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Rastamentary (2012)


Spiritual Friend
Premium Member
For informational purposes. May this video shed Jah light on an often misunderstood Path. Bless!

Rastamentary (2012)

An intriguing independent documentary that focuses on Rastafariani to an extent that has not been done before.

The film highlights the fundamental principles and beliefs of this religion and ably explains how it has developed over the years and what it means to not only Jamaicans but also to the Rasta diaspora around the world.

The documentary seeks to present an objective glimpse into the Rastafari culture by speaking with some of its followers and discussing how they came to this belief, and the effects it has on many aspects of their lives.

Rastafari belief is based on the same Biblical scripture that is studied by other Judeo-Christian followers. What separates Rastafari from those who are labelled "Christian" is the belief that the son of God, Jesus Christ, has returned in the form of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie, coronated in Ethiopia in 1930.



New Member
RastafarI is the light of di world and jus as Yehsua was rejected when he came so has H.I.M His Imperial Majesty King Selassie I Conquering Lion of di Tribe of Judah Elect of God..May H.I.M majesty and grace be with all who believe and have faith..Selah..