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Out of all these poltergeist cases.Which one is your favorite?

Twilight Hue

Twilight, not bright nor dark, good nor bad.
I'm surprised Amityville was included. That story has been debunked long ago.

I do like the story though. Movie as well.

Sgt. Pepper

RF's resident true-blue Beatlemaniac. ☮ & ❤
Out of all these poltergeist cases.Which one is your favorite?: Poltergeist - Wikipedia :)

I'd have to say the Bell Witch if I had to choose only one case. I'd love to personally investigate the Bell Witch haunting. It's definitely on my bucket list of haunted locations to visit and investigate. I'm not afraid of witnessing poltergeist activity because it comes with the territory. In other words, I'm used to it.