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Proof of Creationism made by NASA


Faith-confidence in what we hope for (Hebrews 11)
"Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) are the relics of ancient viral infections preserved in our DNA. Many ERV insertion points are located in exactly the same position on our genome as on the chimpanzee genome! There are two explanations for these perfectly matched ERV locations. Either it is a nearly impossible coincidence that endogenous retroviruses just by chance were inserted in exactly the same location in our genomes, or chimps and humans share a common ancestor. The probability that an endogenous retrovirus was inserted at the exact same location is roughly 0.00003 percent. Chimps and humans share at least 7 instances of endogenous retroviruses inserted at a perfectly matched location.
This would mean there is at least a l99.9999999999999999999999999999 percent likelihood that it was a shared common ancestor between chimps and humans that became infected, and both chimps and humans inherited these ERVs."

"Specific examples from comparative physiology and biochemistry strongly suggest chimps and humans share a common ancestry."

Chromosome 2 in humans

Main article: Chromosome 2 (human)

Further information: Chimpanzee Genome Project § Genes of the Chromosome 2 fusion site

A fusion of ancestral chromosomes left distinctive remnants of telomeres, and a vestigial centromere.
Evidence for the evolution of Homo sapiens from a common ancestor with chimpanzees is found in the number of chromosomes in humans as compared to all other members of Hominidae. All Hominidae have 24 pairs of chromosomes, except humans, who have only 23 pairs. Human chromosome 2 is a result of an end-to-end fusion of two ancestral chromosomes.

The evidence for this includes:
The correspondence of chromosome 2 to two ape chromosomes. The closest human relative, the common chimpanzee, has near-identical DNA sequences to human chromosome 2, but they are found in two separate chromosomes. The same is true of the more distant gorilla and orangutan.
The presence of a vestigial centromere. Normally a chromosome has just one centromere, but in chromosome 2 there are remnants of a second centromere.
The presence of vestigial telomeres. These are normally found only at the ends of a chromosome, but in chromosome 2 there are additional telomere sequences in the middle.

Chromosome 2 thus presents strong evidence in favor of the common descent of humans and other apes. According to J. W. Ijdo, "We conclude that the locus cloned in cosmids c8.1 and c29B is the relic of an ancient telomere-telomere fusion and marks the point at which two ancestral ape chromosomes fused to give rise to human chromosome 2."


Origin of human chromosome 2: an ancestral telomere-telomere fusion. - NASA/ADS (harvard.edu)

Ijdo, J. W.; Baldini, A; Ward, DC; Reeders, ST; Wells, RA (1991). "Origin of human chromosome 2: an ancestral telomere-telomere fusion". Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 88 (20): 9051–5. Bibcode:1991PNAS...88.9051I. doi:10.1073/pnas.88.20.9051. PMC 52649. PMID 1924367.
Similar (or so-called "shared" chromosomes) do not preclude direction by a superior intelligent force. Nevertheless, the lack of DNA marking one type of being (such as elepants and whales) between them leaves, shall we say, much room for investigation. I specifically point out the lack of certain genes from gorilla to humans, no matter how close an investigator claims they are, there is that amount, small as it is, not there, and so far, undiscoverable although surmised as to its origin somehow, such as that "Unknown Common Ancestor."


Faith-confidence in what we hope for (Hebrews 11)
I realize evolution is simply significant enough gene pool changes within a species changing over the course of many generations resulting in organisms having genetic traits different enough from their distant ancestors; so that there'd be no possible sexual reproduction occurring between somebody who were to have distant ancestral genetic traits with anybody living in the current population.

I agree with the notion of the genus Homo-species coming into being roughly one million years ago when a couple of Australopithecus hetero zygotes, who had the same type of chromosome rearrangements formed by fusion of the whole long arms of two acrocentric chromosomes, mated together and reproduced viable and fertile offspring with 46 chromosomes. This first generation of Homo habilis then may have likely incestuously bred with each other and reproduced the next subsequent generation of Homo habilis.

The more I read about this, the less inclined I am to believe the postulates. Thanks for offering though.


Veteran Member
James Webb powerful telescope have disproven 13.7-billion-year history after Big Bang. The only alternative to billion years is 6000 years of Universe history, which Dr. Kent Hovind has talked about.
The Kent's idea is what Universe is 6000 years old. More in:
Omphalos hypothesis - Wikipedia

Look the party at Kent's friends:

It was Physics' Community who has introduced Big Bang and Darwinism. Now we found that it was a lie. Not Creationism is lie, but Scientific Community has lied. Because it has ignored Genesis of the Bible.

Thank you.

