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Question about Confucianism

Discussion in 'Asian Mythology' started by jayde, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. jayde

    jayde New Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    I have some questions about confucianism, I am interested in learning more, I have read about the wonderful
    beliefs and would like to know more; I would like someone to answer these from a real person POV to give me some
    deeper insight. Any and all who would like to help me out feel free, Thanks.

    1.From your knowledge, why was this religion created?

    2.Were you born into this religion? If not, why did you choose this religion over other close possible religions?

    3.Does living in the U.S. (if living there) affect the practice of Confucianism?

    4.How has modern technology affected your religion? Good ways, bad ways.

    5.How strong is this religion in the region where it was founded?

    6.Is there anything that you disagree with or that you would change? If so, what are your personal views?

    7.Would you ever accept a mate of another religion?

    8.Have you ever considered leaving or renouncing Taoism?

    9.If you share any of the guidelines of any other religion, do you disagree in doing so?

    10.How hard is it for you personally to abide by the laws of your religion in comparison to dealing with your own