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Ramadan: Elements of Taqwa: Speak Truth, Practice Humbleness, Avoid Lie and Arrogance


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.
The relation of Akhlaq (morals) with Taqwa (righteousness) was mentioned by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) in previous sermon. Akhlaq are essential for Taqwa. These words of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) were mentioned too that human becomes Muttaqi (righteous) when he possesses all morals.

So a Momin (believer) should make effort to adopt all morals and fulfill all Awamir (commands) which are commanded by Allah the Exalted to do, and avoid all Nawahi (prophibitions) which are commanded by Allah the Exalted to avoid. Only then those high morals can be developed in him which are essential for a Muttaqi (righteous). But there are some morals or things if these are absent in a believer then level of his Eman (faith) comes under watch whether it exist or not. Taqwa (righteousness) comes latter, first there is need to save Eman.

The most important thing or moral which is fundamental condition for a momin, is to be firm at truth and to avoid lie. In Holy Quran Allah the Exalted says “fajtanebur rijsa minal osaney wajtanebu qolazzur” (thus you should avoid impurity of idols and avoid telling lies).

Thus by combining worship of idols and lie, it is made clear that if truth is not present in you and you do not have habit to speak truth then it is as big sin as worshipping idols. It is not possible that a believer believes in Oneness of God the Exalted and simultaneously he is involved in the impurity of worship of apparent or hidden idols. So it is very great, open and clear warning for the one who claims to have belief that if he is momin then he will have to have the high levels of truth, otherwise beware of your Eman.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) too has drawn attention about it with clarity, and has said very openly that what are idols and what kind of idols you have to avoid to keep your Eman safe and to make progress in it, and which method have to be adopted. He (a.s.) has explained this subject in his various books, mentioned in gatherings repeatedly, and has stated the importance of truth clearly, and he (a.s.) has expressed great pain in this regard which each Ahmadi should keep before him always. So that we should move to Taqwa by strengthening our Eman.

Here are his (a.s.) statements, they seems similarly apparently but there is lesson and advice in each sentence.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said in his book Nurul Quran: Holy Quran has declared speaking lie equal to idol-worship as Allah the Exalted says says “fajtanebur rijsa minal osaney wajtanebu qolazzur” (you should avoid impurity of idols and impurity of lie).

Then he (a.s.) mentioned about human’s going away from God the Exalted because of lie, or it is to be said that Allah the Exalted abandons the lier. He (a.s.) said: Avoid worship of idols and speaking lie i.e. lie too is an idol, the one who trust in it, leaves trust in God. Thus by speaking lie God too is lost.

In the books The Philosophy of Teachings of Islam, and Lecture Lahore, he (a.s.) said: Avoid idols and lie, these both are impure…[it is essential that human should avoid lie and all kind of shirk (making associates of Allah)]

In a gathering, he (a.s.) said: The Holy Quran has declared lie a filth and rijs (unclean), as is said “fajtanebur rijsa minal osaney wajtanebu qolazzur” Look! Here, lie is compared with idol and in reality lie is an idol otherwise why one goes to other place, leaving truth. As there is no reality under an idol, likewise under a lie there is nothing except show-off……The trust in liars decreases so much that even if they speak truth, there is fear perhaps mix of lie is in it. If speakers of lie desire their lie may decrease, it does not decrease quickly. If they work hard for long time then they shall get habit to speak truth.

There are people who think that at least some lie has to be spoken to get worldly success, it is unavoidable. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) negates their such thoughts, he said: Worldly people say truth-speakers get arrested but why should I trust it. Seven cases were filed against me and by the favour of God the Exalted I did not have to write a false word in any single one. Anyone should tell, in any sinlge, God the Exalted gave me defeat! Allah the Exalted Himself is supporter and helper of truth. Can it happen that He will punish the righteous? If it is so, no one in the world will have courage to speak truth and even the belief in God the Exalted will be lost, the righteous will die while alive. The real thing is that those who are punished due to speaking truth, it is not due to truth, such punishment is due to their certain other deep hidden bad-deeds [if caught in any crime, spoke truth and entangled and punished, temporary period of goodness came, and spoke truth, and punishment is given, person should not think that punishment is due to truth. Punishment comes due to previous mistakes and bad-deeds and punishment is due to any other lie.] God the Exalted keeps record of chain of these evils and mischief and their many mistakes. And they get punishment in one or another. [all record of our deeds is saved with Allah the Exalted. People’s computer malfunction, get hacked or cyber attacked, data is finished. But no one can delete record which Allah the Exalted possesses. All of it is present. Human can avoid punishment of the world by some deception and trick but God the Exalted cannot be deceived. Permanent habit should be made to do virtues all the times. When human says Istighfar and pledges to avoid evils, then he should always make effort to be steadfast. ]

