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Part of the club

Discussion in 'Member Announcements' started by Unveiled Artist, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Unveiled Artist

    Unveiled Artist LGBT Stonewall historic marker

    Oct 31, 2014
    Artist and Healer
    Hm. I've never been religious all my life. When I met my catholic friend around 19 years old, I supported her as we went to Mass together. I found out she really wasn't my friend. Years later, since I went to Mass so long and fell in love with the rituals, I was confirmed in 2012; I practiced for the wrong reasons. After four years and took the Eucharist for the last time. I've practiced Buddhism since 2013ish and stopped last year. I didn't stop because I dropped beliefs. I can't drop what makes sense to me. I just don't practice.

    A resident of mine took me to a Universal Unitarian Church around the same year to an PFLAG meetup. It was small and there were no LGB folks so given the inappropriateness, I didnt return. I did go to the sermons.

    Spirituality or self-growth comes gradual and not overnight. I hear so many things about UU that it made me doubt if I wanted to join. Then, I realized it is and says it is an organization rather than a Church. It came from the protestant church when the protestants broke off from the Catholic Church. The two sides Universalist and Unitarians joined years later. It became an activist organization that fights for rights of minorities, helping the earth, and so forth. We still have a god-centered focus but in started to drift from its christian roots when more people from multiple backgrounds came to worship as a family. It's a mix of both but not a deity/divinity, they dropped that. I took the membership class yesterday and the history is very complex.

    The UU church is not a creed church. So we don't join because we believe in the same thing but we join because we promise to each other we will support each other and help the others. What joins us in the divinity/or spirit that makes us want to be more mature in our spiritual growth and depend on each other to do so.

    To recap this long story,

    Today, it's customary to tell each other our sorrows, whats going on in our lives and our joys, the benefits and blessings we experienced. I've never been part of a church family, so today was the first time I told them I want to be part of the church family

    I help seniors by being their Friend. I teach youth ESL. I'm involved in the LGBT community (trying to strengthen it). I'm going to dinners and socializing more with church members. I may help with the food pantry. We have lay pastoral service as well when the minster isn't present so years down the line I may do that as well.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share that. It isn't a religion in a way you can switch to one church to another; rather, it's a family that regardless of what you believe you still convenient together to help our society and members within our community.
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  2. dybmh

    dybmh Active Member
    Premium Member

    Jan 6, 2019
    Thank you for sharing this.

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