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Real Presence, head covering, rebaptising, widow/ers remarrying, confession

Discussion in 'Orthodox Christian DIR' started by Karolina, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. Karolina

    Karolina Member

    Nov 18, 2019
    Sorry, can't figure out how to delete. I've posted my questions in the pinned thread under questions for Orthodoxy.

    I have a few questions about Christian Orthodoxy that I haven't found elsewhere. I appreciate anyone willing to take the time to answer!

    1. I understand that the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is treated differently than in Catholicism, as far as there not being an exact moment that can be said to be "the" moment of Jesus's entering the bread and wine, and that there is no Eucharistic Adoration. With that said, does this mean that the church sanctuary is seen more "neutrally" (for lack of a better term) outside of Divine Liturgy? I've noticed several YouTube videos seem to be taped with the altar in the background and I just wonder if it's because Jesus's real presence only comes into play during actual Divine Liturgy?

    2. I also wonder if there is some uniformity regarding headcovering (especially for women) during Divine Liturgy? Is the headcovering only relevant during actual services, and not when just visiting the church? In the pre-Vatican II Catholic view, the headcovering was worn to acknowledge Jesus's presence in the Eucharist in the Tabernacle, which was always there. So I'm not sure how it relates if the Eucharist is not kept in a tabernacle in between services.

    3. I saw that some of the Orthodox churches rebaptise anyone who was not baptised by immersion, while others do not. Is it ever a matter of the convert requesting a rebaptism even if one is not deemed necessary?

    4. I seem to have gotten conflicting information about marriage. I understand that technically there's no divorce, but there are some exceptions and remarriage is allowed. But can a widow/widower remarry? I have read somewhere that marriage is not just "till death do us part" but forever, even though Jesus said there was no marriage in heaven... so I'm not sure what exactly the teaching is.

    5. Regarding confession, I saw on one Orthodox church's website regarding confession: "all can, some should, none must". Does this mean that regularly confessing sins to a priest is not required in Orthodoxy the way it is in Catholicism?

    Thank you!
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