As the Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said that worldly person says how they can avoid lie, with it they cannot live. It is not only to gain large benefit. Rather the state of worldly people is that they lie even in smallest issue. Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) said that a recent issue of magazine National Geographic carry essay about lie. There was a research why we lie. It mentions apparent successes are with lie. [as Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s. mentioned people think successes are due to lie, likewise essays wrote it.]. The essay made effort to prove that, to lie is human nature. Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) said it is not human nature, it is environment which makes one liar.…These people have worldly aims, they have tried to justify that it become habit from childhood. In fact, a certain environment make habit. Photos of people are given who take part in competitions in telling lies, become champions and prizes are given.

A prize winner said some stories which I state are true, but if there is no polishing, my stories will be quite boring for people and no one would pay attention. To attract attention of people I lie…….The essay mentions that lie is included in talks -- from children to politicians, from various professions to scientists. This society has lie everywhere. …. In their opinion, there is no way to avoid lie. It is constraint to lie……..We say, the level of truth is very good in the Western nations. After reading this essay, it seems the foundation of their each matter is on lie…..According to their primary survey, every person speaks three or four lies. There are various lies, e.g. not guiding someone rightly, deceiving, to cover weaknesses of self, various excuses, to get wrong impression about self, for self-like. There are little lies……..In the big lies, husband and wife speak lies about their relations with others.

Illicit relations due to freedom in a free society exist and when lies are caught subsequent fights, separations and divorces take place.. If you make a review, it is found that divorce and khula take place in us due to lies. With understanding of this psychology, in the Nikah sermon, the verse is included “ya aiyohallazina amanuttaqullaha waqulu qolan sadidan yuslehlakum amalakum wa yaghfirlakum zonubakum wa main yoteellaha wa rasullahu faqad faza fozan azima ” (O ye who believe! fear Allah, and say the right word. He will bless your works for you and forgive you your sins. And whoso obeys Allah and His Messenger, shall surely attain a mighty success.) ….Covers / purdah are lost in the name of freedom, then doubts are created, then comes mistrust and then support of lie has to be taken. This endless series starts. Anyway, here regarding the relation of husband and wife, Allah the Exalted has instructed to the point that there should not be any non-straight matter, the level of truth should be highest. It will keep your relation happy, and your children too will be saved from many problems. Allah the Exalted will forgive many of your sins and will grant great successes. So this is the beautiful commandment of Islam. But despite that those who donot use qole-sadid [straight talk] they damage their relations, they do not keep establish their trust because of lie, who can be more unfortunate than him. In us, the number of khula and divorce is increasing because of away-ness from directives of Allah the Exalted.



Peace be upon you.
There is no guidance for worldly people, even they call the lie among husband wife as serious lies, big lie, considerable lie. But those who have guidance if they speak lie it becomes more serious lie. It is horrible situation because they disobey directives of Allah the Exalted. Doer of this will be deprived of forgiveness of sins and of promise of success from Allah the Exalted. It is to be worried for those who have such attitudes.

The essay says that more percentage of people usually speak lie to save their mistakes and to avoid people. If they do not want to meet people they say (directly or by phone) through spouse or children that they are not at home. By this they teach habit of lie to children……It is not nature but these are some deeds of elders which take children to lie.

The essay writes that people speak lie habitually, without any mover too…..Actually, habit comes due to the environment too.

It is said in the essay that lie is spoken to ignore and hide true facts too. Lie is spoken to inflict loss on others, to be looked like good person, to make people laugh jokes are told [though pure and clean joke can be told]. Lie is told for self-like, for non-monetary benefit, for monetary benefit…..The survey presents percentage of various lie tellers. The most lies are spoken for four reasons; for hiding mistakes, for getting monetary benefits, for various benefits, for avoiding meeting people.

This is the state of these people while many of us think that standard of truth of these people is better than us. If these people are standard for us then it is worrying thing for the one who is called momin. These people do not believe in God the Exalted or they make associate of Him, but we who claim to have Eman and to practice teaching of deen, if we go away form truth, then not only we go away from deen but commit making associate of God. Thus we need to review and keep eyes on our levels of truthfulness.

