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Poetry old and new

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by 1137, Sep 12, 2022.

  1. 1137

    1137 Wandering in Darkness / Priest of Set
    Premium Member

    Nov 21, 2011
    Setian / LHP
    I have wandered into

    Every corner of the West

    And come back to you now with

    Darkness rather than light,

    All embracing nostalgia, and

    The infinite expansion

    Of consciousness


    Leave me here,

    Books strewn about before

    Altars lit with

    Burning incense,

    Fields expanding and retracting

    As a reflection of

    Infinite chaos,

    I do not need your light.

    Leave me here,

    Music forces the body

    To sway before

    Surreal pillars of twilight fire,

    Silence echoing outside

    The gates of eternity,

    I do not need your light.

    Leave me here,

    Existential and hedonistic,

    Carnal and divine,

    Indulgent and invested,

    Wandering and awake,

    I do not need your light.


    One who says things of great meaning

    Is often observed speaking gibberish

    As well.

    This is because the wise know meaning

    Is only found through

    Trial and error.

    Most never speak at all

    For fear of the gibberish, and thus never say

    Anything of meaning.


    The fallen prey

    Fall and pray

    To they who prey on the fallen


    Meaning is a phantom,

    A specter ever slipping through the fingers as it runs carelessly through abandoned, cobwebbed halls,

    A tantalizing, waking image of subconscious desire made real in the moments preceding the dawn.

    Grasp for it, trap it when you can, observe it at rest and play, with retina and microscope, in the darkness and light.

    Then set it upon the waves of chance once more to seek new adventures, and catch for yourself meanings anew.


    We cowered from the magicians hiding in the shadows,

    Casting arcane spells against

    The kind and innocent,

    But never saw them in the streets or

    Suffered at their hands.

    We cheered for the authorities who

    Dragged them into the light,

    Crushing the bodies with stones,

    Tearing them limb from limb,

    Charring their flesh with burning fires,

    Until they came for one of our own,

    Most innocent of heart and action.

    We feared the wrong people.



    The degradation of the self

    The denial of the will

    The hatred of one's own soul


    To try and drag others down

    Proselytize nihilism and self hated

    Imprison oneself to lesser powers

    Serpents acting as worms


    Replace tyrant with tyrant

    Trade Lord for Lord

    Switch slavery for slavery

    Change the name and symbols and call it Good


    The mundane masses

    The atheists dressed in black

    The faith in stupidity


    The crown

    Primitive symbol of modern stupidity

    Mockery of individual will

    Fun house mirror held to the face of human progress

    Mourn the passing of another dead tyrant

    Pampered child to rule over

    Actual men and women

    Familiar with the face of mankind and

    The endless cycles

    Of toil


    The sun rests,

    Haughty and arrogant,

    In the blinding sky,

    Holding on desperately as

    Storm clouds creep in

    From the North.

    Distant lightning flashes,

    Followed by the deep rumble of thunder.

    Clouds roll across the darkening vault of heaven

    As soothing rain gently drizzles

    Upon the joyful desert

    And its people.

    The air cools while evening descends

    And the winds move on

    From the land.

    Skies clear and the stars twinkle welcomingly,

    The seven spiraling heavens,

    The Zodiac on its axis,

    The Imperishable Souls shining eternally above.


    God is good

    God is great

    God uses us

    To masturbate

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  2. 1137

    1137 Wandering in Darkness / Priest of Set
    Premium Member

    Nov 21, 2011
    Setian / LHP
    Original poetry of mine, mainly written around 2009-2012 when I was at an interesting point between atheism and spirituality. I’ve never really had the courage to share it before, but with some slight touch ups I think some of it is okay lol.


    Remember those summer nights,
    Sitting on the patio at one in the morning,
    Incense burning on the table,
    The Doors flowing out of the stereo?
    My gods, that was heaven.

    I love each one of you.
    Let us lay together under the stars forever,
    Frozen in this time of our lives,
    Never forgetting this feeling.

    New people always entering our lives.
    Let us make new friends and they will forever
    Share our one soul.

    If there are gods, they must have manufactured our friendship so perfectly that
    It shall never falter.
    Something we can forever count on.

    Sit with me and discuss the meaning of life.
    Do you feel that?
    It is the energy of life between us.
    We are without end
    Just as the universe goes on into incomprehensible infinity.

    Never forget me.
    Long after we are dead and gone,
    In millions of years,
    Our energy will remain on this earth to inspire:
    The future
    The Poets
    The Engineers
    The Singers
    The Designers
    The Nurses
    The Cleaned Up Criminals
    The Saviors of the Damned


    People tend to realize something
    In their last, dying hours,
    When they can no longer speak and
    Disease finishes devouring their ailing bodies

    They realize they never found
    A single answer for themselves
    In their entire, wasted life

    They regret this,
    As the last gasp of life leaves their animal, human body,
    And their Spirit vacates the home
    Which has held them prisoner for decades

    What was the point of living
    When they never thought for themselves?
    Hanging on to every word spoken by the ones they trusted,
    They now realize they were not human at all,
    But something much more useless and weak

    It is too late to fix this life.
    The ancient ones knew this would happen.

    Was it worth it,
    Not having to think in this life
    Just to do so in another?


    Lights on a dark street
    Air blows past, cool on my face.
    This silly song spreading out the window and into the world.

