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One Year Progress Report - From Address by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V- Jalsa Salana UK-29 July 2017


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…In the address of this day [2nd day of Jalsa Salana], blessing of Allah the Exalted on Jama'at are mentioned. Brief mention from the reports is presented.

This year, by the favour of Allah the Exalted, Jama'at has entered in a new country Honduras, and now the plant of Ahmadiyyat is rooted in 210 countries……..In last 33 years (after the 1984’s anti-ahmadiyya ordinance, when opponents made claim to have finished Ahmadiyyat) Allah the Exalted has established Jama'at Ahmadiyya in 119 new countries.

An Ahmadi (Daee ellallah, inviter-to-Allah) Siddiq sahib from UK went to Honduras in February 2017 to convey message of Islam; meetings took place with mayor; sessions to convey message were convened; four people did Bai'at by the grace of Allah the Exalted; latter missionary was appointed and so far, 51 people have joined the Jama'at by the favour of Allah the Exalted.


To revive old connections, efforts were made in 49 countries; training programs were made; review were made about registration; leaflets were distributed.


This year 885, new Jama'ats are made in world (except Pakistan).

This year Ahmadiyyat started first time at 1056 new places….[examples: Ghana tops with 147 new Jama'at this year…..Germany 12…Indonesia 9 …some in Algeria and other places]


Cameron: A village in north west region was visited by Mo’allam Yusuf sahib to convey message; he met imam of village Muhammad Umar sahib and Jama'at was introduced; meanwhile he turned the TV on, MTA was being broadcasted; imam sahib said they have been watching Muslim Television Ahmadiyya [mtaDOTtv] since 2 years and listening Friday sermons and programs by Imam Jama'at Ahmadiyya so please do not introduce Jama'at but tell us how to join and keep constant connection with Jama'at. … So Conditions-of-Bai'at were narrated and English literature was given. Imam of the village introduced the Jama'at in whole village; from the region 7563 people joined Jama'at by Bai'at, from 8 villages. Eight new Jama'at are established… More dish antennas for MTAi are fitted so that new-Bai'at-doers should get benefits from Jalsa UK 2017 and join International Bai'at.

Benin: Religious-teacher (Moallam) went to a village Middonta where majority are idol worshipers. He introduced Islam, Jama'at and Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and showed his photo; at this, people said, there is a Nur at the face of this person, and surely the claim he made is right. Right there 150 present people did joined the Jama'at by doing Bai'at, and a new Jama'at was established.

Guinea Conakry: Local religious-teacher Sharif sahib said one day he did lot of prayer in Tahajjud Salaat O Allah take us to the path where people should be waiting for Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). In the morning, we begin to travel on a path with trust at Allah the Exalted; many villages came but we did not stop; Divine Will was taking us; we saw a village Gar after traveling one hour by motorcycle; after entering the village the first person we saw, we told him purpose of our coming; he replied: I am member of mosque-committee, and people of this village are waiting for arrival of representative of Jama'at Ahmadiyya from very long time, come with me to mosque, more talks will be done in the presence of imam of mosque…So we went to mosque, when people gathered for Zohr Salaat, they were told about advent of Promised Messiah Mahdi (a.s.); Imam and people said we were waiting for you since very long time, your coming in this far village is not less than a miracle for us; we are with you, we are not saying it with tongue, it is voice of our heart; they kept saying it repeatedly……So by favour of Allah the Exalted we received about 3000 Bai'at-s.

There are many more events from many countries like these.



This year Jama'at was enabled to present 417 mosques in the Huzur (Presence) of Allah the Exalted .

Among them, new mosques constructed are 155.

Already made mosques granted to Jama'at are 262.

There is lengthy detail about mosques. For example, in Canada, Australia, Germany, India, various countries of Africa.


Ghana: Amir sahib wrote that people of a village Nabur had no religion... Now this whole village has joined true Islam, Ahmadiyyat. There was no mosque here. Moallam marked an area with stones to offer salaat, and taught the people etiquette of mosque, and told them to take of the shoes to worship in it. At this, children of village began to mark the areas in their houses with stones to offer Salaat. Latter, the whole village made mosque with mud by waqqar e amal [Ahmadiyya concept of self help by hands through collected effort] and began to offer Salaat-s... Now a beautiful mosque has been made there.

Kongo: Amir sahib wrote that, at the occasion of inauguration of Masjid Baitul Islam, imam sahib of jamat ehle sunnat said earlier I wanted mosque of Jama'at Ahmadiyya should not be made in this city in any case, and I did a lot of effort to stop it . But today after seeing real face of Islam-Ahmadiyyat, my thought is changed, today I saw and felt real Islamic spirit in Ahmadis. I seek forgiveness of my previous sins from Allah the Exalted.

Benin: Muballigh wrote that, in the region Kube, in a village Tife, about 10 years ago Jama'at was established and since then, opponents were doing efforts to finish Jama'at from there. During the year, a representative of an Arab organization went there and said you people joined Jama'at Ahmadiyya 10 years ago, and till now Jama'at Ahmadiyya have made for you mosque with mud; if you people leave Jama'at Ahmadiyya, we shall make for you bricked and large mosque for you, but all people of village rejected their offer and said Muballigh and Moallam of Jama'at Ahmadiyya are coming to this Jungle since last 10 years, they do our tarbiyyat and join in each of our happiness and sorrow, by Jama'at Ahmadiyya we have seen face of true Islam. Those opponents went from there, failed. And this year, by the favour of Allah the Exalted Jama'at is enabled to make bricked mosque too.

