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Remember me

Estro Felino

Believer in free will
Premium Member
Remember me
this evening that you have nothing to do
and the whole city has been flooded by this thunderstorm.
And there's no sex, there's no love
or tenderness in your heart
Does it happen to you too
to think that across the sea
an entire city lives, where people know how to fly already?
And there's no sex without love,
there's no deceitfulness, and no suffering,
and the soul flies on, slightly.
Whatever will be, will be,
this life is just like an highway,
that will take me to the end of the day.
And I am nothing without love
you're the remorse, my suffering
that like time, consumes me.
Do you know it or not
that you're always the one for me,
call me whenever you like,
a gesture, maybe a word suffice.
And there's no sex without love
it's the tough law of my heart,
who am a rebellious soul.
Remember me, my skin,
remember you, as you were.
Time slowly consumes itself.
But there's no sex, and there's no love,
or tenderness in your heart,
which rarely falls in love.
Remember me,
whenever you laugh, whenever you're alone
trust me, this lifetime flies away.