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Politics and the Change of the Seasons.


Well-Known Member
Here is an idea that came to my last night. I thought of a metaphor for the cyclic power change between the two political parties in America and other places. This metaphor is connected to the changing of the seasons.

The Democrat party, which controls things today is like the winter. In winter time, crops are not growing. You depend on stockpiles of food from the summer to carry you through to the spring. This is the zero sum game; redistribution, since winter is connected to finite stockpiles that neet to be distributed, but which diminish with time; borrowing, inflation, taxes, immigration at the expense of citizens, etc.

The Republican Party is more like the summer, when the food crops grow and multiply. This is connected to the free market, where new ideas cause the GNP to increase and not just redistribute. This is different from the zero sum games of winter. For example, when the cell phones first appeared, they provided a useful addition for communication, beyond land line phones. It did not require we get rid of land lines; dig a hole to compensate, but rather we added something extra for overall growth; live and let live. We did not have to sacrifice one thing to have another. This is similar to nature adding new branches to the tree, during summer, without having to chop down another branch, in a zero sum game; prune fossil fuels to grow green energy. The latter is more about the Democratic Party winter.

It appears we are in the late winter and the seasons are stating to change back toward spring and summer; election 2024, and growth. But since the season will always continue to change, stockpiles will occur the next summer and the zero sum games of winter, will make a come back.

The Democrat party is more about doom and gloom, which is at par for winter fears and blues.The Republican Party is about positive messaging like MAGA or Make America Great Again, which is still seen as doom and gloom from the POV of winter eyes and a zero sum game. However, survival in winter still depends of all of us doing well in summer, since winter needs summer, more than summer needs winter.


Well-Known Member
To expand on the metaphor, spring and fall are like the moderates in both parties. Just as spring comes from the winter and leads to the summer, these the moderate Democrats who help prepare for the change of seasons. While just as fall comes from summer and leads to winter these are the moderate Republicans, who also help prepare for that change.

In the current political environment, there is more of a movement of moderate Democrats, for change away from the winter; big brother. This is evident in more Blacks and Latinos concerned about the economy and freedom. We must be in political early spring time. The seed potato is no longer for eating, but is being shifted to the spring planting.

My favorite time of the year is late spring to early summer; May-June, when nature comes alive and things unfold.