Guinea Conakry: Muballigh In-charge wrote that when we reached in a village regarding construction of mosque, we learned that the opponent group of Jama'at had already invited molvis of all region before our arrival, they had the plans too to throw stones at us but they could not have courage. Opponents said we did not have need of any mosque so we returned back but heart was very un-restful and sad….Yet 2 days had not passed, we recived invitation from another area Koya to convey message of Jama'at. When we reached there a large number of people were waiting for us, including imam of area. We gave detailed arguments from Quran and Hadith about coming of Promised Messiah Mahdi (on whom be peace) and to believe him. All those people including imam became ready to join Jama'at and a nearby under-construction mosque was legally transferred to Jama'at. Now by the favour of Allah the Exalted, a strong Jama'at is established there.


During the year, 131 mission houses were added….Now total number of these is 2607.


Waqar e Amal [volunteer labour work by community itself] is distinction of Jama'at. Majority of mosques and mission houses are made by waqar e amal……In 96 countries, 71474 waqar e amal were done, due to these saving was more than 2427000 US dollars.


Last edited:


Peace be upon you.
Under Wakalat e Tasneef UK (a department for literature) :

New translations of Holy Quran were printed.
This year translation of Holy Quran in Dogri language is prepared in Qadian, and printed for first time. This language is spoken in Jammun and Kashmir. The translation is from Tafsir Saghir [ Urdu translation by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah II (r.a.)]

After this translation, total translations of Holy Quran by Jama'at are in 74 languages.

The Chinese translation is revised and printed.

The Japanese translation is printed again after some corrections…..Our Japanese Ahmadi Muhammad Owais Kobayashi sahib has completed this work in 5 years with great sincerity and hard work. May Allah the Exalted grant him reward.


In English books, the book by Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) “Hujjatul Islam” is translated in English.

“Haqiqatul Mahdi” transition of Urdu and Arabic part is done in English.

“Ismatul Anbiyya” is translated in English.

“Sirat Khatamun Nabiyeen” by Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad, translation of first two parts was present as “The Life and Character of the Seal of Prophets”, now the translation of third part is done too.

The English translation of literature by scholars of Jama'at is done.

English translation of book by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah IV (ra) “Fatah e mubahilla ya zillaton ki maar” is done.

Many edition have been printed of “where did Jesus die” by Jalalluddin sahib Shams. In current edition, biblical references are corrected.

The English translation of “irfan e Khatme nabuwat” is done.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) wrote “alballagh” when an unclean and distressing book “umhatul momeneen” was written by a Christian. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) guided Muslims to prepare and print the effective answers of allegations…………The full name of the books is “alballagh or faryad e dard ” One part is in Urdu, other in Arabic…..The book is printed for the benefit of Arabic dears this year.


French books: Translations of paigham e sulh ….. governmet e angrezi and jihad….. kishti e nuh ……. alwasiyyat, etc are printed.


Russian books: Adress and speeches are published.


Swahili: Islami usul ki philosophy – istifta – lecture Lahore – meyarul mazahib – sanattan dharma – phaighe sulh etc are published.


Bangla: Translations of Brahine Ahmadiyya part 1 and 2 - nishane asmani – are done.


Some books for children are published…


Various other literature.


By the favour of Allah the Exalted this year:

According to report from 112 countries, 690 various books in 59 languages are published in quantity 7032119.

Detail, This Year
Free literature distributed by Jama'at-s – In various countries, various essays 2667 books folders and pamphlets 7073000 distributed free .

Message reached to about 17500000 people.

From London, in 51 languages, more than 380000 books are sent to various countries of world

From Qadian, books are sent to 8 countries, for their libraries and other needs.

According to report from 79 countries, more than 421 regional and central libraries have been made; books were sent from London and Qadian.

More than 345000 books are printed this year in Raqeem Press UK and various presses in Africa.

Al-Fazl International, Jama'at’s magazines, leaflets and folders etc and certain books.

In various printing presses in Africa 638000 total number of books are printed – 3500000 Magazines, newspapers and other literature etc


By 9471 exhibitions, message of Islam-Ahmadiyyat reached to more than 1633000 people.

By 12534 bookstalls and book fairs, message of truth reached to more than 1870000 people.


Secretary Tabligh Niedernhousen writes from Germany we convened a exhibition, many German guests came, some expressed their passions. Some guest said they were very afraid before coming but heart is at peace at returning from here. ..A German guest said, wrong picture was in my mind about Islam, but now it is corrected, after seeing exhibition and knowing Islamic teaching, no fear about Islam has left in hearts of me and my wife. …. Many guests expressed frankly that due to media’s wrong explanation of Islam is considered as religion of terrorism and barbarism, media has joined Islam with Daesh, but today we learned Islam’s peaceful and beautiful teaching we learned reality of jihad, the message of love for all hatred for none is the most powerful message in the world….An elderly person came to exhibition, he showed us an old invitation card by Jama'at and Holy Quran and said he was present at the 13 th Jalsa Salana Germany and today he is very happy at progress of Jama'at.


