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Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.

Translation: O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may become righteous. (Holy Quran ch2:v184)

Alhamdolillah we are being privileged to pass through another Ramadan. Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said on an occasion that if people knew the excellence of Ramadan then my Ummah had desired that Ramadan to remain for whole year. At this, a person pleaded, O Prophet of Allah what are excellences of Ramadan. He (s.a.w.) said, surely Jannat is decorated from the beginning to end of year for Ramadan.

Similarly, according to another tradition, narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (r.a.). Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said The person who fasted in Ramadan in the state of Eman (belief) and with self-accountability, his previous sins will be forgiven. And if you had known what are the excellence of Ramadan, you surely would have desired that whole year to be Ramadan.

Thus the excellence of Ramadan is neither only due to days of month, nor due to stop eating for certain duration. Just only for this, preparation by Allah for Jannah is not done for whole year. That is why Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) clearly said in second Hadith that this station is achieved by fasting in state of Eman and by spending days and nights with self-accountability in Ramadan. When this will be the state only then previous sins will be forgiven, person make progress in Eman, makes accountability of self, watches his weaknesses, sees his deeds, ponder about paying rights of Allah and rights of people, does effort to make his deeds according to pleasure of Allah the Exalted, then sins are forgiven. And this very purpose to be obtained from fasting of Ramadan, Allah the Exalted has mentioned in the above-stated verse in Holy Quran. Fasting is made obligatory for you, every year month of Ramadan is appointed so that you adopt Taqwa. And Taqwa is to do every work to gain pleasure of God the Exalted. Only then you can get benefit from fastings and can be saved from satanic attacks. When you shall keep fasts by being pure and by adopting Taqwa of Allah the Exalted then you shall come in refuge of Allah the Exalted. And when person comes in the refuge of Allah the Exalted only then he can avoid Satan otherwise it is the open challenge of Satan that if human go a little bit away from refuge of Allah the Exalted, Satan immediately clutches him.

Thus progress in Eman and accountability of self makes the human a station of refuge of Allah the Exalted. And it is done only when person practices Taqwa.

What should be the state and level of Eman and state and level of Taqwa and how they can be achieved. Only he can tell about it whom Allah the Exalted has appointed for this work; it can be known by the True Servant of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and Imam of era. He (on whom be peace) is sent by Allah the Exalted for this work. He (a.s.) is one who was to develop and establish manners of Taqwa in hearts by again bringing Eman to the earth.

Thus we see that the books of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), his talks in various gatherings and his words guide toward it from various angles.

Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said, as mentioned in hadit, that who kept fasts in state of Eman and with self-accountability, his sins will be forgiven.

It is not an ordinary thing. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) told us that state of Eman can not exist until the time to recognize God the Exalted. He (a.s.) said: The important journey which we have to travel, it is recognizing God. And, if our God-recognition is defective, doubtful and blurred, our Eman can never be illuminated and shiny.

And how will the God-recognition be. It will be by the manifestation of Allah the Exalted’s attribute of being Rahim…It will be by making such connection with Allah the Exalted, in which attributes of His being Rahim, Fazl and Qudrat will be experienced by us. And these things can be experienced at time when worship of God and connection with Him is expressed extraordinarily.

He (a.s.) said: When the attributes of being Rahim, Fazl and Qudrat of Allah the Exalted are experienced, then these liberate (human) from low passions of self. And low passions of self are developed due to weakness of Eman and weakness in sureness. [if Eman is not weak, faith in Allah the Exalted is perfect, then low passions of self are not made]. As much the eases of this world, its possessions, its wealth, are dear to human -- the bounties of latter-life are not dear to him by that much. [If the bounties of latter-life were so dear then efforts to get them would have been by same factor as is done to get worldly things, rather would have been more.]

Thus it became clear that true Eman in divine-power, being-Rahim, and promises of Allah the Exalted is not present. There is need to make review of it.

So after explanation, it can be well understood that Eman is not an ordinary matter. Eman is a grand target which is given to us.

Preparations made for thirty days of fasting in Ramadan are not important. The real importance is that when all our these efforts in the training of this month result in benefit of whole year.

In two sentences, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) placed before us the charter of whole life.

Our saying with mouth that we are fasting in the state of Eman so our all sins will be forgiven because Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said so. It is not enough. When Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) asked to keep fasting with self-accountability, it means we shall have to gauge our Eman at the progress in relation with Allah the Exalted and to practice His commandments. We have to see whether we are acting on it or not.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) mentions the state of Eman and method to correct it: The matter is this, that the Eman at God the Exalted is of two types. One is the Eman, which is limited only to tongue. And its effect is not on actions and operations. [Eman is by tongue, Eman does not manifest through deeds.] The second type of Eman-in-Allah is this, that practical testimonies should accompany it. Thus until this Eman of second type is developed, I cannot say a person believes God. This thing does not come to my understanding that a person believes in Allah the Exalted and then does sin too. A very large part of world belong to first type of believers. I know that those people confess they believe in God but I see that, with this confession, they are involved in the impurities of world and contaminated from foulness of sin. What is the matter that, that character of Eman-in-Allah is not developed, despite believing Him Present and Seeing….Look! a person does not steal something belonging to a low ranking person when sees him present and seeing. Then why he dares to oppose this God and defy His commandments, about Whom, he says I believe in Him….. I agree that majority of people in world confess with their tongues that they believe in God; some says Permeshur, other says God and someone give other name. But when their this Eman and confession is examined and seen with respect to practical aspect then it will have to be said that it is mere verbal claim and there is no practical testimony with it….. It is present in the nature of human that the thing he believes in, he wants to avoid its harm and wants to get its benefit. See ! Arsenic is a poison, and while human knows that even its one Ratti [An Idian traditional unit of mass, now ratti = 0.12125 gram]. is enough to kill, he never dares to eat it, since he knows eating it is dying. Then why, believing God the Exalted, he does not produce the results, which are of Eman-in-Allah…..If one has Eman in Allah equal to Arsenic, death should come to his passions and excitements but no. It should be said that there is mere talk. Eman is not considered as Certainty. It is deception of one’s self [When there is Eman it should become perfect Certainty] he deceives the self and is deceived [that he says I believe in God]…..Thus the first duty of the human is that he should correct his this Eman which has in Allah i.e. he should prove it by his deeds that no action is done by him which is against the grandeur and commandments of Allah the Exalted.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah (may Allah be his Helper ) explained that So this is the method of self-accountability of a Momin. A special environment is developed in the month of Ramadan and attention is created for worships and virtues by seeing others. In such environment, by paying attention to worships, virtues and deeds and by bowing before our God, we should seek forgiveness of our previous sins, and then should make worships of, and reforms achieved in, this Ramadan, part of future life. The sins are forgiven, and doors of Jannat are opened in this Ramadan, effort should be made that these doors should always remain open. To the get share from blessings of Ramadan, bowing before Allah the Exalted with extreme humbleness, we should make effort that May Allah does so that we should continue to get this blessing. And the purpose, the Taqwa, which Allah the Exalted has placed before us, we should make effort to achieved its high standards.

Subject Continues @ Friday Sermon: Ramzan, Taqwa and Steadfastness