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Rescue me, my Prince of peace

I would like to talk about the fairy tale side of Christianity. We are all poor peasants living in a fallen world, the good King, (God) is at war with the evil dragon (the Devil) who attacks the good King's kingdom, both countryside and city, devouring and destroying whereever he can, along with his evil wizards, witches beasts and warriors of darkness. The peasants must turn the the King, his angels, his knights, priests, his followers for protection. The dragon seeks to trick the peasants into coming to his side, so he may devour their souls when the time comes, and likeswise the King and His son the heroic Prince of Peace and all the king's knights fight to save the people of the kingdom and bring them to the holy city.

The prince's bride, the fair princess, was stolen away from him long ago by the wicked dragon and corrupted. She is locked up in the enchanted sleep of death, but her prince has fought for her, to take away the power of death from Satan the malicious, evil seven headed red dragon. This "sleeping princess" is the Bride of Christ, the true church, and everyone in it. The Christians who died in Christ sleep until they are woken up by the trumpet call of the angels when Christ is ready to return to Earth and take the Christians living on Earth, they will be taken up to heavenand meet the dead in Christ, we will meet our dead loved ones and ancestors.

The Prince of peace shall defeat the evil dragon Satan and cast him in the lake of fire along with all the witches, wizards, beasts, warriors and those who follow the devil.

THen he shall marry his bride the princess, the true church. THere will be the marriage supper of the lamb.