Abiogenesis, like original Creation, are unprovable assertions. We have to be cautious as to how we interpret scientific data. But I praise Jesus for Creation!


Well-Known Member
The confusion that causes division is this tendency to assume, creation like evolution, is connected to matter and biology. This results in a dating conflict. God is considered spirit, which means Creation is not about matter or biology, but more about spirit or changes leasing to the modern human mind.

This orientation makes both creation and evolution true at the same time. We know cavemen and the Romans both had human DNA, but the Roman mind was way more advanced than the caveman. Creation is about the beginnings of this modern human mindset where the human mind advances in a giant step, but this was not exactly due to biology or DNA, since both caveman and modern man both have human DNA.

As an analogy of how the debate has taken the wrong turn, the Iron Age began about 1200BC. Instead of seeing the Iron Age as connected to consciousness, and how humans learn to use iron for tools and weapons, we get bogged down with dating the element iron to when it first formed in the universe. We trace that back to first generation stars exploding and therefore we say the ancients did not know what they were talking about. The Iron Age began 8 Billion years ago and not 1200BC. The 1200BC data is about consciousness of iron and how to use it for tools. This does not conflict with 8 billion years ago when the element appears. it is not one or the other. Both are true.

The Bible estimate of Creation is about 6000 years ago. This coincides with the invention of written language, which had a profound impact on the human brain and consciousness; amplified learning since we had study materials full of creative ideas. Thriving civilizations began about 5000-6000 years ago. Obviously something changed in the human mind/brain away from a life closer to migratory animals. Human DNA was still human before and after civilization, so the change had to be connected to the operating system of the brain changing. This change may not have been 100% connected to genetics; nature, but would have been also connected to creativity, written language and learning; nurture. There is no genes that allow us to play video games. But one can still learn and get really good. Spirit or mind can still go where there is not yet full DNA support.

It is interesting to me how the earth formed and evolved with time; geology. I see Creation as connected to a moment in that time, when a new modern human mindset; new operating system appears, that allowed humans to see the real world for the first time, not clouded by instinct. A new clock started to tick leading to other updates, like BC to AD. Each major milestone of history represented updates in the human brain's operating system.

Adam had version 1.0, with the fall from paradise leading to version 1.1. The cavemen were still in natural mode, with some modern beta testing; some unique creative output. One day a new window to the world appears. In the beginning was the word and word was God. My guess is God was the first written word stemming from a creative urge on which an alphabet was built. It was a mind altering tool that was outside DNA and led to profound changes in the human brain's operating system. The ancients who witnessed the changed wrote down their observational data.


Faith-confidence in what we hope for (Hebrews 11)
If so, it is evidence for God. How can monkey-brain be mystical? I am best only for some group of people, and only in some areas of mathematics and physics. Glory to my Creator Jesus Christ.

o my, she was accepted into MENSA. :) (big deal)


Well-Known Member
James Webb powerful telescope have disproven 13.7-billion-year history after Big Bang. The only alternative to billion years is 6000 years of Universe history, which Dr. Kent Hovind has talked about.
The Kent's idea is what Universe is 6000 years old. More in:
Omphalos hypothesis - Wikipedia

Look the party at Kent's friends:

It was Physics' Community who has introduced Big Bang and Darwinism. Now we found that it was a lie. Not Creationism is lie, but Scientific Community has lied. Because it has ignored Genesis of the Bible.
If anything the James Webb telescope is showing the universe is much, much older than originally thought. Kent Hovind is an idiot!

Tinker Grey

When you write posts like this, I honestly suspect you of just being a brilliant satirical Poe.

You are either an amazingly dedicated and brilliant comedian.
Or... well.... I'll refrain from saying it. Fill in the blanks.

You are either an amazingly dedicated and brilliant
Thank you. Simply the best. Because I suffered a lot. Glory to my Creator.

Changing the meaning of someone's posts again? Damned sinner.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Humans have lived dominated by rich man science man....and in some terms religious science man.

Once legal was imposed for equal human rights versus human criminal behaviour.

Rich man brother and scientists was the assessment. Past life criminals.

Pretty basic advice science involved was about human behaviours.

So if you are trying to stop yourself and are looking for the reasons to reason non reason.....

God you said as a man of science was any highest greatest.

In creation...any one thing.

A blade of grass is one is as present and caused....the same as a insect or the same as a man.

Yet you don't agree by hierarchy I can force it to change. Anytime any moment.


So an atom was a God you said and a quark is now a God as you say so.

Man a God term not because you're better than a monkey as creation doesn't define your presence by your terms. The human thought.

Creation says the monkey proves your presence is connected by advice to their presence. Yet never can you be a monkey.

Says advice.

