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Open Our Pineal Gland Through Marifa Meditation


Exorcist and Mystical
Salam and Greetings our brothers and sisters,

This is a basics of Marifa meditation, to open our Pineal Gland (Third eye/Ajna Chakra).

1.Why we need to open it?

- it can boost your creativity more than 40%
- become more awareness in reality and spirituality
- become more calm and relax person
- Get ready to go more deep in Spiritual and Mystical practice such as, Deep Meditation, Astral Projection, lucid dreaming, healing, Spiritual Martial Art, Enlightenment path, ETC ....

2. Is there any requirement to this Meditation?

- Everyone can do this, no religion barrier for this meditation


Exorcist and Mystical
Get Ready

1. Before we do this, please take off anything metal from your body, such as bracelet, rings, ear ring, etc.. For beginner, Metal can disrupt our electricity in our body.

2. Wash your face and foot first.

3. Sit on the floor, in lotus position and make sure your body not lean on anything. And harden your body.

4. Your finger is like this picture: Male for (B)picture , Female for (D)picture


5. So your total position is like this:


6. Close your eyes

7. The Magic:)D) word is 'Mighty' . (You can use your native language for that word)
- Breath in deeply (Said 'Mighty' in your heart)
-Breath out slowly (Said 'Mighty' in your heart)
- Do it in minimum 10-20 minutes

8. Keep repeating that word until you feel, your hand it's like wanna move. Let it move by itself.

9. If you feel your hand wanna move faster, let them move, but don't stand up (some my pupil want to stand up for itself because their hand move so fast)

10. After 10 minutes, you can stop, open your eyes and rub your face with both your hands.

11. Drink a glass of water

12. If you feel any tingly at your hand or any other parts when you meditate, it shows your inner energy have been release. It's a good signs

13. Do it at least, once a week, in 10 to 15 minutes. But don't disappointed too fast, if your hand not move, some people take a day or more and some people might take only 5 minutes to move .

14. For another level, I will teach later :)

P/S: if you have any question please ask nicely, Thanks

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Exorcist and Mystical
Please keep in mind, patience is our weapon... Just relax and calm before you do it. When your hand is moving, keep doing it, until you feel tingly or an energy at your brain.. The energy will open your Pineal Gland, but it take time... after you keep doing it, day after day, you will feel different at your mind and body. Then it a good sign :)