Allah the Exalted says about testimonies that do not give false testimonies. So He tells about “ibadur rahman” (servants of Most Merciful) “wallazina la yashhadunaz zur” and those people do not give fasle testimony. …. So our testimonies should not be false for either monetary benefits or any other benefits or purpose. If we want to be servants of Rahman God, and get progress in Eman then we will have to avoid these lies. It is essential to avoid Satan too. By speaking lie, connection with God-The Rahman will be broken…. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says when this connection ends, connection with Satan is established. Human gets in clutches of Satan.

What should be level of our truthfulness and how we have to avoid lie. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says: Right now I need not to give this advise that you should not shed blood because, except a mischievous person, who will take step to shed blood without the right,. But I say, do not shed blood of truth by insisting at injustice. Accept truth, even from a child. If you find truth on the side of opponent then immediately leave your dry logic. Stay at truth and give true testimony as Allah (eminent is His glory) says “ijtanebur rijsa minal osaney wajtanebu qolazzur” i.e. avoid impurity of idols and from lie that it is not less than idol….That thing which turns your face away from qibla e haq (true direction) it is idol in your path. Give true testimony even if is against your fathers, brothers and friends. It should be so that no animosity should not stop you from justice. [going away from justice will be lie]

Someone objected that Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has givn permission to speak lie at three occasions and to hide the deen, clear commandment is given in Quran to speak lie while in injeel, there is no such permission……At this Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: It should be clear that to make truth necessary, as much emphasis is given in Quran e Karim I cannot believe that its hundredth part emphasis is in injeel…….Quran e Sharif has declared lie equal to idol worship as Allah the Exalted says “fajtanebur rijsa minal osaney wajtanebu qolazzur” i.e. avoid impurity of lie and impurity of idols. Then says at a place “ya aiyo hallazin amanu quno qawaamina bilqistey shohadaa lillahey wa lo ala anfosekum awil waledainey walaqrabeen” i.e O believers get established in eman and justice and give true testimonies for the sake of Allah even if their loss reach to your lives, or your parents or your relatives get loss due to these testimonies.

So it is the standard of truth. No doubt it is standard of justice too. But justice is not established until presence of truth. These standards are essential for a Momin. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) further explains: God the Exalted has said about justice, which cannot be obtained without practicing full truth, “la yajremannakum shanaane qomin alaa alla tadelu aidelu howa aqrabo littaqwa” i.e. animosity of enemy nations should not stop you from justice, remain established at justice as Taqwa is in it……Dears are aware that the nations which give trouble without right, persecute, shed blood, chase and kill children and women -- as the deniers from Makkah did -- then do not stop wars. How much is difficult to deal with such people with justice but the Quranic teaching did not waste the rights of such enemies of life and has commanded for justice and truth. I truly say that it is easy to treat enemy with courtesy but to save the rights of enemy and not to lose justice from hand in court-cases is very difficult and is only work of brave men. Many people love with their co-sharer enemy and deal them with sweet talk but usurp their rights. [to suppress their rights they lie and do injustice]. A brother loves other brother and usurps his rights in the cover of love….For example, if there is a landlord, by cleverness, he does not ask the name (of brother) be recorded in official papers, otherwise shows so much love and is ready to be sacrificed for him. [many cases come forward, relatives and dears change the papers of land of other relatives in false way or do not let the name written or do not give proper testimony. Other relatives have to suffer monetary loss.]. Thus God the Exalted did not mention love in this verse, rather mentioned standard of love because the person who will do justice with his enemy of life, and will not ignore truth and justice, he is the one who loves truly.

Thus this is the standard, not only for temporary benefits, not for daily societal matters, but the standards of truth of a momin should be not to lie even to inflict loss at an enemy. When these standards of truth will be for enemy then, in mutual relations due to increase of standard of truth standard of love will be increased and there is no lie in love. It is not possible to love other and speak lie too because love is uncontrolled. Effort should be made to get these standards. With such standard of truth, one cannot deceive the other brother in any way.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says about importance of truth: Eating haram does not inflict that much loss as false speech. By it, no one may understand that eating haram is good thing. It is severe mistake. I mean, if a person eat pork in helpless state, it is separate issue, but if he gives Fatwa by tongue about pig (i.e. it is permitted to eat), he leaves far away from Islam. Doing this, human decalred haram declared by Allah the Exalted as halal. It is learned from it that loss by tongue is very dangerous that is why Muttaqi keeps strict control over his tongue. From his mouth, nothing emerges which is against Taqwa. So you should rule your tongues, not that tongues should rule you and keep speaking foolishly. [human should have control on his tongue, it is rule over tongue..Not that human may speak whatever comes to the tongue. If doing so, lie and truth emerged by tongue and discord and mischief is developed. Care should be taken all the times that our tongue should be at that level of truth which should save us from making associated of Allah and obtain levels of Taqwa.