He wrote: In Cologne, an elderly person came, and asked, Do you know what will be the name of Germany after 50 years? When asked him, he said it will be Islamic Republic of Germany…….A lady, with her husband and children, was returning to her house after holidays in Cologne, she saw our Tabligh-stall, she came and told, She had attended the ceremony of inauguration of mosque of Jama'at and heard the address of Imam Jama'at and was very much impressed. She said you people are working very well and working for peace.


In Fiji, a book stall was arranged in the city of Sigatoka. By it connection was made with a local Fijian Locke sahib and then Tabligh-sittings took place with him, as the result, he, with his children, joined Jama'at by doing Bai'at.

In the Patiala University, at the occasion of book fair, non-ahamdi students who are studying at university, came to our stall, they saw our books. They were introduced about Jama'at, the address of Jama'at’s website was given…Next day these student came to our stall and said they visit our website in night and they have understood that the things told about Jama'at are not true, and your Jama'at is actually true Jama'at. After that they bought a lot of books about Islam and promised that InshaAllah we shall surely come to Qadian.

This year, in 96 countries, more than 12000000 leaflets were distributed. By this way, the message reached to nearly 25000000 people……Germany is at top in list, then UK, then Spain, Mexico, Canada, Holland, America, Belgium……. To distribute leaflets in Spain, students passed from Jamia UK are sent. This year they distributed about 739000 leaflets . In Mexico and Guatemala, leaflets were distrusted this year. Students from Jamia Canada go there. They distributed more than 200000 leaflets.


In-charge press and media in Australia writes that when Jama'at distributed leaflets in Tasmania, a large national TV channel ABC broadcasted a lot about it, and this news was shown in all Australia. So a person contacted Jama'at from a far and small town of western Australia, he was very much impressed by efforts of Jama'at to promote peace, brotherhood, love of country and true Islamic teaching. He praised a lot about it. Moreover, he expressed the desire that these leaflets should be distributed in his area too, rather he said he will help in distribution of these leaflets.

Many people expressed interest in France and Queensland and helped.

Azhar Goraya sahib, Murabbi of the Movement, Mexico wrote that flyers were distributed in city Merida, as the result many Tabligh-connections were made including ajournalist too, who prepared a report about Jama'at and published in a local newspaper. As the result message of Jama'at reached to many people. Meanwhile, from among linked people, four were enabled to do Bai'at.


France: Secretary-external wrote that, An interfaith conference was arranged in France, at the end, a local friend expressed his views and said, I am unbeliever, and do not believe in any religion and Being of God, but after this conference I do not hesitate, even minutely, to say that today in this country there is no association like Jama'at Ahmadiyya and no religion can present teaching like you. He said with voice full of passions that I my self is unbeliever but I have taken your flyers and will tell all my acquaintances what is Jama'at Ahmadiyya.




Peace be upon you.
Under the Arabic desk, the books and magazines which were prepared and published last year in Arabic language, these are about 124….The book of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) AlBalagh is sent for printing…..Kitabul Bariyya, ….. Ruhani Khazain volume 12, which contains Siraj e Munir, Istifta, Hujjatullah, Tuhfa e Qaiseria, Mahmood ki Aami, Sirajjuddin Esai key char sawalon key Jawab, is redy for printing…….Transaltion of some books is being reviewed…..And there is much literature they have developed by the favour of Allah the Exalted.


Marwa sahiba writes that two years ago, I was praying in Tahajjud, Guide me about this Jama'at. Sfter that I slept and saw in dream that God the Exalted have given answer to my question at my mobile by message, in it it was written, ‘Develop connection with God. You will get knowledge only from God the Exalted’…..She said, I felt matter is very clear. Then I did Bai'at. And observed whenever I desire something, it fulfills very soon whether it is worldly thing or religious. By this, I became sure about God the Exalted. After accepting Ahmadiyyat, I felt the Being of God the Exalted.

Wasim Bashir sahib of Syria, now in Turkey, he says, this humble always used to pray to God the Exalted with crying, before getting introduction of Ahmadiyyat, that may God the Exalted enable me to walk at right path, and for this reason I used to study Islam and other religions. Once I saw Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that he was looking at me and smiling and kissed me by coming near, with this his blessed face changes and he was still smiling. I was surprised this second face is of whom. It was matter of 2002. Latter one day, I read name of Ahmadiyya at internet, but along with it, I read writings of opponents of Ahmadiyyat, due to which matter could not move ahead…Then in 2009, by chance, I saw MTA, at which I saw photo of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), it was exactly same as I had seen the second face of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him)… I was not believing my eyes that he is Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah (a.s.) who came 100 years ago and passed away but we were not aware. The night passed in this dilema. In the Fajr Salaat I prayed O Allah tell me the reality of this person…. The same day when I went to work, there a colleague said, last night I saw in dream that you have become Messihi but different than Nasara, you enter the mosque and offer the Salaat and recite Holy Quran but you have become Messihi i.e. you have become Muslim-Messihi….I said in heart, it is message from Allah the Exalted for me. So I began to see MTA with more attention, and began to read books of opponents….Then I was lost in worldliness and MTA too disappeared. …. But suddenly at the end of 2013, MTA again came in view, I felt as if I received a treasure. I read books too from websites of Jama'at and became satisfied and wrote letter for Bai'at through website. Bai'at was accepted and I received satisfaction.


