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Quakerism Organizational Structure


Hi, there. I'm brand new, so if I'm doing something wrong, please don't hesitate to let me know. :)

I have been studying the Quakers for a while, and have been making attempts to get involved, but I have been unsuccessful. I wanted to talk to someone from the meeting first to ask questions, no one will call me back. I tried joining the Yahoo group connected with the meeting in my area, but it's been about a week, and my membership is still pending. I'm frustrated...If I've done something wrong, or committed some kind of faux pas, I wish someone would tell me...

In any case, I'm wondering a couple of things, and perhaps some experienced Friends can provide some info. Some questions might sound stupid, and if so, I again profusely apologize.

Firstly, what exactly is the "monthly meeting"? Does this refer to the meeting that is, in actuality, attended weekly, or is this a different thing?

Do the Liberal quakers tend to shy away from anything Christ-centric? Should I be expecting primarily non-theists, or does it tend to vary meeting to meeting?

If I am involved in Martial Arts, is this considered to be violence? Where do Quakers typically stand on self-defense in light of the peace testimony of pacifism? I prefer the avoidance of violence if at all possible, but I feel safer (as a smaller woman) with some skills to defend myself should they prove necessary.

If unprogrammed meetings are primarily silent, how do members get to know each other, or do they? Is there some sort of fellowship that occurs with the members of a meeting, or does it tend to remain more impersonal?

How would they feel about it if I was attending without my husband?

If anyone can answer any of these questions, or at least shed some light from another perspective, I would be very grateful.

Thank you kindly, in advance,