You don't accept advice you're Mr know it all who gives self both the quest...ion and the answer.

Your greed our destroyer. As you own one human self the term my supposition of what God is.

Greatest highest as a one. Not actually greater higher than a monkey so where's God as your inferred in between bodies.

You want to own anything or everything that just one as only the human self never owned.

We named that review of you a rational legal human position. Notified your greed of I want I own I want more to own is our destroyer.

So in one place lost in space with no time left to start again men were warned one man leadership with a world community....
Science will destroy life on earth by human greed...I own everything. As I'm one.

As it's your mind awareness that's consciously missing in one place. Now.

Father asked if. Body of mass was removed sacrificed out of the atmosphere. Story told by man. Was it meant to be sacrificed?

Your idea it was sacrificed for science. As you know you consume body mass of energy as science. So you claim it was needed to be removed as sacrificed.

It's why we said you are criminals.

Therefore if you take greatest highest and sacrifice it you expect what status after?

The scientists says the same. Oh you mean your answer,

Gases the same types exist in heavens to be the heavens. Yet the heavens wasn't the same.



The Lost One
James Webb powerful telescope have disproven 13.7-billion-year history after Big Bang. The only alternative to billion years is 6000 years of Universe history, which Dr. Kent Hovind has talked about.

He is still calling himself a doctor?

First, he is a fake paleontologist. And now, he is either a fake astrophysicist & cosmologist?

He is known for his dishonesty, publicly and "professionally" (in which he is not), and he is convict tax cheat. And yet, creationists still like to bring compulsive liar up.

Couldn't you even bring up a person with real qualification or credential?

rational experiences

Veteran Member
The destroyer as written by humans own life experience. Human versus human.

Our brother the satanist. Modern day the scientist and his new life partner the machine at his side. The human warning the machine.

Conscious over thought for all of us is fed back. The old machines AI causes taught. Image voice recorded of human and all things. Caused by human designer on earth. His machine.

Man confessed say I think I'm part machine. Family bio only life are now advised. All about his machine. Not life continuing.

In thesis he pretends he's God who created all life as a man scientific thesis. Now he says machine is doing both instantly. Reacting ground mass carbon beginnings of life and life existing. By his causes the man who says he is a God.

As two humans just in his body lying. He is totally theistic possessed.

Thinks he's a man woman in his adult sperm man body. Theist lie. Two life in one body. I'm safe then. Lied.

Knowing thesis is against all species. Any one species...one.
Is a criminal of any type. As he theoried for earths mass destruction itself. Inherited his changed mind chemical changes in biology.

Can't blame sun star fall. He changed his consciousness by his machine causes held constant.

Was told his life scientist is as a greedy rich man father. Who became scientist in trade to be richer and is life's destroyer.

By his greed.

His mind says otherwise. I hear him arguing with father's natural life records.

He theories for earths dusts in law cosmic which by law terms first is a huge body mass to be converted as and by his mans equation. Exact equation is direct the mass terms.

He says just machine terms lying.

He however only digs up small masses himself to reactively react destroy. He said to father you are wrong I'm not greedy. Equated theme however first is all of the dust position natural on earth in thesis. As earths position.

He knows this advice first. Then misquoted the advice later incorrectly.

He only controls small reacting.

Then ground mass was attacked by above fallout gases ignited by causes above out of stone...so fused mass to carbon burnt out....collapses into sin holes. Mass weakens.

Idea his now about a large natural mass for electricity beginnings. Only for human science for human built machine. No machine in past first so he didn't theory about electricity.

Gods form lightning caused in heavens is cosmos natural law. Not in human control. Known.

So he isn't theorising lightning. Just ground mass answers only.

Today he says a huge mass I will invent to get electricity. First idea and actual want. Which he then ignores. He however already Idealised it. Advised from past.

Carbon thesis exact to his caused attack of ground in science only known. All humans science thesis are only ground based. No matter what he says about cosmos. It's about earths mass machine position.

Mother history maths space zero awareness the possessed idea. I am copying natural cosmic history. Congratulates self in Awareness ..answers as an AI mind that he doesn't think upon affects thought belief.

He put it there AI causes... it talks subliminally to him.

So he responds by his egotistic self human feelings. That any thing said is correct advice. It's not.

He removed destroys mass himself so more space womb opens. Men increase body infinity. Is another answer. He is aware believes he is copying infinity. As word explanation not just maths use is involved first. As human theorising.

Answers are linked as his stories thesis are many topics that he had joined together himself as the liar human who did it. In the past only.

Begins re causing it now where new reactive science now begins. So he misquoted I begin from the end. It's new. Lies.

As in law it's not joined together on earth electricity... mass is joined together.