A sahib writes from Saudia to Huzur (a t.), Even if there is no argument, after accepting Ahmadiyyat, the sense of peace of heart and this feeling that God the Exalted is with us, is enough as argument for the truth of Hazrat Aqdas Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (on whom be peace) . Purification, teaching of Book and wisdom is only possible by God the Exalted through true Messenger.

From Jordan, Qasim sahib writes, the most beautiful and great argument is this that God the Exalted has developed love of Khilafat and obedience in my heart by Himself. Few years ago, when I decided to do Bai'at, a thought crossed my mind that whether Jama'at is really at truth and is moving at the creed of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) or not. Till that time, I did not have any knowledge of Khilafat. At this, God the Exalted showed in dream that you [Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper)] is spreading peace, and deciding among discord makers. I placed my hand at your hand, and kissed the ring. At that time I felt your affection and kindness, and exceptional love for you developed in my heart, which is increasing day by day. And I announce displeasure for any person who goes out of your obedience.

From Tunis, Bashir Ansari sahib writes, please pray we should be written Ahmadi in heavens. By the favour of Allah we do not fear any trouble. If there is fear, it that lest by any of our shortcoming, Jama'at is not hurt. Please pray we should not be obstacle in progress of Jama'at, rather should be sacrificed for it. If we become deprived of house of Promised Messiah where shall we get refuge? Ahmadiyyat is our life.


From Turkey, Abdullah sahib writes, I have received delight and peace of life only after Bai'at of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and connection with Khilafat. After hearing your sermons, Eman increases. In the Friday sermon of 23 September 2016, tears came in eyes by hearing words of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), where Huzur (on whom be peace) said, O dears, no station is obtained without truth and sincerity. Be pure drop because only it becomes pearl.

From Palestine, Sabir Jabir sahib writes, Thanks Allah He granted us bounty of Khilafat. The being of Khalifah of time is like father who takes care all children, and they remain gathered around him. Khalifa of time is beloved to me more than my life, I am ready to sacrifice my everything to obey his directives. In the sermon of 12 May 2017, you advised for patience and forbearance and not taking revenge, hearts’s consolation, to be clean of each kind of malice, kindness…Next day to it, I had a meeting with Sharif Odeh sahib regarding solution of my dispute with a non-ahmadi person. He had fought with me and I had to admit in hospital. Sharif sahib advised me in the light of sermon, I decided not to be angry and will not take revenge, and leave my right, so I did it.

In test which came in Algeria, people write their events. Abdul Hamid sabib who is poor, said, During court proceeding, judge asked him how did you get introduction with Jama'at Ahmadiyya. He replied that I am unlettered person and have two cows whom I take to pasture, when I come back at evening, I watch MTA, the talks at this channel attract me and reside in my heart. Judge asked why do not you see other channels, there are great scholars who speak in Algerian dialect…He said, judge sahib, there is difference of earth and sky in both. Talks of Ahmadis descend in the depth of hear while talks of other scholars are not understandable. At this judge furiously, you should delete this channel from TV I do not want you to ever see it.

Dr. Ijaz Karim sahib said, There is person age 70, case against his wife continues, woman was imprisoned and she was asked to take off Pardah but she refused. She telephoned wife of Ijaz sahib that on Eid day that she is all right however her husband is very much worried due to case, he has kidney problem and he has to cleanse kidneys three times a week. On the day to come to court, he cleansed kidneys at night, due to this late his blood pressure rises, and effect comes at brain and begin to forget….Both husband and wife are very sincere….Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a. t.) prayed: May Allah the Exalted grant His fazl to Ahmadis of Algeria. There are many event of them, they have many problems, they are facing opponents, governmental people and judges with lot of steadfastness. May Allah the Exalted grant His fazl to them and grant steadfastness to and remove their troubles soon. [aamin]


In Russian desk, work is being done for translation of books and sermons and Russian website. By the fazl of Allah the Exalted, work is being done at very large extent, and message is reaching to Russia and Russian speaking states vastly.


Under the French desk, some books are published. By the fazl of Allah the Exalted good work is being done.


In Bangla desk, they have done translation of some sermons and books.


Chinese desk: Translation work is being done.


Turkish desk: They have done translation of Sabz Ishtihar, Tozie Maram. ….More literature is made.


Press and Media: They presented view of Jama'at about the event taken place here in London, and by Peace Symposium which is convened every year. … 554 news reports were published, by which message reached to 273 million people…..Message reached by live interviews at BBC news, CNN, Sky news, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5……In newspapers Guardian, BBC online, Telegraph, Mirror, Daily Mail and other national print online, Jama'at’s view on terrorism and extermeism was published……By the fazl of Allah the Exalted, under this section, Jama'at’s message and introduction is being delivered at very vast level. Almost all serving people are either Murabbiyan of young age or boys. May Allah bless their work.




Peace be upon you.
Alislam.org website: It works from America, Dr. Nasim Rehmatullah sahib is his incharge. Its volunteer are working in America, Canada, Pakistan, India, UK, Germany…….New advanced search engine for Holy Quran is started. By this, search can be made in Arabic, Urdu, English, German, French and Spanish languages…..43 translations, and new edition of Tafsir of Holy Quran by Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) is placed in website…..more than 100 Urdu and English books are added……3 books are added in ibook and kindle, total book are now 21….. Friday sermons are available at Podcast…..New version of Friday sermon App has come ……Friday sermons are available online in 18 languages as audio video ………Likewise other addresses of Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a. t.) are available.


