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Political Discourse in 2017


De Diablo Del Fora
Premium Member

Seems about right....
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Well-Known Jerk
In that sentence the 'to' should have been 'too'. Its the pot calling the kettle black. The first 'too' should have been 'to'.

:rolleyes:. . . . that much is obvious.

The second to should only be in italics and not in quotation marks. Just like you should be using italics as well.

Italicize a word when referring to that word.

Use quotation marks to indicate the novel, ironic, or reserved use of a word.

Purdue OWL: Punctuation

Iti oj

Global warming is real and we need to act
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I and others I know have dropped the label liberal for this reason. Progressive or leftist or....But not liberal....just and interesting tidbit.

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
Seems spot on to me.
Why is the second to in both quotation marks and italics?
My guess is because such Liberals spend way too much time online and know Butchered Internet English far better than proper English. I suspect many Conservatives as well are more fluent in BIE than proper English, likely due to the Internet.