer, in which acceptance and effect is generated [by God].”

Remember God in Good Times too, Do Virtues
“God’s mercy is with that person who fears in good times just as fears in coming of trouble. He who does not forget God Almighty in times of peace, God does not forget him in times of trouble. The one who spends peace time in enjoyment and starts to pray in troubles, his prayers are not accepted. When Divine chastisement descends, door of repentance shuts. Thus how fortunate is the one, who remains engage in prayers before descending of Divine chastisement and gives alms, respects Divine commandment, is compassionate towards God’s creation and he do correct deeds. It is sign of goodness. Tree is recognized by its fruits. Similarly, it is easy to identify the blessed as well as the un-blessed.”

God Cares the Worshippers
God had the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) announce: “Say, if there was no prayer from you, my Lord would not have cared for you…..” (Holy Quran, Surah Al Furqan, chapter 25 : verse 78)
Promised Messiah explains: “A perfect ‘Abid’ [worshipper of God, a devout person] can be one who is of benefit to others. However, this verse explains it with greater clarity. That is, say to people that if they do not call on the Lord then he too does not care for them. In other words, He only cares for one who is an Abid.”

After mentioning above quotes from Promised Messiah, his Khalifah said the Community should become Abid to get connected to God, to see fulfillment of good wishes and to witness defeat of opponents whose enmity, rancour and malice for Promised Messiah has exceeded bounds; he mentioned a prayer of Promised Messiah too. Holy Quran foretells their terrible state in front of Allah when Allah will be pleased with His servants. (23:107-112)……. Community should pray with patience, resoluteness and required conditions to seek Allah’s mercy, forgiveness, cover and triumph.

Reference: From the Friday sermon by Hadhrat Khalifah tul Messiah V (may Allah help him), 15 March 2013, mtaDOTtv
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