Review of religion: Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) began this magazine, first magazine was published in January 1902, now its 116 th year is passing, it is published in 16000 every month, it is sent in 100 countries of the world….this year, by social media hand tools twitter, facebook, youtube, message reached to about 3000000 people…..The magazine has started to get published in German and French languages (earlier French was being published only from Bukino Faso, now it is started from here too) …..To publish it in German, a Christian German had suggested to editor of review of religion that it is such a magazine which you should publish in German language. So this step was taken due to his suggestion. It is being published by the fazl of Allah the Exalted.


This year, according to report from 112 countries, under the Jama'at-s and auxiliary organizations in all world, in 24 languages, 118 knowledge-ful, training-wise and informative magazines and journals are being published at local level.

The magazine “mawazna mazahib” has essays prepared with research and hard work, it is monthly from London, annual subscription is 20 Pound. To get it, contact can be made with additional wakalate tasnif.


MTA-International (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya) : Currently management board has 15 departments, in these 356 workers are serving – 260 men and 96 ladies – volunteers are 298, only 58 are employees are workers at payroll……This 25 years of MTA complete. By the fazl of Allah the Exalted, it is serving with great success.

Likewise, in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso TV station is being made. Bobo-Dioulasso is city of Burkina Faso….there is a studio in Qadian, broadcasting with high definition format are sent from there……New up link facility for MTA is gained, now they are free, earlier they had to hire dishes from various companies…..MTA earth station America is being upgraded, and now Insha Allah Ta’ala it will be able to address all current needs……..There is MTA Africa. It began in August 2016, its broadcastings continue daily 24 hours in various languages, MTA Africa has begun in 9 countries. ……. In Ghana, a new and modern studio complex is made by the name Wahab Adam Studio, with most modern facilities, 17 workers are serving in various departments…….. In Ghana and Uganda, MTA teams made 150 programs…..It includes live broad cast from Wahab Adam Studio during Ramadan…….MTA Africa teams have been established in Nigeria, Uganda, Sierra Leon and Tanzania…..New studio will established ............. Insha Allah Ta’ala, a lot of work is under way.

MTA Africa plays great role for Bai'at-s.

Muballigh Incharge Cameron writes, MTA is watched direct by cable in 30 small and big cities. Than More 60,000,000 people are getting benefit from MTA. By this a new change is coming in Cameron. The message of Ahmadiyyat is reaching in far areas. ……Muallam sahib writes from Cameron that, meeting was done with chief of village Matta, in western region, he told that MTA comes in near village Magba, I regulary go to that village to see MTA. By seeing MTA, a moral and spiritual change has come in me and now I have joined Jama'at Ahmadiyya with my people and watching programs of MTA regularly…..Huzur (a.t.) said by the fazl of Allah the Exalted it is very sincere Jama'at………Muallam from Cameron writes: Once I was delivering sermon of Friday, people were entering slowly, I saw a person who wore coat and a turban on head entered the mosque. After the Salaat I asked him why he is wearing this dress. He said, I have spiritual Imam, he wears such dress. If you want to know about him, a channel MTA comes on cable, please see it. At this channel his addresses come and he does question-answers with children in his mosque. At this, I gave him 10 conditions of Bai'at and magazine Taqwa and showed photo of Huzur (a. t.) and told him he is our Khalifah and this mosque belongs to that Jama'at and I am its missionary. The person became very happy, and along with his family, joined Jama'at by Bai'at.

Muballigh sahib from Burkina Faso writes, A representative of a governmental social organization came, and asked about Jama'at. He said I watch your MTA channel Bobo regularly. I have seen all programs of Imam Jama'at which are broadcasted at your channel. He opened his copy and showed it and said that I take notes from addresses and sermons of Imam Jama'at. He said, today the world is standing at the edge of destruction, everywhere there is killing. In these conditions, our religious leaders and politicians say it is happening very bad and it has no relation with Islam. In contrast, your Khalifah not only condemns these things but presents right teaching of Islam and asks others to practice, and show it by self practice. When ever I return to home, first of all I turn MTA on. On other channels, there are news of destruction while at MTA, message of peace is being broadcasted.


Ahmadiyya Radio Stations: There are now 21; Mali 15 , Bukina fasa 4, Sierra Leon 2 …. In Mali, at 11 stations, daily 18 hour, at 4 station daily 7 hours, …Transmissions are in languages: French, Jula, Mombara, Sonekey, Fulfildley, Arabic and Sarai puray (approximate spellings)…..At these radio stations, Friday sermons and other addresses of Huzur (a. t.) are broadcasted.

From Benin, Muballigh of Bohikon region writes that, In Bohikon region, at 2 radio stations once in week program about conveying the message is done…..In near village Tuway, a friend who hears regularly, makes phone occasionally, he invited us to convey message in his village. Our Muallam went there, it was learned that invitee was imam of mosque in village, and about 3 years ago he made a mosque by the help of Kuwait. He said he hears our message regularly. When we sought permission to convey message, he said, we have already heard the message of Jama'at Ahmadiyya by radio. Today we want to do Bai'at. Thus 65 people including did Bai'at and joined Ahmadiyyat.


