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Question for all jehovah's witnesses on here.About the end(second death) for the unrighteous dead.

Discussion in 'Religions Q&A' started by Frank Goad, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Frank Goad

    Frank Goad Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2018
    Can you explain the idea were the unrighteous dead get destroyed once and for all.And the righteous don't?:confused:
  2. Neuropteron

    Neuropteron Active Member

    Jul 14, 2018

    Jesus says of himself that he has the key to death and Hades. He will use these figurative keys to release those held by death.

    The release of Jesus from Hades by his father Jehovah serves as a guarantee to all of God's assurance that there will be a resurrection of those in Hades.

    However unlike Hades, Gehenna is symbolic of complete and eternal destruction, with no resurrection to life.

    Since Jesus has the key to death, he will be the judge of who deserves to live. That being said, we can be assured that his judment will be righteous and that our own attitude will greatly affect his judgment.
  3. Deeje

    Deeje Avid Bible Student
    Premium Member

    Jun 20, 2009
    Christian JW
    @Frank Goad /\ /\ /\ This /\ /\ /\ Thanks @Neuropteron

    Hades is a place where the dead "sleep"...but "gehenna" (erroneously translated "hell") is a place where the wicked sleep forever. It is called "the second death" in Revelation because the first death (the one we inherited from Adam) means that those in hades (the grave) will be resurrected. Those in "gehenna" will not. They will never be resurrected. Pretty simple.
  4. Crosstian

    Crosstian Baring the Cross

    Nov 2, 2019
    Seventh-day Adventist
    As a Seventh-day Adventist (thus answering from an Adventist perspective), the scripture says:

    Do the scriptures teach the Annihilation of the Wicked in the 2nd Death?

    All darkness [shall be] hid in his secret places: a fire not blown shall consume him; it shall go ill with him that is left in his tabernacle. (Job 20:26)

    This [is] the portion of a wicked man from God, and the heritage appointed unto him by God. (Job 20:29)

    For what portion of God [is there] from above? and [what] inheritance of the Almighty from on high? (Job 31:2)

    [Is] not destruction to the wicked? and a strange [punishment] to the workers of iniquity? (Job 31:3)

    The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9:17)

    Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just: for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins. (Psalms 7:9)

    Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: [this shall be] the portion of their cup. (Psalms 11:6)

    Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of thine anger: the LORD shall swallow them up in his wrath, and the fire shall devour them. (Psalms 21:9)

    For yet a little while, and the wicked [shall] not [be]: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it [shall] not [be]. (Psalms 37:10)

    But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the LORD [shall be] as the fat of lambs: they shall consume; into smoke shall they consume away. (Psalms 37:20)

    For the LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off. (Psalms 37:28)

    But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off. (Psalms 37:38)

    As smoke is driven away, [so] drive [them] away: as wax melteth before the fire, [so] let the wicked perish at the presence of God. (Psalms 68:2)

    Let them be blotted out of the book of the living, and not be written with the righteous. (Psalms 69:28)

    For in the hand of the LORD [there is] a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring [them] out, [and] drink [them]. (Psalms 75:8)

    All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off; [but] the horns of the righteous shall be exalted. (Psalms 75:10)

    When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; [it is] that they shall be destroyed for ever: (Psalms 92:7)

    For, lo, thine enemies, O LORD, for, lo, thine enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered. (Psalms 92:9)

    Let the sinners be consumed out of the earth, and let the wicked be no more. Bless thou the LORD, O my soul. Praise ye the LORD. (Psalms 104:35)

    And a fire was kindled in their company; the flame burned up the wicked. (Psalms 106:18)

    The wicked shall see [it], and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish. (Psalms 112:10)

    The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy. (Psalms 145:20)

    But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it. (Proverbs 2:22)

    As the whirlwind passeth, so [is] the wicked no [more]: but the righteous [is] an everlasting foundation. (Proverbs 10:25)

    The hope of the righteous [shall be] gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish. (Proverbs 10:28)

    The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. (Proverbs 10:30)

    The wicked are overthrown, and [are] not: but the house of the righteous shall stand. (Proverbs 12:7)

    The light of the righteous rejoiceth: but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out. (Proverbs 13:9)

    The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish. (Proverbs 14:11)

    For there shall be no reward to the evil [man]; the candle of the wicked shall be put out. (Proverbs 24:20)

    Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die. (Ezekiel 18:4)

    The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. (Ezekiel 18:20)

    Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it. (Isaiah 13:9)

    They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one [tree] in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the LORD. (Isaiah 66:17)

    And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh. (Isaiah 66:24)

    For while [they be] folden together [as] thorns, and while they are drunken [as] drunkards, they shall be devoured as stubble fully dry. (Nahum 1:10)

    For as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain, [so] shall all the heathen drink continually, yea, they shall drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been. (Obadiah 1:16)

    I will utterly consume all [things] from off the land, saith the LORD. (Zephaniah 1:2)