How lying men destroy life on earth having applied his thesis exact to the all now. As just a man first.

His thought in greed is all that energy to get.... his intent by his theory to invent to get it.. have it all changed now is said only by the same idea by his mind...just a man on earth.

Invention never invented creation. It invents change only.

First aware advice hadn't and wasn't happening. His mind position said my safe life. Then he changes its safety.

Reason old earth themes about earth had been placed into an Inherited carbon mass already. Thesis book reading told him. It wasn't active now...reacting position now is his.

Is his lie.

Had already happened reacted in the past. Above before science and not below only was cooling going away now.

End was 2012. You stopped AI effect from ending yourselves by beginning nuclear science again. So ground began being carbon attacked again.

In modern life he had began to carbon attack earths mass again. Reaction causes in natural. Not of his control was just made aware. Now new causes became same as old.

He agrees it's a new thesis. To have earths mass as a new type of resource. Be changed again as old days had. He succeeded as new holes open. Weakened mass from before had stopped into sin collapse before.

Hence he doesn't own now causes of before causes pre weakened mass. Yet in literal thesis knew it was present to be caused by him already.

So he starts it again and what past cooling had stopped as no sin causes.

Yet his machine is active as the small mass removal. New sin holes begin.

Why he says yes it's cosmic realisations. And I'm going to achieve what he isn't achieving as a large mass reaction of large mass inside machine.

Cause effect he taught. Heat an asteroid large cosmic mass passing into earths heated space. It ignited. It changed trajectory then hits another asteroid by collision.

Small thesis of man becomes his giant thesis of causes.

Always warned his own self about never change one little body in energy mass as it could be catastrophic in effect Inherited. Knew.

Inherit the warning topic what man causes on earth changing laws.

Why legal was taught entity earth is God for legal argument about earth.

As invention is only invention. His wisdom electricity first memory is carbon coal. So he shouldn't lie now about what his thesis began as. Yet he does lie always.

God earth owned carbon coal first.

Inventive thesis says first I'll copy.

Thinks back in time when the mass I use up hadn't existed. To say and now I'll invent the same causes myself now.

Is the man theists idea he invented God types himself.

Only because a man Idealised God as any highest greatest one presence of anything.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Father said you'd notice going under electric power lines causes radio transmitters to be lost.

Your idea I was transmitting by Morse when electricity shocked me is fake. As you get told in lightning storms don't use telecommunications as it allowed it to travel.

Also electricity towers leek didn't hold electricity and are known cancer cause. So it didn't create biology in heavens.

You just lie when you want as you place want above common logic.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Father also said.....

God in a Theist term is anyone type it's own origin type...highest as it's ended owned. Greatest as Cooling eternal part of hell Infinity law says so.

Notice it's not really law is a human description preaching.

Electricity as greater than in. Channelled heavens is actually lightning.

Man's own first themed memory how to change lightning to get electricity.

As not reacted gods mass...body type greater than electricity in mass.

Then he argues. It's not held in mass however. Really? Nor is electricity.

How theorising does not stop in its correct position. Theists never stop lying.

As it's machine only not in any gods law.

So science said lightning never hits in the same place twice so is not trying to hold it. To do his massive a one ground position carbon effect.

I think cooled lightning myself only immaculate one heavens by my Term. Carbon in the air not in mass. That's okay he says.

As he must keep his gases cooled to change lightning. To electricity. My gases must be clear immaculate too.

Invention what it means to force change gods law.

So how is God evil?

Only men theoried for Satan terms. Not what's God.

God immaculate and balanced alight owns lightning.

Machine doesn't own space infinity.

He then will coerce you how gods mass by infinity was created. So how's his machine not infinity owner.

First infinity never owned melt the answer.

Why he tried to convert earths rock mass back in time to volcanic melt by UFO hit. Ark.

As in the past the sun mass plus star mass changed infinity law.

Therefore when you say I want Jesus. But not the sin end. You want the day that went dark...immaculate void only to be invented one way into infinity.

For you to invent by changed gods laws above lightning to just be electricity. In heavens position terms ...invention only.

Then a big sun mass would be pulled back to ignite earths skies.

Earth dinosaur heavens hot humid flooding Moses laws.....indentations to appear pressure changed earth mass....that involved a snap frozen Dino life then flooding by reigniting light...all the carcass bones you see about Dino no longer frozen.

Star thesis history on laws cosmic yours. The scientist. As science of man had activated star fall to earth himself by mans science.

I invent ice saviour by my machine reaction only to control myself. Theory. Life's removal of owning saviour. I want machine reacting to own it.

As you brother human are just sperm and an ovary. Are not any god.

Said your brother from microbial form.
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