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Questions about Linga Abhishekam

Discussion in 'Hinduism DIR' started by Vayasya, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Vayasya

    Vayasya Śiva Devotee

    Namaste everyone, I am planning on obtaining a Lingam, and I would like to know some of the basics of conducting Linga Abhishekam. I would also like to know some things about Maha Shivratri, so if you would be so kind:
    1.Does the Lingam have to be black, or is the black Lingam considered more auspicious?
    2.Which hand is to be used to draw the Tripundra?
    3.What materials are used to draw the Tripundra, and where would I obtain these materials?
    4.What direction is the part of the Yoni where the liquid drains out supposed to face?
    5.What direction do I face the Lingam?
    6.Which hand do I use to pour and put materials on the Lingam?
    7.What materials are used to pour and put on the Lingam?
    8.How do I clean the Lingam?
    9.Would it be likely that others will be celebrating Maha Shivratri at the local Hindu Temple, or is it more of an at home celebration?
    10.If I were to go to the local Hindu Temple on Maha Shivratri or any other occasion, is there any specific clothes I should wear to be most respectful?
    I thank you for listening to my questions and I thank you for any answers that may come.
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  2. Vinayaka

    Vinayaka devotee

    Some answers will vary regionally, or by sect. But I'll give you my personal answers, and bracket other regional answers.

    1. Black granite is best. (White marble is used in North India, other kinds elsewhere, like mercury algamams)
    2. Right hand.
    3. Vibhuthi, and sandalwood, and kumkuma ... purchase on line, or at some Indian stores. One supplier is minimela.com
    4, 5 Siva faces south, you face north, the liquid drains east (This will vary widely regionally)
    6. right hand
    7, 8 in order ... water, milk, curd, honey, fruits, then lots of water at the end, and you can clean with your hand (materials will vary according to region, and also to the length or scomplexity of the puja/abhishekham)
    8. Depends on temple ... some will stay all night... where are you? give them a call or look at their website
    9. at temple generally, but not everyone ... some at home
    10. modest clothing ... no jeans, shirt, if you become a regula, pajama, dhoti, veshti etc. Indian clothing ... no shoes, socks vary from temple to temple .. You can get Indian clothes at local shops, if there are any where you live
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  3. Vayasya

    Vayasya Śiva Devotee

    I thank you for these answers. What do you think of those Narmada River natural stone Lingams? I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the local Temple is called The Hindu Temple of Greater Tulsa. Also I have some pants that my grandfather brought back from Vietnam last year, and from what I've seen traditional Indian and Vietnamese pants look very alike, but the shirt that comes with it is very decorated with buttons and dragons, do you think that would be acceptable?
  4. Vinayaka

    Vinayaka devotee

    You have a wonderfully trained Sivachariya priest there, and they have a nice website. The priest does other pujas elsewhere by invitation; he's that good. He really knows his stuff, and I mean on the inner significance level. So you could ask him. Your Vietnamese stuff might be a little offish for some traditional Hindus. A plain western shirt, in my view, would go over better. Ordinary western dress is okay too. Have a look at the pictures of men on the web site.

    Enjoy. You have a whole month to prepare.
  5. Vayasya

    Vayasya Śiva Devotee

    Thanks for everything! Namaste!
  6. Maya3

    Maya3 Well-Known Member


    I did not know this! And now I understand why the Shiva Shrine was moved to the opposite side of the room in my temple after major renovations!

    I liked the way it was before better, because it was in a little alcove and it was so cosy to sit in there during pujas. But if you were late you never fit and had to sit outside and couldn't see well. Plus we couldn't help with the rituals because it was too cramped.
    So I understood why they moved it, but I didn't know that there were other reasons too!

    Thanh Minh,
    Welcome to the forum!
    Shivaratri is a big holiday it will likely be very packed in the temple.
    Personally I like to go to the temple for part of the evening and then go home and meditate by myself.
    I always say that I will stay up all night, but I always give up around 2 or so when I get sleepy. ;)

  7. JayaBholenath

    JayaBholenath RF crazy cat lady


    Waow, Vinayaka answered the question perfectly already ! :D There are some things I didn't knew, thank you very much

    Aum Namah Shivaya
  8. Vinayaka

    Vinayaka devotee

    So what is the attraction for you to lingam worship?
  9. Wannabe Yogi

    Wannabe Yogi New Member

    Just a question.

    Are you a Champa Hindu from Vietnam.
  10. Vayasya

    Vayasya Śiva Devotee

    My attraction to worship with the Lingam is because to my understanding it represents the Infinite, which is something I've always been attracted to.
    Also I wasn't born in Vietnam, but my grandparents came here after the war and they were originally Buddhists, however there is no doubt in my mind that some of my earlier ancestors were Champa Hindus and I believe that it is very honorable to revive the traditions of my ancestors. I feel it is a great shame that so many of the great Hindu Temples of the Champa such as the ones at Mỹ Sơn, were destroyed in a single week by carpet bombing during the war.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2013
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  11. Vinayaka

    Vinayaka devotee

    So are there still functioning temples there now, and if so, how would a pilgrim go about finding them?
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