    I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumblingblocks with the wicked; and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the LORD. (Zephaniah 1:3)

    Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. (James 1:15)

    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10:28)

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

    For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

    But that which beareth thorns and briers [is] rejected, and [is] nigh unto cursing; whose end [is] to be burned. (Hebrews 6:8)

    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. (2 Peter 3:10)

    And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. (Revelation 20:9)
  5. Crosstian

    Crosstian Baring the Cross

    Nov 2, 2019
    Seventh-day Adventist
    As a Seventh-day Adventist (thus answering from an Adventist perspective), the scripture says:

    The words used so far in describing the end of the wicked are Destroy, Blotted Out, Perished, Consumed Utterly, Cut Off, Dissolved, Melted, Devoured, Dead, Death, Hath Not Been, Not [any/no more], Burned Up, etc. [all taken from Strong's]:

    [Hebrew: machah מחה; meaning: to wipe out; blot out, obliterate; exterminated]
    [Hebrew: macah מסה; meaning: melt away, dissolve, liquefy, consumed]
    [Hebrew: muwg מוג; meaning: to melt, dissolve, faint, dissipate, flow away]
    [Hebrew: muwth מות; meaning: dead, death, kill, slain]
    [Hebrew: da`ak דעך; meaning: extinguished, to go out, put out, dry up, made extinct, quenched]
    [Hebrew: caphah ספה; meaning: to be swept away, destroyed, consumed]
    [Hebrew: shachath שחת; meaning: destroyed, corrupted, ruined, decayed]
    [Hebrew: parar פרר; meaning: break apart, frustrate, split, splinter to pieces, shatter, cracked up]
    [Hebrew: 'abad אבד; meaning: perished, vanished, destroyed, die, exterminated, blot out, put to death]
    [Hebrew: 'obed אבד; meaning: destruction, perish]
    [Hebrew: gava` גוע; meaning: to expire, die, death, breathe ones last, yield up the last breath]
    [Hebrew: cuwph סוף; meaning: to come to an end, to make an end, consume utterly, cause to cease, perish]
    [Hebrew: damah דמה; meaning: to cease, cause to cease, cut off, destroy, perish, to be undone]
    [Hebrew: charam חרם; meaning: to ban, destroy utterly and completely, exterminated, forfeited, divided, prohibited]
    [Hebrew: kalah כלה; meaning: consumed, determined, ended, finished, completely spent, at an end, perish, terminated, annihilation, complete destruction]
    [Hebrew: karath כרת; meaning: cut off, cut asunder, eliminate, kill, cut down]
    [Hebrew: kachad כחד; meaning: hide, conceal, cut down, make desolate, destroy, cut off, annihilate, efface]
    [Hebrew: bala` בלע; meaning: swallowed up, eaten up, to be ended]
    [Hebrew: balah בלה; meaning: to wear out, wear away, use up completely]
    [Hebrew: harac הרס; meaning: to tear down, break down, overthrow, destroy utterly]
    [Hebrew: show' שוא; meaning: devastated, ruined, laid to waste]
    [Hebrew: tsamath צמת; meaning: put an end to, cut off, destroy, exterminate, annihilate]
    [Hebrew: shamad שמד; meaning: destroyed, exterminate, annihilated, devastated]
    [Hebrew: naphal נפל; meaning: cast down, fail, waste away, overturn, knock down, fall]
    [Hebrew: 'akal אכל; meaning: to eat, devour, consume, to be wasted, destroyed]
    [Hebrew: chacal חסל; meaning: to consume, eaten up, bring to an end]
    [Hebrew: tamam תמם; meaning: to be complete, finished, at an end, consumed, exhausted]
    [Hebrew: 'oklah אכלה; meaning: object of devouring, consuming in judgment]
    [Hebrew: maqaq מקק; meaning: to decay, pine away, rot, fester, corrupt, dissolve]
    [Hebrew: guwz גוז; meaning: to pass over, pass away (of life), cut off]
    [Hebrew: yatsath יצת; meaning: to be burned up, to be made desolate, set on fire]
    [Hebrew: sĕrephah שרפה; meaning: burning, burn, burnt up throughly]

