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Responsibilities of Guests at Jalsa Salana UK–How to Draw Practical Benefits of Jalsa for Real Life


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.
By the favour of Allah the Exalted Jalsa Salana of UK have begun. Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) asked Jama'at to put a lot of emphasis in doing prays in these days and to offer sadaqat [charity], who are able to do so that may Allah the Exalted make the Jalsa successful and blessed in each respect. All people, those who are attending by coming here and Ahmadis in various countries of the world who are listening the proceeding of Jalsa by MTA, should pray for the success of Jalsa in all respect, and the safety from each evil of foe.

In previous sermon, attention of hospitality-workers of Jalsa was drawn to do hospitality of the guests of Jalsa. Now attention of guests is drawn that there are some duties and responsibilities of guests too which they have to fulfill.

In Islam, no doubt, guest has a lot of rights. But Islam is such a moderate religion which teaches moderation and does not draw attention of only one side to fulfill its responsibilities, rather asks the other side to pay the due responsibilities too. It is the thing, which shall be cause of affection, love and fraternity in society.

When, Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) did not convene the Jalsa in a year, its reason was the wrong attitudes of those who joined the Jalsa. It means, the guests became the reason of his (a.s.) sorrow and displeasure. He did not express his displeasure because he received any direct trouble from guests. But he said, you people who are attending the Jalsa are not paying mutual rights, not only this but also showing selfishness and self-likeness, giving priority to your rest over others’ rest, you are behaving at Jalsa that as if it is a worldly festival. The purpose of Jalsa is to have progress in Taqwa, increase in connection with God the Exalted and to pay rights of each other, and to increase your passion and level of sacrifice for each other. When he saw some people are not up to this standard, it shocked him a lot. He expressed it in detail.

Thus the guests who come to join Jalsa, they are not the mere guests, that they should expect better treatment and luxury to them as guest, rather they should achieve high levels of selflessness and sacrifice and the purpose of Jalsa-s should always be before them i.e connection with Allah, progress in spirituality and paying rights of each other.

As far as guests from outside Jama'at are concerned, definitely we have to take care of them, and as much as possible, ease have to be provided to them and right of hospitality have to be fulfilled according to our resources. Especially sardars / leaders of some nations have come as guest, their hospitality should be done with lot of attention, because it is saying of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that when leaders of nations come to you, give them honour and treat them well.

Likewise, those people who come to seek truth, they come in plenty. We should do their hospitality with full attention. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has taught us this very thing. He used to ask the workers of his langar-khana (free-kitchen) that whether you know someone or not, someone is big and small, rich or poor, you have to do hospitality for everyone.

But when an Ahmadi comes at Jalsa, he should consider himself guest and host both, only then passion of selflessness and sacrifice will increase and environment of Jalsa will become that of affection and love.

The guest should always make effort not to make difficulty for host, rather make ease. It is the very guidance by Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).

In the days of Jalsa, temporary arrangements are made here, that is why such ease and facility cannot be given to those who dwell here which can be provided under a permanent arrangement. Here collective- residences are made too, and tents for families are established.

Many weakness may have remained in these arrangements. Jama'at’s departments for hospitality have the status of host for the guests. That is why instead of viewing these departments as the appointed servants for guest and to think to have right to say anything to them for their weakness and shortcomings and try to get facilities. It is wrong thinking. These men and women volunteer-workers who are appointed for our service, they are not our servants. It is their humbleness and passion to serve, which they are expressing, by presenting themselves to serve guests of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.). Among these workers, there are people who are highly educated and wealthy, that is why guests should ask them about their needs when required with softness and love. If workers excuse due to any constraint, then accept their excuse with happy heart.

Likewise our young men and women do duties with great enthusiasm. Sometimes these youth are stumbled by some elders’ wrong attitude and way of talk…Everyone should be careful in this regard. Elders should treat youngs with affection.

Every coming Ahmadi guest should not consider himself only guest, rather they should join Jalsa with intention that they have to be heir of prayers of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) and to get benefit from blessings of Jalsa, and to have progress in their ruhaniyyat / spirituality – not to waste their time in small worldly eases and things, and due to it destroy the peace of surrounding.

Workers have to practice good moral, forbearance and patient too whatever the situation or attitude of others may be. Whatever is available to guests to eat in these three days, they should eat with happiness. See how great is enthusiasm, some people who are high officials in some worldly offices, only because there is blessings to serve guests of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) they serve in cooking food with interest and enthusiasm. Thus if taste of food is little less there is no need to complaint. Workers who serve and distribute food too should remember to present food with respect. If anyone demand curry ten times, and of their like, present it. Sometimes tension due to small issues is developed at place where food is eaten, make effort to avoid it.

Guests should take care that, after finishing meal, leave the marquee as soon as possible so that other guests can come to eat easily. Administration makes effort to let as much as people eat at a time, and effort is made to prepare large area. But still difficulty may arise in rush. If guest support, there is ease.

