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President Joe Biden Declares Easter Sunday As Transgender Day Of Visibility


Not of this world
You won't believe the words in some of those books as read excerpts by Senator Kennedy.

Yikes! I'm shocked that they didn't stop him from reading that stuff out loud the way school board members routinely stop parents from exposing what their children are exposed to.


Not of this world
A person with female reproductive parts can socially be a man, but still biologically get pregnant. It has happened.

Don't like it? Don't think these folks have a right to their own decisions and still have a public life? I guess the best response might be:
Then they are being socially deceptive.
Not very good social skills.


Pronouns: he/they/it/neopronouns
Are you ok? Like I had you on ignore decided to take you off ignore for a bit and um you just seem like a very angry person over the idea that transfolk exist. I doubt you know many trans folk but majority what you saying that assumes the motives of people like me is just wrong.

You seem like you should touch grass or something. Im concerned. Like im not even mad at the transphobic stuff youve said on this thread im just perplex on how you even came to some these conclusions and am actually concerned.

Like i know a lot of trans folk. Im trans myself. You really don't know what you talking about.


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Clearly a premeditated plan of assault on one of the most sacred days of the Christian religion! Hard to imagine the discussions around the decision that lead to this get-out-the-Trump-vote gaff!

President Joe Biden Declares Easter Sunday As Transgender Day Of Visibility, Donald Trump And Caitlyn Jenner Demand Apology To Christians​

Story by Ariela Anís

President Joe Biden is sparking fury nationwide, including reactions from both Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner, after declaring Easter Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility, a day of awareness to celebrate the successes of transgender and gender-nonconforming people.........
Of all the days they could have done this they chose Easter? Really? It's like if they made a holiday for pork producers and placed it on Hanukkah or Ramadan.


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Murderers exist as well. Doesn't mean we need pornographic materials in schools to celebrate them.

I read Of Mice and Men in school. Hamlet. Wrote essays on the Iraq War, and terrorism more generally. Plenty of murderers.

Way less homosexual porn.

Maybe that's why I'm straight, I guess, but I'm yet to murder anyone.