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Rök runestone new interpretation

The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
I saw this circulating around on various Heathen groups that I'm in. It is interesting, certainly, but the presence of politics took a lot of the forefront with it. Here's Dr. Crawford's breakdown of the stone:



Active Member
Yeah, I watched that, it's still an interesting interpretation. Politics in what respect? Possibly the reporting and the retelling of the original article has been distorted to reflect current climate change issues rather than the historical climate issues alluded to in 'The Rök Runestone and the End of the World' .

My point was not that the Vikings had somehow predicted current climate concerns but that they had concerns of their own based on their experience of the impact of climate on their livelihoods. Climate is a very human concern, possibly of more immediate concern in the medieval era given that they could be one season away from starvation. Plus of course they were generally more in tune with the natural world around them that most of us are today.

This discussion between Crawford and Williams is worth watching,

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The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
Oh, true, I wasn't meaning to say that you were saying it was predicting the future. But I have seen some on my Facebook try to so, for posterity, I thought it was a good video to post.