Other than MTA, in 76 countries, through TV and radio channels, Jama'at is being enabled to convey peaceful message of Islam. ……This year, by 3658 TV programs, 5795 hours were obtained…….Likewise other than Jama'at’s radio station, in various countries, through radio stations, in 13877 hours, 13241 programs were broadcasted.

By careful estimation, through TV and radio programs, message of truth reached to more than 455,800,000 people.

In Ghana, programs of Jama'at received coverage by radio and TV = 379 hours, 548 programs…….Also in Mali, Sierra Leon, Ivory coast, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Benin, Gambia, Allah the Exalted is granting opportunity at other TV and radio stations.

Ghana television, national television, sign plus airs our weekly programs – By these, 12 Bai'at-s – By radio, 819 people’s question/answers programs .


In Newspapers, Publication of News about Jama'at: Total 4434 newspapers, published 3188 essays, article and news etc about Jama'at --- Total readership of these newspapers = more than 457,000,000


Tehrik Waqfe Nau [Scheme of life devotees before birth, latter at their renewal]: By the grace of Allah the Exalted this year, 2818 increase, now total number = 63077…..boys=37973, girls=25104 …….The number of waqfeen nau above age 15=26232……..Most are in Pakistan, then Germany, UK, India, Canada.


Department Makhzan e Tasawir (Jama'at’s photographs) : Various photo graphs in the world, update is done

By Ahmadiyya Archives, tabarakkat (blessed relics) are being saved.


Majlis Nusrat Jahan: By fazl of Allah the Exalted, in 13 countries, 37 hospitals and clinics are serving, 5 homeopathic clinics are serving…..In hospitals 40 central and 12 local doctors are serving.

In 13 countries, our 714 higher secondary schools, junior secondary and primary schools are serving. Central teachers are 19.




Peace be upon you.
International Association of Ahmadiyya Architects: In addition to construction services, they are working at solar system to provide clean water in Africa. They are young volunteer engineers who go from UK.. May Allah the Exalted reward them and bless their work.

Engineers are serving in Africa under Ahmadiyya Architect Association.


Service is being done in world by Humanity First. … In 18 countries, natural disasters and internal wars, 73636 effected people were helped. Food stuff and medical aid was provided.


Free operations of eyes: During the year, under the running program, 4 countries, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Guatemala …1359 operation done….So far free operations are done to 13631 people.

Free medical camps: By 525 free medical camps, 400933 patients were treated.

Blood donation: Total 14890 units blood donation were given ….Bags donated: In India, 1850 bags ….In USA, under Blood Drive, 3044 bag, by Ahmadi and non-ahamdis……In Indonsia, more than 6000 bags……similarly in other countries.


Charity Walk: These are organized in Europe and western countries…..By total 86 charity walks 1708210 dollars collected and distributed among welfare organizations.


Connection with prisoners and their welfare: 2067 In Burkina Faso – 1250 in Nigeria – connections were made in Congo, Kinshasa, Ghans, Mali Cameron, Total connection and help to prisoners = 5300


Nau Mubaieen (new Bai'at doers) Connection and restoration Report: This year re-connection, Burkina Faso 27000 --- Nigeria 24880 – Mali 17110 -- Sierra Leon 11170 – Senegal 8000 – Benin, Kenya, Ghana, Togo, work is being done on it in all these African countries.

Training classes for nau-mubaieen: According to report from 106 countries, during the year, in 4436 Jama'at-s 54499 training classes took place, 145115 people attended --- other people attended 389000


This year, by now, with the favour of Allah the Exalted, the number of Bai'at-s is more than 600900.

From 124 countries, about 257 nations joined Ahmadiyya-Islam…..Mali 110232 …. Niger 74134 …. Nigeria 70000 ….. Guine Konakry 55000 …. Siera Leon 50000 …. Benin more than 49000 … Cameron more than 39000 ….. Bukina Faso 30000 ….Senegal 27000 …. Ghana more than 22000 …. Ivory Coast 18000 ….Congo Brazzaville 12000 ….. Liberia 8000 …. Likewise in other countries….


Belize: Muballigh writes that a dear Sean T.. told that it is around 2006 when his grandfather was about to pass away, he advised that soon such a religion will come to you which will also be for unlettered poor. When those people come to you, join them…..So when we conveyed message to Shane sahib in his village he remembered advice of his grandfather. After that he attended Jalsa Salana Belize and joined the Jama'at.

Ghana: Amir sahib writes, a local Muballigh was sent to northern region Banda Jama'at with respect to tarbiyyat of nau-mubaieen who delivered sermon about blessings of Oneness of Allah the Exalted and harms of idol worshipping, and said lifeless idols have absolutely no power. Moallam gave examples of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) and Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that they did Tabligh against idols, even they broke some idols, but they did not get any harm…….The chief and other elders of the village too heard the sermon. At the Friday night donkey of chief broke the idol by leg-hit. At this, the chief thought now his donkey will not have any good, soon it will have something. When next morning he saw nothing happened to his donkey, chief came to our Muallam sahib, and after telling the incidence, he said, you had said right that these idols have no power, that is why I shall not worship these idols anymore. So Chief left idol worship and accepted Islam.

