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Re-introduce Yourself!


Pragmatic Libertarian
Premium Member

I am new. My name is Saint_of_Me.

This video is where I got my username and Avatar, as it pretty much sums up my Theological beliefs--and NON-Beliefs. As well as my feelings about God. (A silly superstition.)
I am a Recovering Catholic. I have been a Satanist for about three years.

I love rock and roll. I am mastered in the Art of Seduction.

And Manipulation.

Pleased to meet you.

Hope you guess my name.

I am a physical therapist, I live in the Western USA. I am also a veteran. A combat veteran.

I did three tours in Iraq. Also Fallujah and Tikrit.

I need any of you young hot females who want to be taken to new heights to send me some pics. We'll go from there.

I hang around the Religion forums a lot---looking for Christians to bash and argue with and try to Enlighten. Really to help them. I was once lost like them.



I advise avoiding the bashing Xian thingie.
Spirited discussion & debate is best.

I also urge caution regarding the hot young females here.
Some of the are actually 40 year old male construction workers from New Jersey.


Mother Heathen
Who are you and where are you from?

I'm Dawn. I'm from the East Coast of VA, USA.

How old are you?

38 - was much younger when I started posting on RF

Are you male or female?


Are you married or single?

Married (to Father Heathen).

Straight or gay?


Catholic, Wiccan, Jewish, Muslim or something else?

Non Denominational Christian (Trinitarian)

What makes you happy?

My family.

What makes you sad?

Unkindness & the pain of loss

What are your pet peeves?

My daughters' messes.

Do you have any hopes and dreams you'd like to share?

I look forward to growing old with my husband and watching our kids grow and change. I would love to travel, particularly to France and Thailand. I enjoy my job, but often wish that I was a dermatologist, or at least licensed as an electrologist and esthetician.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy music, singing and cosmetology.

What kind of work do you do?

Workforce Engagement Management for a Non-Profit

What's your favorite food?

Mexican, Italian (pizza!) & Thai

Your favorite color?


Your favorite time of year?

Fall, except for the leaves. I don't enjoy yard work.

Do you have kids? Pets?

We have two Teenage daughters from my first marriage. FH and I have a 19 month old son.

I have two cats and a puggle.

Political Views

Socially Liberal/Fiscally Conservative (mostly Libertarian)

Favorite Movie

Pride & Prejudice

Favorite Song Right Now

All of Nothing by The Birthday Massacre
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Epic Beard Man

Bearded Philosopher
Let me re-introduce myself. I am epic beard man and yes that is my picture which is old (which my ex unfortunately distributed it to the internet but that is another story). I attend the University of Southern California and will receive my master in social work.

I plan on getting my doctorate in Neuropsychology later....Anything else let me know


I'm a planet
Let me re-introduce myself. I am Orbit (female), I live in New Mexico, where I live with my husband (well named/ lovemuffin) who I met on RF in 2015. I play guitar, bass, and sing just for fun now (was in a band in the 90s). What else? I love cooking, foreign languages, and travel. I'm a sociologist (PhD) who studies social movements, religion, and social change. I also have an undergrad degree in Anthropology, which was my first love.


Veteran Member

I advise avoiding the bashing Xian thingie.
Spirited discussion & debate is best.

I also urge caution regarding the hot young females here.
Some of the are actually 40 year old male construction workers from New Jersey.

I'm not.

Craig Sedok

I'm ugly and I am a fighter. Got a lot of scars in mind and the white lnes on body. Am I special no. Do not give a damn about that. About religion and spirit. Non. About freedom and life. May be . Human


I'm Scholar. I registered years ago and was fairly active for a couple months, then life picked up. Now its falling down again, and I can do what I love.

I was Pentecostal. I am now not practicing.


Veteran Member
I don't quite meet the age of account requirement by 2 months. But are you folks going to hold back someone with almost 4000 posts from making a pretty amazing testimony?

I was born into a Christian Fundamentalist household, but was mostly indifferent to religion, making me the odd one out. At age 14, I became fascinated in religion in general through a video game called Golden Sun, but I've been on the search for years, never having found a religion that fit me.

Somewhere in the area of age 19, I got a job testing computer parts from home. It wasn't as easy as it sounds, and I started to well, find out that I really like caffeine, and I started overdosing on it because I felt after awhile, it calmed me.

My health declined after a bit of a crash, and my mental health degraded quite a bit in that time. I started to put greater weight in superstition, and developed what some might liken to a bit of a learning disorder.

I decided I wasn't happy being what amounts to a vegetable. So I've been working my way back to health.

I stumbled upon the Baha'i faith, which I also consider to be a good crutch.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
Premium Member
Hey. I'm new at this.

Welcome to RF.

The staff canteen will be opening late, they had a party last night so today is a morning in bed nursing their hangovers.

But to tide you over until breakfast does arrive please enjoy a few petite gateaux.