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The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
Even if our consciousness is only temporary, and dies with us when our body dies, is it not still sacred and profound?

“I am the eye with which the universe beholds itself, and knows itself divine.”
- Percy Shelley
It most certainly is. I never rejected that.

The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
Yes for me our spirit is joined to our body and experiences through the body.
OBEs in NDEs show that blind people who have been blind since birth, in their OBEs can see. But nothing in that area is considered to be scientific. It seems that science has to discover spirit before it can speak about spirits, so it has areas such as this which are blind spots and coloured by the naturalistic presupposition.
Science cannot say whether God exists and cannot say that spirit does not exist. It's answers and research are about physical things that it can study but when reading it we can easily be convinced that science is telling the WHOLE truth about such things as consciousness etc. and that they are chemically based.
I was only responding to make the point that the hard problem of consciousness is only an issue for people who have a dualistic conception of consciousness.


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Evolution and the Genetic theories are two connected modern theories that are rooted on the conceptual framework of reincarnation. Instead of the soul being conserved and being reborn into a new form, the DNA, which defines who were are, is conserved through reproduction. Our children has aspects of ourself and our forefathers.

We can trace genetics back to the beginning of man and life, with all these incarnations; species, building upon previous genetic foundations. Along the way there are quantum changes, where DNA is passed on to new species; come back as something else.

Science of old did not have modern tools, but their basic conceptual foundation is still useful today. You only need to be able to read the seams on the curveball. It is a mistake to throw out the baby with the bathwater since even the mind repeats and builds on old foundations, with periodic updates into better operating systems.

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Why most people reject reincarnation?

I'm guessing it's because believing in reincarnation contradicts their religious beliefs or because they can't find scientific evidence to back it up. I, on the other hand, believe in reincarnation. I believe in reincarnation because, as a medium, I've interacted with and communicated with earthbound human spirits for the past fifteen years, and I've been able to see, hear, and feel the presence of spirits since I was a child. As a result, I don't think it's unreasonable for me to believe that earthbound human spirits can be reborn and live another human life. Of course, I can't say with absolute certainty that reincarnation is possible because I have no recollection of a previous life, but I have read several stories that suggest it. As a psychic medium and paranormal investigator, I don't always rely on scientific evidence to prove the paranormal because I know that there are paranormal occurrences that science cannot explain.

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Why most people reject reincarnation?

Reincarnation is quite a popular and widespread belief. If by reincarnation one means the literal transmigration of one physical body ro another then I don't hold that belief but don't have any issues with those who do. I view it more as a theological narrative rather than literal truth.


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Why most people reject reincarnation?
The answer is easy - most people have been brought up in one of the Abrahamic religions, so they have difficulty believing in reincarnation.

Another important question is why do so many people believe in monotheism?


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Why most people reject reincarnation?

I'm not convinced this is true. I googled for some world-wide survey, but the best one I could find only involved 18 countries, and in that one, 51% of the respondents believed in reincarnation.

Did you have a source for this information, or was it your hypothesis or assumption based on the people you know who live in your neck of the woods. I'm actually interested in what the % would be.

But it does remind me of how politicians of each party claim 'most' of their constituents will vote for them.

On a personal note, I am indeed a convinced believer in reincarnation, based on personal experience, not dogma. But many people who haven't had said experiences wouldn't believe. Why should they?

rational experiences

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There is a correlation between the shrinking mass of the earth and the cooling of the sun, but they are not wholly causally related. I might be wrong, but from what I know the mass that's leaving the earth is mostly gas due to global warming, so I don't know why the sun's cooling would have relevance there. Can you show a causal link between the two?
A human thinks.

They realise that the sun removed earths mass.

Earth had not removed its own mass it formed as energy cooling ejecting still does into rocks form.

Said the wise of old.

The suns mass ejection into infinite space proved it too could become rock. Yet owned different substances as it's a sun body...and projection from its placed formation position it's owned body mass allowed rock in space.

Sun a sun god term held mass science law.

How the old wise humans said space is the holy law. Casual effect by its infinite presence greater than a God type..rock star or planet.



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It's unbelievable and makes no sense
Makes no sense? Hmmm.

I would be surprised that you can't "what if" and be creative, maybe role-play a bit in your own mind, to relate to the idea? Maybe suspend the disbelief like watching a movie or reading a book where reincarnation is real?


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Makes no sense? Hmmm.

I would be surprised that you can't "what if" and be creative, maybe role-play a bit in your own mind, to relate to the idea? Maybe suspend the disbelief like watching a movie or reading a book where reincarnation is real?
I could imagine I was a big basketball player too but why?