    Realize I know who I am and this is where I belong.

    Move forward,
    Ever forward.
    Never look back except into the abyss of memory.

    I am lost somewhere between consciousness and the unknown.
    I can feel the gods in my eyes.

    Things are at peace.
    White paint in a once blackening room.
    The future in plain sight.
    I know what I want.

    This is what it meant,
    All those fairy tales I read in the pitch blackness of my room
    With a flashlight in hand.

    Freedom from the world is
    Freedom in the universe.

    This lamp from my mind sheds light on the gray areas of reason.

    Trash scattered about a room can be
    Art to those whose perception is more aligned with
    Their inner desires.

    Melted wax spreads like a cancer
    Upon a backyard table in the humid summer nights
    Of Arizona.

    Everything is going to change…
    And I am ready.

    The universe is a mad and insane place
    Filled with chaos and untamed thoughts
    Like those religious theories in my never silent mind.

    Look at the stars in the ever-expanding sky,
    Spreading like the wings of a divine eagle
    Soaring over the oceans of different planets.
    Let your breath be taken away by this mind-shattering imagery,
    A creature of such beauty gliding through the cosmos.
    See the solar system come to life and dance in the cool emptiness of space.

    What do you feel?
    Think about this.
    Let your mind take control.

    Maybe it is better to not comprehend this feeling.
    It increases the chills on your flesh,
    Increases the speed of your racing heart.
    This feeling is as mad as the universe.
    A human may never understand its intensity.
    Perhaps a goddess will?

    It is simply my belief that we would be perfect for each other,
    To hold each other close in the night and tell stories until dawn,
    As I read you poems from battered and torn notebook pages.

    It is a fact that you are the most amazing woman to ever cross paths with my
    Psychotic and chaotic life.
    You bring joy to blot out my anger and fill my heart as the sun goes down and the desert is softly sleeping in the humid nights of August.

    You are an angel,
    A guardian,
    A savior,
    Sent to save me from my self-decided fate of loneliness and self-destruction.


    Dead corpse rotting in the wasted streets
    Of a child’s tormented Dreamland.
    Tears of sadness water the dead flowers
    That once made the inside of subconsciousness
    As beautiful as the rivers of Babylon.

    Walls of hatred block light
    Coming in from the window
    Which gently tries to awaken the young child.
    The house is coming alive,
    Ready for a wedding or birthday,
    While the child’s mind rests quietly beside
    The mummies of Ancient Egypt.

    Do not fear, young one.
    When you awaken you will feel
    The warm embrace of your loving mother.


    Let us tear down the barriers and the walls.
    Let us reinvent all our already corrupted knowledge.
    This is a new dawn.
    Look out your window,
    This is the first sunrise I have ever seen.

    Go about your business.
    Your mind is blank.
    Haven’t you heard?
    There is a key hidden in your consciousness.

    Unlock the doors of perception.
    See everything in infinite stretching beauty.
    Kiss your own mind with lips of crimson.

    Your operating system is flawed.
    Clear out your desk.

    Find a new office.


    Empty halls, groaning walls.
    Creaking floors, slamming doors, moaning whores.
    No electricity, crumbling hostility, dripping humidity.


    The sun rises blood read in the East
    As the rainforest comes alive,
    Green life crawling across the soft plane
    Of misunderstood reality.
    The slippery cobra sheds his skin for the last time.
    Does he know he will die?

    The spiders of the forest jump with joy
    On hard tree trunks of this twisted existence,
    Not understanding this world.
    They know not of the hard lives of man.

    I will go there and I will come back with things you have never imagined.


    What will save your life?
    What will make you believe in love?
    What will destroy this fake plastic model of false reality
    And show a real human being?

    I grow tired of watering the artificial grass on the golf courses of the angels.
    Where has the real grass gone?
    All of it dead,
    Burning in the wars over holy books and main-stream rituals.

    Where are the trees?
    “We needed them to print our Bibles and Korans.”
    Burn the forests to the ground and replace the trees
    With those plastic ones you see in doctors’ offices.

    Everyone is guilty.
    Even my books are made of paper.


    The world is decaying,
    Melting away under the pressure of the
    Posers and cheaters,
    Backstabbers and two faces,
    Liars and the weight of
    Overwhelming stupidity.

    I want to leave.
    Take me far away from here.
    I beg to the empty sky
    That I will leave this body and this world behind.

    But still I remain,
    Unable to change the world,
    And so I will watch as it wastes away.


    The cool sound of the saxophone sounds off into the night,
    Drowns out the city, the death, and the sirens.

    The devil’s mentor guides her.
    A young girl walking under the moon,
    Sorrow holds her from ascending.

    Fly away from here.
    They want to hold you back,
    Keep you in the dark,
    They are liars.

    Follow me in pictures.
    We will find the gods.
    Lay on this pillow in silence.

    “I will protect you,” she said.
    “You are not ready for this.
    Listen to the rhythms of the night, the guitar making you sleep.”

    Awake from dreams.
    Escape the night and pictures.
    Footprints in the future’s snow.

    Follow me to peace.
    The gods have protected us with books,
    The blueprints of knowledge.
    We are going to live forever.

    Run in the arms of the gods.
    Be protected and safe.
    I cannot save you from myself or fate.
    You are my innocence.

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