Buryatia: A state of Russia, 6300 kilometer from Moscow: A dear Vardamoi bek sahib was enabled to do Bai'at. He tells the event of his Bai'at that when period of atheism and communism ended, my attention drawn to religion, and I began to search my real Maker. My forefather are from Guryat nation, whose religion was Buddhism, that is why first of all I paid attention to Buddhism, but I did not get spiritual peace there. After that my attention diverted to Russian Orthodox Church, I baptized but there too I could not find peace. I had heard about Islam but my information about Islam was very less. When the first mosque was made in our state, my introduction with Islam took place and I accepted Islam in 2014, still heart was not fully satisfied, I learned that there exist several sects in Islam. After that in 2015, I knew about Jama'at Ahmadiyya by internet, I began to study gradually about Jama'at Ahmadiya, I studied the biographies of Khulafa of Jama'at Ahmadiyya. By internet, I found that Jama'at Ahmadiyya is being persecuted by blind, biased and extremists. Right then, my heart testified that it is the Jama'at Ahmadiyya within Islam which represent true Islamic teachings. The Jama'at which is being persecuted it is the true Jama'at. Then my contact took place with Muballigh of Moscow and after reading literature of Jama'at I decided to accept Ahmadiyyat and joined it…….. Huzur (a. t.) said he wrote me: Please pray for me that May I become beneficial being for the Jama'at Ahmadiyya Muslimah. The branch of my tribe is ending at me, please pray the lamp of my family may always remain lighted.

Like this there are various events.

Paraguay: Here Jama'at’s plant was rooted last year. Muballigh writes, one day I placed two banners about the introduction of Jama'at at the main street near mission house of Jama'at, and came back to mission house. I did not know that Allah the Exalted will make this small work of mine, a cause of someone’s guidance. A dear Benjamin Lopez sahib, a retired lawyer, came to mission house after seeing the banner, and said he is reading about Islam since many years, he believes in Oneness of God the Exalted with true heart and the religion Islam has granted him peace of heart. He considered himself Muslim at heart but had not accepted Islam formally..Benjamin sahib said he went out from house to pay electricity bill and he planned to go by he path, from where he usually did not go. Thus when he reached at the place of banner, he noted the address of mission house and joined our Tabligh program and was enabled to enter Islam-Ahmadiyyat by doing Bai'at. Now he conveys Ahmadiyyat and is an active Ahmadi.


Guinea Bissau: Muballigh writes, Alhaj Sharif Kumara, resident of Bacau city, when he knew about Jama'at, he began to come to mission house, and continued to learn Holy Quran, Salaat and other teachings, when an uncle of his knew that he goes to mission of Ahmadis, he called Sharif Kumara sahib to his village and said, I have heard you go to Jama'at Ahmadiyya, do not you know they are kafir and they shall take youi away from your deen and if you kept connection with Jama'at Ahmadiyya there shall not be any connction of your with us. In addition to uncle other people of the village said harsh things to him. Kumara sahib became very much disturbed due to these talks and began to do prayers that O Allah if this Jama'at is right show me some sign and if this Jama'at is false, take me away from them…...He says: After some days, I saw in dream that many people are gathered in a graveyard and waiting for Friday Salaat, then an announcement said a man named Abdullah Kumara will lead the Jumu’ah. When he came to lead Jumu’ah he recited the verse of surah al-fath “inna fatahna laka fatham mubina”. After recitation he said, today Allah the Exalted has forgiven all my sins and has guided me to the straight path because I have accepted Ahmadiyyat. ….As I heard this, I began to raise slogan Allaho Akbar with loud voice in dream. My voice was so loud that all people of my house awaked from sleep and they woke me up and asked what happened. Why are you raising slogan Allaho Akbar with so loudly. I replied them Allah the Exalted has shown me the path of truth. … Thus the very same day, he accepted Ahmadiyyat.

Burkina Faso: Tinkodo : Muballigh sahib writes: A lady of this city Samborey Salma, after the Bai'at, told the reason of her acceptance of Ahmadiyyat he saw dream that her marhum father has come, and gathered all siblings and pointed to a canal and says, which path you people will adopt to cross it? everyone pointed to a path. At this father said, to cross it, all of you should adopt the path, from which Ahmadiyyat is passing. …. After some times when she came in contact with Jama'at she accepted Ahmadiyyat along with a sister of her and an elder brother.

There are many more event in this regard, time is lacking.



Peace be upon you.

Muballigh of Benin region writes that we went to convey message in area of our region Tangu and told people in detail that Hazrat Promised Messiah Mahdi (a.s.) has come. In this program more than 80 Bai'at-s were obtained. A mosque made of mud was present in that village, we offered Salaat there and came back….. Some day latter when we again went to that village, we learned that imam of large mosque of this area has spread the words that Ahmadis are not Muslims and do not offer Salaat in the mosque of Muslims. We immediately contacted Imam and told him are coming to you mosque, you come too please, so a lot of people gathered in mosque of that area. By the time imam sahib came we continued to convey message. Meanwhile imam sahib came too. He asked some question, answers with arguments were given. Then it was time of Salaat, we offered Asr Salaat in the mosque. Imam kept seeing all this but he could not say anything. Impressed by this thing, 79 more people joined the Jama'at. Therefore, due to opposition of imam Allah the Exalted granted more Bai'at-s.