    [Greek: apollymi ἀπόλλυμι; meaning: to destroy, put out of the way entirely, abolish, put an end to ruin, render useless, kill, perish]
    [Greek: lyō λύω; meaning: loosed, undone, annul, dissolve, do away with, overthrow, break up]
    [Greek: katalyō καταλύω; meaning: dissolved, disunite, overthrow, render vain, bring to naught]
    [Greek: analiskō ἀναλίσκω; meaning: to expend, consume, destroy]
    [Greek: phtheirō φθείρω; meaning: to corrupt, to destroy, to perish, deprave]
    [Greek: diaphtheirō διαφθείρω; meaning: to corrupt, consume, destroy, kill, eat up, ruin]
    [Greek: aphanizō ἀφανίζω; meaning: to snatch away, take away, to make unseen, to destroy, consume, to make vanish]
    [Greek: phthora φθορά; meaning: corruption, destruction, perishing, decay]
    [Greek: kataphtheirō καταφθείρω; meaning: to corrupt, deprave, to destroy, perish]
    [Greek: ekkoptō ἐκκόπτω; meaning: hewn down, cut off or out]
    [Greek: apokoptō ἀποκόπτω; meaning: cut off, amputate]
    [Greek: nekros νεκρός; meaning: lifeless, dead, deceased, breathed ones last, inanimate, inactive]
    [Greek: nekroō νεκρόω; meaning: dead, put to death, to deprive of power, destroy the strength]
    [Greek: apothnēskō ἀποθνῄσκω; meaning: to die, perish, dry up, eternal death]
    [Greek: empi(m)prēmi ἐμπί(μ)πρημι; meaning: burn up, destroy by fire]
    [Greek: katakaiō κατακαίω; meaning: to burn up, consume by fire]

    Other passages can also be looked at individually, and such terms like "unquenchable", "eternal", "for ever and ever", "everlasting", etc and their Biblical use in terms of the righteous and the wicked in context.

    Begin to ask, where are the all of the wicked [including Satan and his angels] standing in Revelation 20:8-9? Do they [the wicked] live there eternally or are they rather not completely destroyed so that the New Heaven and the New Earth may be created there, wherein dwelleth righteousness, peace, no more tears, pain or sorrow or sin or satan?

    "...and there was found no place for them." Revelation 20:11;p (also Daniel 2:35)

    L: [2nd death from which there is no life, nor resurrection, nor return - annihilation] Psalms 9:17; Matthew 5:22,29,30, 10:28, 18:9, 23:15,33; Mark 9:43,45,47; Luke 12:5; 2 Thessalonians 1:9; James 3:6; Revelation 2:11, 20:6,14, 21:8

    M: [sin/sinners gone forever, cut off, perished, no more, destroyed, passed away, etc] Job 20:26,29, 31:2-3; Psalms 7:9, 9:17, 11:6, 21:9, 37:10, 37:20, 37:28,38, 68:2, 69:28, 75:8,10, 92:7,9, 104:35, 106:18, 112:10, 145:20; Proverbs 2:22, 10:25,28,30, 12:7, 13:9, 14:11, 24:20; Ezekiel 18:4, 18:20; Isaiah 13:9, 25:8, 66:17,24; Nahum 1:10; Obadiah 1:16; Zephaniah 1:2-3; Malachi 4:1; Matthew 10:28; John 3:16; Romans 6:23; Hebrews 6:8; James 1:15; 2 Peter 3:10; Revelation 7:17, 20:9, 21:4

    John 3:16 says Perish or Everlasting Life [the wicked receive no such gift as everlasting life [there are no immortalized wicked anywhere and never will be], it is only a gift to the saved/just/righteous].

    Additionally, it is the Righteous who will dwell with everlasting burnings (Isaiah 33:14), for God is a consuming fire [to sin and of Love] (Deuteronomy 4:24, 9:3; Hebrews 12:29) and His ministers a flame of fire (Psalms 104:4; Hebrews 1:7) and His Throne of Fire (Daniel 7:9; Revelation 4:5) and His speech fire (2 Samuel 22:9; Psalms 18:8) for He is a purifying fire (Malachi 3:3) and it is they who have the victory over sin who stand upon the sea of glass mingled with fire (Revelation 15:2), and will be as the burning bush which was not consumed (Exodus 3:3), not the wicked [they are burnt up into smoke and ashes at the meeting out of Judgment, they are perished.

    I hope that was helpful.

    You might also find this useful - HellTruth
  6. The Anointed

    The Anointed Well-Known Member

    Jul 1, 2018
    biblical believer
    Correct! But the final judgement does not occur until after the Great Sabbath day, when heavenly fire will incinerate all physical life forms on this planet, and like the red planet 'MARS....The Land of Nod,' there will be no more seas.

    We all must die once, then go off into judgement. The righteous disembodied spirits=minds, who have paid the blood price demanded for our inherited sin, and who are repentant for any mistakes that they have made in their physical life, as we all have, are then divided from the unrighteous Dead, and they rest in Christ until the day of the Great Judgement, but the unrighteous disembodied spirits/minds, suffer terrible mental torment as they await the unknown.

    Isaiah 57: 1-2; Good people die, and no one understands or even cares. But when they (Good People) die, no calamity can hurt them. Those who lead good lives find peace and rest in death.

    This body that you see it isn't really me
    It's but the womb in which I'm being formed
    For I am spirit, I am mind and it's the only place you'll find
    "Who I Am," until the day I'm finally born
    For I will not be free until this body that you see
    Has returned to the dust from which it came
    It's then that I'll be born from this womb in which I'm formed
    To carry on in life's eternal game...…...The Anointed.