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Rep. Comer and Subpoenas

The Hammer

Wyrd Wide Web
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It Aint Necessarily So

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Typical Republican. They flout Congressional authority (subpoenas) and call any investigations of criminal activity against any of them irrelevant, partisan, and politically motivated, then complain that the process isn't taken seriously and blame that on Democrats trying to take the matter seriously in the face of a storm of attempted chaos and obstruction as they are about to unleash a series of vexatious, partisan investigations. It should be an amusing two years of bile and obstructionism, where Congress does nothing useful again until the Democrats control both houses and the White House again (assuming that they aren't strong enough to override vetoes).

Here's what America would NOT have had these past two years had the Republicans controlled either house of Congress or the White House:

Medicare can negotiate drug prices now, saving the US billions.
Seniors' drug expenses capped.
Billions allocated to climate mitigation.
Billions allocated to infrastructure repair.
Ten of millions of Americans now have affordable Internet access.
Tens of millions more Americans have health coverage and lower premiums via ACA.
Raised taxes on the wealthiest corporations and individuals.
School debt relief.
Marijuana convictions reform.
Signed the PACT Act to address veterans' exposure to burn pits (fought the Republicans tooth and nail for that).
Signed the CHIPS and Science Act to accelerate semiconductor manufacturing in the US.
Signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act restricting gun access in limited areas such as ghost guns.
Strengthened the Violence Against Women Act (domestic terrorism).
Signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act getting shots into arms and delivering financial relief to individuals and small businesses averting economic collapse during the pandemic
Low unemployment rates and millions of new jobs.

And now? Not. Back to paralysis of the ship of state. We can only imagine what would have been accomplished these next two had the Republicans not taken the House. And it can founder and flounder right where it was stopped. America wanted Republicans, and so, Republicans it shall have. I understand that they will begin tackling inflation, their principal complaint about the Biden administration and their reason why Americans needed Republican rule instead, by initiating an inquiry into Hunter Biden's laptop, and then perhaps a vexatious impeachment.

This is a scene from Seinfeld, where George learns about the homes and other assets that he would have acquired had his wealthy fiancé not died licking wedding invitation envelopes with cheap, toxic glue on them before the wedding

Wyck: Now, as you know, the Rosses had considerable monies.

George: Oh. I know they have some monies.

Wyck: They had more than some monies. Many, many monies. And they planned to give a sizable portion of their estate to you and Susan after the wedding.

George: So, if Susan and I had... I mean, if the envelopes hadn't, uh... then we--

Wyck: Yes.

George: And now?

Wyck: Not. It's all been endowed to the foundation, even this townhouse.

George: This townhouse?

Wyck: This would have been your wedding gift.

George: And now?

Wyck: Not.​

YARN | -And now? -Not. | Seinfeld (1993) - S08E01 The Foundation | Video clips by quotes | 1fa02ec2 | 紗 (getyarn.io)