Effort is made to make other better eases for guests like washroom, but due to temporary state of arrangements, sometimes guests face difficulties, this situation should be tolerated….. ….

This time system of transport and parking is changed, it is being beneficial, traffic jams are quite less, rather flow is better. Coming people should fully cooperate with department of transport and parking, in in all three days too… Where and how to park is asked, queue and lines should be made. Large parking for cars is obtained at other place too, guest will be brought by buses, cooperate fully. With cooperation, guests can reach easily in time without traffic blockage. Usually, people used to reach quite late on Fridays, and kept coming till last time. Huzur (a.t) were requested to come somewhat late so that people may reach. But this time arrangement is better. If cooperation will remain, this arrangement will be continued.

Start the journey before time, so that you can reach in time, so that parking place and arrangements to come by buses is dealt in time.

Security related problems are increasing each year, that is why do full cooperation at security checking, identification cards and letters must be shown, whatever is needed. Show, as many times demanded. Do not give your card or pass for a special area to any other person…Such events took place in previous years, cards were given to a friend, sometimes this wrong act is done by workers and office holders too. Be careful. If two cards are issued to someone, people on checking should check both, and make sure they are issued to same person. This year security people check and stop those who bring water bottles with them, cooperate as government departments have drawn our attention for this. All this for security measures, everyone should cooperate. Security worker must check every one no matter one is an acquaintance or not, worker or not, office holder or not, thus no one should bad about it. Checkers should not feel hesitation. It is essential everyone should keep watch on right or left and surrounding. It is most important.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) asked Jama'at to do a lot of prayers these days, may Allah the Exalted bless the Jalsa in each respect. Hear the proceedings of Jalsa, and do not walk here and there…Administration should make maximum effort for the ease of people. Sometimes some people come early from home without having food, or have not habit of eating in morning, here sometimes food is available late, due to long fasting they begin to feel sick. There are some patients who can not do long fasting….For such persons, there should be workers on duty in food-presenting marquee. Affected guest should eat and immediately come back and listen to proceedings of Jalsa.

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Peace be upon you.
The administration should make sure that during Jalsa, stalls, and shops must be closed, no owner should be there, everyone should attend Jalsa, security should be there, department of bazaar should have security, if an owner wants to be near his expensive things, they can make a corner place and there should be TV and they should attend the proceedings through it.

Like every year, exhibitions are made, magazine review of religion will be there too, shoud of Messiah will be displayed too, nnon-Muslimexperts on this subject are coming, they shall give talk, and there will be question answers, interested people should get benefit.

The project of Al-Qalam, under review of religion, will work this year too, opportunity is given to write a verse by hand, people join it with great interest, those who are interested they may take part.

Under the department of archives some relics / tabarukat will be displayed. It will be interesting. Photos from ‘makhzan e tasawir’ will be displayed.

But all these things will remain closed during Jalsa proceedings. Everyone should hear the proceeding of Jalsa with attention and get benefit from speeches. By the favour of Allah the Exalted, scholars prepare their speeches with lot of hard work, full benefit must be drawn from these. Not only, speakers or topics of interest are attended, and others are not given attention.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says: All respected people listen with attention. I, for my Jama'at and for my being and for my nafs (self) want only and like that apparent verbosity, which is present in lectures. Only it should not be liked. And all purpose should not come to stop at it that how magic-ful speech is being delivered by the speaker, how much power is in words. I do not get pleased with this thing. I like this, not artificially and not with formality, but my nature’s demands is that whatever work is done it should be for Allah…… Whatever is done, it should be for the sake of God……Whatever we should say , it should be for the sake of God, to get His pleasure. And whatever we should listen, listen as words about God, and also we should hear for action. And from gathering of lecture, we should not get only the share that we say today lecture was very good[listen, listen with attention, and listen with intention to act. Do not listen with only intention to praise the lecture] … The great reason of coming of decadence and decline in Muslims is this. [that they do not listen for act]. Otherwise, so many conferences, anjuman-s and congregations take place and there great speakers and lecturers read their lectures and deliver speeches, and poets do mourning at the condition of nation. What is that matter that it makes no effect? Nation goes to decline day by day instated progress. [we continue to see it and currently situation is becoming more terrible]….The matter is that, those who come and go in these gatherings do not join with sincerity.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said that, Thus everyone who joins should understand this fundamental thing, that they should join the program of Jalsa with sincerity, listen the speeches, listen with intention that we have to make effort to act at these with as much power we have.

It is great favour of Allah the Exalted on ahmadi ulama that they get benefit from knowledge of kalam of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and by getting benefit from it, they convey to us the words of Allah the Exalted and His Messenger. They mention spiritual and knowledge-ful subjects . If we really get benefit from it , we can bring revolution in our lives. May Allah the Exalted enable all attendees to fulfill purposes of Jalsa. [Aameen]

Reference: Based on Friday sermon (July 28, 2017) by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help) , UK, alislam.org -- mta.tv --- youtube