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Recruiting for De Montfort

Discussion in 'Scriptural Debates' started by PopeADope, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. PopeADope

    PopeADope Habemus papam

    Dec 23, 2014
    Amish Taliban

    Destiny goes to the Mother

    (So, because Mussolini means Jacob (Greatest Biblical Patriarch) , Saint Louis De Montfort is the only writer I learned anything about Jacob from, Mussolini died same day Saint Louis De Montfort died, on his feast day, I was illuminated and fascinated with the story of Jacob, the contender with God who fought with God and won.)

    Isaac favored Esau. Esau was more skilled, more strong, and a harder worker than Jacob. Jacob was favored by Rebecca. He loved her tenderly and spent time with her at home while Esau was doing the hard dangerous work.

    Rebecca’s love for Jacob lead her to deceive the blind (and possibly drunk) Isaac into thinking Jacob was Esau, so that the blessing meant for Esau would descend upon Jacob. Likewise, through a Mother’s love, we can receive blessings from God that are not intended for us.

    Rebecca’s deception changed the entire history of mankind so that all Jews , the Prophets, the Messiah, the author’s of Scripture, and the tribes of Israel all descend from Jacob. That is quite amazing considering it was dishonesty and deception that caused it. Women can be clever like that.

    De Montfort looks for recruits to be like Jacob. As Jacob was primarily occupied with pleasing his Mother, and Esau was the favorite of the Father, De Montfort declares that for those who find favor with Mary, she does what Rebecca did for Jacob and more.

    He is the only Saint I know of who glorifies the deception and dishonesty of Rebecca. When Jacob said, “What if he finds out and curses me”, Rebecca responded “Let the curse be on me”.

    Mary has that same zeal for the exaltation of those who please her.

    Also, the destiny of God’s chosen people did not go to the Father, but to the Mother. De Montfort says that Isaac represents God the Father. His intended plans and desires were completely vanquished by Rebecca (Who prefigures Mary) who essentially got control and weaved an entirely different destiny.

    Likewise, Mary gives those who she favors the blessings and graces they don’t deserve. As Rebecca dressed Jacob up like his Twin Esau and cooked Isaac his favorite dish, Mary will clothe you in the garments most pleasing to God, make your soul most pleasing to God, and give you the gifts God finds most delightful, so that you please God far more than if you just presented yourself, your offerings, and your prayers without her help. She knows how to please God far more than you, so going to God through her gets more grace. At least according to De Montfort.

    De Montfort says that those who have no devotion to Mary will carry heavier crosses because Mary is concerned about things even Christ isn’t. Mary was concerned about wine running out at the wedding of Cana. Jesus didn’t care and said his time had not yet come. Reluctantly, he worked his first miracle so that people could have more intoxicating beverage and party harder. Mary is concerned about keeping the party going when her son is not. Mary can get her son to do what he doesn’t want to do. If she is concerned about people having more wine, she will be concerned about our happiness and joy.

    As destiny went to Rebecca over Isaac, I’m seeing evidence of that with Mary. There are far more millions of pilgrims going to Marian apparition sights than sights of Jesus apparitions. Marian apparitions are far more common. Every day the hail Mary is recited billions of times, more times than the Lord’s prayer or any prayer on earth. This is all something De Montfort prophesied would happen. The destiny of the World is being handed over to Mary
    who achieves whatever she wants from God because she is his masterpiece, Mother, and delight. (Sometimes Mary states that she has to restrain the hand of her son from punishing us. It reminds me of how Moses restrained God from destroying Israel).

    So, De Montfort wants people to be completely devoted to Mary, that everything you do is an offering to her, and every prayer you pray goes through her. Your prayers are imperfect, but when they go through her they become perfect. All of your offerings are to rise to God through her, that she adds her merits and graces to your offerings and prayers, making them most purified, sanctified, and pleasing to God.

    De Montfort said “Few people will understand this secret. Of those who do, even fewer will persevere, but it is the quickest and easiest way to Christian perfection”.

    Anyhow, I’d not have discovered this were it not for Mussolini lol….The Rosary is the weapon said Padre Pio. It truly does release a lot of grace I’m discovering, and the Hail Mary is the prayer recited most often of all prayers, so it must have something attached to it to achieve such a destiny.

    Talking to Mary and loving her and entering into a habitual state of dependence upon her as De Montfort advises is not Idolatry. Mary is not considered equal to God. Rather, our love for her blooms into something more pleasing to God than had we no devotion to her, and she perfects our prayers, petitions, fasting, sacrifices, sufferings, and offerings before they reach the King.

    This Mother's love Trump's all!
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