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Peace be upon you.
Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said: I mentioned various states of liars earlier with respect to the essay. By keeping them in view, everyone needs to make self-review whether we are involved in any kind of lie. If yes, how to get rid of that. The method to get rid of that has been told by Allah the Exalted. May Allah the Exalted enable everyone to understand this thing, and enable to get established at qol e sadid (upright talk) which is more than truth.

Next, an important virtue which should be moral of momin and brings nearness of Allah the Exalted is humbleness and being away from arrogance. Allah the Exalted states about arrogant people “wa la tosaer khaddaka linnase wa la tamshe fil arze maraha innallaha la yohibbo kulla mukhtalin fakhur” (And turn not thy cheek away from men in pride nor walk in the earth haughtily; Surely, Allah loves not any arrogant boaster. ) ….. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has mentioned this subject at many places. He said: There are people though who are millions of ranks below Prophets (on them be peace), they begin to do arrogance by offering Salaat for two days. Likewise, by fasting and hajj, instead purity, arrogance and show off is developed in them. [these days too, in ramadam too, some people get more chance to do worship or see true dreams, they feel lot of pride. One should avoid it. Istighfar should be done]..Remeber! arrogance has come from Satan and makes Satan. Till human is not away from it, it becomes hindrance in path of accepting truth and divine blessing. Arrogance should not be done in any way neither with respect to knowledge nor with respect to wealth, dignity, ethnicity, family or by lineage because mostly arrogance is developed by these things. As long as human will not make himself clean and pure from these prides, by then he cannot be exalted according to God the Exalted and the knowledge which burns waste material of passions (bad emotions) is not granted to him because it is part of Satan. Allah the Exalted does not like it. Satan too did arrogance, and considered himself better than Adam, and said “anaa khairum minho khalaqtani min narin wa khalqtahu min teen” ( ‘I am better than he. Thou hast created me of fire while him hast Thou created of clay.’ ) Result of this was he became rejected from the Presence of God the Exalted. And Adam, because he was given knowledge at mistake, begin to admit his weakness and became heir of favour of God the Exalted. He knew nothing can be done without favour of God the Exalted that is why he prayed “rabbana zalamna anfosana wa illum taghfirlana wa tarhamna lanakunanna minal khaserin” ( ‘Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves; and if Thou forgive us not and have not mercy on us, we shall surely be of the lost.’ ) [Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s. has advised Jama'at to keep saying this pray. These days, we are passing through last ten days of Ramadan, to avoid fire, to get mercy of Allah the Exalted, there is lot of need to say these prays]..It is that secret that Hazrat Esa (on whom be peace) was said O virtuous teacher, then he said, why do you call me virtuous. The unwise Christians of today says the meaning by this sentence was that why do not you call me God. Infact Hazrat Messiah had said very subtle thing which is speciality of the nature of Prophets (on them be peace). He knew the real virtue comes from God the Exalted He is its fountain, and from there it descends, He grants to whom He desires, and seizes when He desires. But these unwise made a good and praiseworthy thing as defected and proved Hazrat Esa as arrogant, conversely he was humble human by nature.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) mentions a method to become pure: According to me, it is way of becoming pure and it is not possible that any better way than it can be found that human should not do any kind of arrogance and pride; neither in knowledge nor in family nor in wealth. When God the Exalted grants someone eye, he sees that every light which can save from these darknesses it comes from the heavens and human is dependent of heavenly light all the time. Eye cannot see until the sun’s light which comes from the sky, should come. Likewise, internal light comes from heavens, which removes all kind of darkness, and instead of it develop Nur of Taqwa and purity. I say truly that Taqwa of human, Eman, worship, purity all comes from the heavens. And it depends on favour of God the Exalted, if He desires He may keep establish it, if desires He may remove it………So the true knowledge means that human should think his self deprived-of and nothing, and should seek the favour of God the Exalted with humbleness by falling at His threshold, and should seek that oven of knowledge which burns passions of self, and inside develops a light, and power and heat for virtues. Then, if by His favour he gets share, and at sometime expansion and opening of bosom of any kind is obtained, then he should not do arrogance and pride at it. [if connection with Allah the Exalted is developed, scenes of acceptance of prayers are seen, a special bliss is developed in heart, then do not do arrogance and pride at it] Instead his progress in humbleness should be more. Because as much he will think himself nothing, that much sufficiency and lights from God the Exalted will descend which will bring to him light and power. If human will have this belief, then it is hoped that by favour of Allah the Exalted his moral condition will become better. In the world, to consider the own-self something is arrogance too, and makes this condition, then condition of human becomes that he curse the other and consider him low.

