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Questions for Aset's Flames?

Aset's Flames

Viperine Asetian
"many" ? As if there are some? LOL . . . I doubt that, if there were then it would be headlines as the Nag Hammadi were

Ah but the difference is we do not need to seek to convert others so how would making the contents of this be public knowledge ever benefit us?


Active Member
[...] while they where spirits waiting to be reincarnated into their bodies.

Is this related to death between born and reborn?
How long does a waiting in the eternity, for a spirit which is into it, take?
What about a co-existence to Aset there?
Is Aset the avatar for the spirit of an Asetiansit?
In your signature stands:To forget all you have learned and learn all you have forgotten. For what that exacty stands for?


We do not consider Aset a Kemetic deity any more than the Jews think of Yahweh as a Christian deity.

Well no, that wouldn't make much sense since Christianity and Islam branched out of Judaism. Unless you're telling me that this Aset Ka belief system is the precursor of the Kemetic religion? If so, is there any historical evidence to support that claim?

Not that I'm accusing you of making that claim. I'm just interested in your religion's historical records. Where and how did it develop?


New Member
I am not surprised to see an individual come to a religious forum, of all places, to talk about their grandiose Asetian nature, where no one is likely to have even heard much about such a thing. It certainly makes this laughably embarrassing lie easier to follow for those who are unaware of this beautiful tradition. This might get me kicked from the forum but I am here to speak the truth... to the OP, you are an embarrassment. To those who do not know- you will NOT find ANY Asetians coming out on forums talking about their nature in such a public manner. I hope anyone who is interested in Asetianism has the intelligence to actually visit their public website, where they state in an explicit way that you will not find Asetians or anyone involved in the Order participating in discussions of this manner on the internet. So, to this highly ignorant troll who started this thread, I hope you have the mental fortitude to walk away from your delusions, and learn what you are talking about before you have the audacity to even type Her Highness's Name. To have the gall to even call yourself a Viperine, after discrediting the very individual who wrote the book that allowed you to come on here spouting off your ignorant nonsense, is once again embarrassing. And, just a little piece of advice.... if you're going to spew lies about the highly respected individual who even wrote the Asetian Bible you used to build your illusions, you should at least learn how to spell his first name correctly. Viperines are, after all, masters of Heka, the Word, which involves... drumroll please.... spelling. :)

Oh dear, I ranted a bit longer than I planned to. Anyway, do have a lovely day. :)