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Pronouns: he/him/they/them
The Great God Pan is my patron!
Speaking of him being your patron I dont know if i told you but I found a pinecone outside. I was trying to figure out what god to give it to it seemed like the right thing to do but couldn't think of anyone. Then I thought of you worshipping Pan. Usually I don't make offerings to Pan but for some reason I felt that a pinecone would make a good offering to him. So I put it on my altar causally said: "Hey Pan... I dont know much about you but this pinecone i found is for you. Have a nice day". Hopefully he likes it.

Interestingly i didnt really know pine trees were sacred to him or maybe I did perhaps you mentioned it but I just didn't recall that info at that moment. I think i recall something you said about pinecones but dont remember exactly what was said? I knew they were to Dionysus. I did know the wilderness was Pan's thing tho and pine trees are part of that so sacred even if not specifically mentioned to be in the Greek religion. But sure enough I googled and they are indeed sacred to Pan.
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