To remove arrogance it is essential that human should attribute his each good moral to Allah the Exalted. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) further explains: Actually the dirt which is of passions of self and appears in shape of bad-morality, arrogance, hypocrisy etc, it is not finished until favour of Allah the Exalted come. And these waste-material cannot burn until fire of knowledge burn them. In whom this fire of knowledge is developed he starts to be pure from these moral-weknesses and despite being big considers himself small, and does not find any bigness in his being. He does not think that Nur and light which he gets from lights of knowledge, result of his any expertise and goodness, and does not attribute it to his self. Instead he believes it as favour and mercy of God the Exalted. As light, when falls on a wall, makes it illumined but wall cannot have its own pride. It is another issue that as much that wall will be clean, by that much illumination will be more. But in any case, there is no personal capability is of that wall for that light. But the pride of it is of sun. And similarly, it cannot say to the sun that you should take back this light. Like wise, the pure selves of Prophets (on them be peace) are. From Allah the Exalted’s faizan and foyuz (favours and abundance), lights of knowledge fall on them and illumine them. That is why they do not make any claim personally but attribute each favour to Allah the Exalted and it is truth. It is the reason when Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was asked: will you enter the Jannah by deeds. He said: not at all but by the favour of God the Exalted……..Prophets (on them be peace) never attribute any capability and power to themselves, they receive from God and mentions His name.[so it is state of the Prophets which are special servants of Allah the Exalted then how much humbleness should be shown by a common person and how much he should continue to bow more at His blessings.]



Peace be upon you.
Arrogance brings spiritual death in human and he goes away from God the Exalted. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: Allah the Exalted is very much Rahim and Karim. He brings up human in all ways, He have mercy on him, due to that mercy He sends His appointed ones and Messengers so that they give salvation to people of world from sinful life but arrogance is very dangerous illness. In which human, it is developed, for him there is spiritual death. I know for sure, this illness is more than murder. Arrogant becomes brother of Satan. That is why arrogance made Satan base and ruined. That is why condition for Momin is that arrogance should not be in him but humilty, humbleness and lowliness should be present in him. And it is specialty of appointed-ones of God the Exalted they have lowliness and humility of extreme level. And more than all, this property was present in Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). His servant was asked how he deals with you, he said the truth is that he serves me more than I do. Allahumma salley ala muhammadin wa ala aale muhammadin wa barik wa sallim………. Usually arrogance is spread in the world, scholars are arrested in the pride and arrogance of their knowledge. If see foqara (dervishs), their state is happening of another kind they do not think about reform of self, their aim is limited to body only, that is why their struggles and spiritual-exercises are of another type like zikr–arra etc which are not known from the fountain of Prophethood. [we do not find such zkr and struggles from the being of Holy Prophet s.a.w.]. I see that their attention is not to clean the heart, only and only body is left, in which there is no name of spirituality, these struggles cannot purify heart, and cannot give any Nur of knowledge, thus this era is fully empty. The Prophet’s way which was to be adopted, is completey left and it is forgotten . Now Allah the Exalted wants that that time of Prophethood should come again and Taqwa and purity should be established again, and He has desired it through this Jama'at. So it is obligation that you should pay attention to real reform, like that as Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has told the way of reform.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said: May Allah the Exalted enable us to avoid all evils and to attain high morals by practicing the sunnah of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and way told by him. May the levels of our truths be those which should bring us nearness of Allah the Exalted and may the levels of our humble be those which Allah the Exalted may like. May we become such members of Jama'at of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) as he wants to see us. [Aameen]


Reference: Based on Friday sermon (June 16, 2017) by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help) , UK, alislam.org -- mta.tv