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Poll: Free and Fair Elections -- versus Democracy

Discussion in 'North American Politics' started by Evangelicalhumanist, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. Yes

    1 vote(s)
  2. No

    4 vote(s)
  3. I'm a Republican and the question isn't fair

    0 vote(s)
  1. Evangelicalhumanist

    Evangelicalhumanist "Truth" isn't a thing...
    Premium Member

    Aug 29, 2013
    None, a humanist who doesn't even worship humans
    Everything that I'm seeing now in the US seems to have to do with trying to make it more difficult for some people to vote, and less difficult for others. The prime culprits in these efforts, I'm sad to say, seem to be the Republicans. Even Donald Trump said "the Republicans would never win another election if it was easier to vote." Here's a quote from the New York Times in May:

    "The Republican program, which has gained steam in recent weeks, envisions recruiting up to 50,000 volunteers in 15 key states to monitor polling places and challenge ballots and voters deemed suspicious. That is part of a $20 million plan that also allots millions to challenge lawsuits by Democrats and voting-rights advocates seeking to loosen state restrictions on balloting. The party and its allies also intend to use advertising, the internet and President Trump’s command of the airwaves to cast Democrats as agents of election theft.

    "The efforts are bolstered by a 2018 federal court ruling that for the first time in nearly four decades allows the national Republican Party to mount campaigns against purported voter fraud without court approval. The court ban on Republican Party voter-fraud operations was imposed in 1982, and then modified in 1986 and again in 1990, each time after courts found instances of Republicans intimidating or working to exclude minority voters in the name of preventing fraud. The party was found to have violated it yet again in 2004. (“Voters deemed suspicious” by the GOP is a category that includes black people, Latinos, students, black people, and also black people.)

    So the simple question in this poll is this: can you be a Republican and really believe in the democratic process? Simple yes or no, please, with the usual "out" for those who don't like free thought.
  2. sun rise

    sun rise "This is the Hour of God"
    Premium Member

    Apr 28, 2014
    The lust for power on the right is clearly evident. In 2000 if Florida had been on the other side, they would never have graciously given in for the good of the country. And it's 1000 worse now.
  3. Quintessence

    Quintessence Tale Weaver
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    Well, hypocrisy is something of a perpetual human condition, so...

    ... ideally, hypocrisy exists as a precursor to growth. That is, one holds contradictory views/behaviors because one is working on improving oneself. One aspires to the goal, even if one doesn't quite reach it all the time.

    Sadly, I don't think that's what is going on here in my country.
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  4. Revoltingest

    Revoltingest Christine's Uncle Fergus
    Premium Member

    Mar 25, 2010
    Bokononist Arrogant Atheism
    I'm the 1st <yes> vote.
    One could suppress votes by illegal aliens, & still be for democracy.
    In local elections, one could suppress votes by visiting out of state
    residents (eg, college students), & still be for democracy.