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Politicians peddle Abortion Hogwash


Active Member
This is not a new thread on Abortion per se. They abound on this site.

Now we have fully established (with Republican backing) the right of State to intervene over individuals. Logically the next step is to step up Benefit programs like TANF. Extend the allowed time scale.

Of course some Politicians will be positively unchristian. They excel in soundbites on anti abortion. They also are hypocritical. They look at the sky. This when it comes to funding poverty programmes that would help negate poverty for needy single mothers and ensure poor children get basics. The moral majority always stop short when wallets are hit. Yep Hogwash.

sun rise

The world is on fire
Premium Member
As our (CA) governor Gavin Newsom put it:

Refresher on what a “pro-life” agenda ACTUALLY looks like:
- gun safety laws
- taking action on climate change
- protecting LGBT rights
- healthcare for all
- expanding pre-natal care
- expanding mental healthcare
- expanding childcare
- universal preschool
- free school meals

And of course the list is longer.