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Parthian period


I'm curious about what is the Zoroastrian views regarding the Parthian period? From what I understand, it was a period of heavy syncreticism and the religious structure was starting to wane towards local Hellenic deities before the Sassanids reformed it back to monotheism.


Yes you are right, it was a syncretic movement with many Greek gods.

The Sassanians themselves created their own form of the faith.

True Zoroastrianism lies in the Gathas, no where else.


Has the Avesta become too corrupted by the Parsis?

I don't think the Parsis corrupted the Avesta, in fact they follow it strongly. I think the Avesta itself is a combination of the Gathas and pre Zoroastrian Iranian beliefs. I do feel that the Zoroastrianism that many Indian Parsis practice is heavily based on what the Sassanians created plus a good deal of Hindu influence. However the general theme of righteousness is still present in the Parsi community, as you can see from the incredible amount of charity work, philanthropy and contributions Parsis have given India. Parsis are known to be very honest and by the book, to the point that they will start fist fights with people breaking rule. Many parks, charities and free hospitals were built by rich Parsis, and per capita I don't think many communities can even come close to what the Parsis did for India (maybe the Sikhs). Parsis still follow the general theme of Zoroastrianism, plus a lot of extra stuff.

I personally don't even believe fully in the Avesta since a lot has been lost or destroyed. I only believe in the Gathas as a guide for my life.
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So... not something you decipher with a decoder ring from a box of Captain Crunch? ;)

No, it's not encrypted. It's a legal book which is outdated by millennia and has no place in the modern world today. Many Parsis would see this as outright blasphemy though.