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Ram Lala PrANa PratishThA live now


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Who is watching live?

How many hours have you been watching?
How many diyas did you light at home?

PM Modi is walking to the garbh grUha now...

What an amazing phenomenon for all devotees worldwide.

It is as if the special guests at Awadh are a family and you are part of the family/

Awadh me Ram aye hain

Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram

Ganesh puja begins...


Be your own guru

Click for full image

Why 51 inches, because a five year child may have this height.
I have not watched, I have felt. About 20 diyas and two Rama flags.
Our Muslim electrician was not available. The Muslim physiotherapist that comes to treat me also took a furlough.
But then, the Hindus too were waiting for this moment for 498 years. One person took a vow not to marry till the temple is constructed. That was 31 years ago. One women did not eat any grain, another did not speak. People in one village have not worn any head-dress for 498 years.
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Hindu Wannabe
I don't understand the language, but I watched some excerpts from the video. The deity and the ambience were so overwhelmingly beautiful, I wish I could have been there. A silly question: why is Rama standing alone? Most statues I've seen so far were depictions of Rama together with Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman.


Be your own guru
Because Rama has been depicted in his chiidhood form - 'Bala Rama'. Perhaps Mother Sita was not even born at that time. Other statues, two older ones and Mother Sita's statue too is in the Sanctum. And there are other temples too in the enclosure.