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Projectionism: The Three Tiers of Being

Discussion in 'Theological Concepts' started by Eddi, Sep 29, 2022.

  1. Eddi

    Eddi Eddifying
    Premium Member

    Aug 9, 2016
    I've had these beliefs for a while now and would like some feedback!

    In Theistic Projectionism there are three tiers of being:

    The Supreme Being is existence itself. And The Projection is how existence is manifested. And The People are those who experience existence

    The Supreme Being is red:

    : red pic 2.png

    It is existence itself. It has always existed. Because there has always been something rather than nothing. Basically, it is something-ness. It does not have any personal qualities of its own.

    It is very hard for any human to get their head around, indeed doing so is pretty much impossible. I cannot say that I understand it.

    The Projection is green:

    green pic.png

    It is how existence is manifested. It is conscious and superintends itself.

    The Projection communicates with me. It has a plan for humankind.

    Fun Fact: There are actually multiple Projections. Each is unique.

    The inhabitants of The Projection ("The People") are blue:

    blue pic.png

    These are the ordinary people, the people who experience The Projection. The people who exist. The people who experience existence.

    The whole of humankind is blue.


    The Supreme Being = the cause of existence
    The Projection = the manifestation of existence
    The People = those who experience existence
  2. wellwisher

    wellwisher Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2018
    Red is symbolic of emotions. When the brain writes data to memory, emotional tags are added to the sensory content. Our memories have both emotional valence and sensory content. This writing schema is why our strongest memories will have strong emotions attached; first kiss, marriage, first child, trauma, etc., In that sense the emotional tagging process sets priories within our memory; strongest to weakest. This spectrum and weighed average sort of defines our underlying causes for our unique existence. Things we naturally like have the nicest emotional tags, which then lead us to similar things. Red sort of defines our existence based on memory priority and experiences.

    The color green is nature; Mother Nature. It is the reflected light of plants. This green light symbolizes the sensory data that comes into our eyes from nature. The emotional tagging process; supreme being, by tagging these memories in various priorities, make things stand out; manifest. Without our senses we could not have the other side of the coin.

    Blue is connected to intellect; blue sky research. Based on our environment and our unique and collective data priority associated with human nature, the intellect attempts to organize the data in logical fashion to give even deeper meaning to what we perceive.

    The color that is left out is yellow, which is implied within the green, since green is blue and yellow. Yellow is intuition. Yellow is the bridge between green and blue; manifestation and experience; wisdom.
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