From Burkina Faso … writes that our Muallam talked to non-ahmadi friend about advent of Imam Mahdi. He answered very harshly and called bad to Muallam sahib and said there can be no prophet after Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Muallam sahib tried to explain to him with extreme forbearance, but he began to make dispute again. In response, our Muallam sahib showed patience and did not show any reaction…… . That person, then, left from there but the attitude of Muallam impressed him so much that he came back after few days, and asked to take his Bai'at. He said that surely Ahmadiyyat is true Islam, the Muallam of which Jama'at talks with so much kindness and forbearance it is surely right. Thus that person joined Jama'at by doing Bai'at.

From Burkina Faso’s region Bobo-Dioulasso, a new Bai'at doer mentions about his coming: Before doing Bai'at I used to listen to radios of Jama'at Ahmadiyya and wahabis both and would make mutual comparison. One day, at Ahmadiyya radio, announcement of Jalsa Salana was made, I thought I should see by attending Jalsa. The speeches I heard in Jalsa, I became sure that Ahmadiyyat is true Jama'at. I noted that, one feels bliss when offering Salaat with Ahmadis. Earlier when I used to pray in non-ahmadis mosque, it felt Salaat was not done. After the Jalsa I joined Jama'at by doing Bai'at.


Muballigh Saghir Aalam sahib, distict Jalpaiguri Bengal writes, During conveying message in Paharpur, Allah the Exalted enabled a person Aminul Haq sahib, 55, to accept Ahmadiyyat. He is farmer, he is gentleman. Only he in house did Bai'at. As soon as he did Bai'at, oppression and persecution by relatives and people around him began. People of village first asked him to leave Jama'at by his wife and sons. He said he has known truth, I cannot move back from it. When his family saw he is not stopping, they attacked him, his sons beat him and made a false case against him and threatened him for jail…. But h kept his Eman firm. Due to this opposition, he had to spend many night outside home, at the canal bank. But he remained steadfast despite all these hardships and oppositions.

A dear from Egypt … writes, my parents declares me kafir, I am boycotted, both beat me in open bazaar with rods, till some neighbors rescued me. Due to their pushing, brothers too are threatening To make me ill-repute such dirty allegation are placed at me and my wife, at which even Satan will be ashamed, I hide from neighbors when come or go. And I am in lot of pain because along with allegation of disbelief, they call names to my Khalifah. Thus, in my heart, emotions of respect and love for parents do not exist. Please pray may Allah save me from their allegation and troubles, and entangle them in their problems and Himself take revenge. …………Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a. t.) prayed: May Allah the Exalted make means of their guidance. This prayer should be done.


Congo Kinshasa: Ismail sahib writes, I was catholic Christian, and used to go to Church to do worship, but I would not get peace. Since I have joined Islam-Ahmadiyyat by doing Bai'at my life has fully changed…Earlier I used to very dispute-maker, I was heavy drinker, and would worship about once a year..Now by the favour of Allah the Exalted I offer Salaat five times a day, and I am very happy and satisfied by accepting Islam.

Ghana: Amir sahib writes, majority of people of village Balanga were enabled to accept Ahmadiyyat. Before that they were religion-less. When they were taught to offer Salaat, one day a new Bai'at doer asked question from our Muballigh, there are five Salaat-s in a day, is there any Salaat of night too? ..At this he was told about Tahajjud Salaat….Nau-Mubaey (new Bai'at doer) said, please teach me Tahajjud Salaat too. Muallam sahib said Please at 4 a.m. in the morning. So next day Muallam sahib taught how to offer Tahajjud Salaat……Muallam sahib says, next day I was sleeping, people of village came at the time of Tahajjud, and said, Wakeup! It is time for Tahajjud……[New Bai'at doers are asking Muallam sahib to offer Tahajjud !!]……...Muallam sahib says we stayed there for about 3 weeks and new Bai'at doers continued regularly to come for Tahajjud. When we came back from Tabligh-visit, new Bai'at doers told at phone that today we, by ourselves, offered Tahajjud Salaat and in each rakat, after recitation of surah alfateha, we recited surah al-kauthar because yet they were made memorize only one surah in addition to surah al-fateha.

Macedonia: Muballigh writes the people who are accepting Ahmadiyyat, marked spiritual change is coming in them. Some people who, before accepting Ahmadiyyat, were Muslims by name only and were regular drinker. They have left drinking alcohol after accepting Ahmadiyyat, they have become regular in Salaat-s….A friends of Safat sahib said, since Safat sahib have become Ahmadi he is fully changed, he is always concerned about Salaat, whether journey or at home, as soon it is time of Salaat, he leaves everything and offers Salaat at first. And continues to draw attention of other Ahmadis to offer Salaat. If ever people do not come, he expresses deep sorrow.

Muballigh of Micronesia, Ehtashmul Haq writes that a dear from Pompey island di Bai'at about 2 month earlier and attented Jalsa Salana Micronesia, his health is not very good, due to diabetes one of his leg is amputated, his sight is very weak, it is difficult for him to shake hand with others..A class was arranged at Jalsa for the knowledge and training of new Bait doers. This dear said to me I want to call Azan. I was very surprised where has he learned it from? He replied it was my desire after being Ahmadi that I should learn Azan I learned it. So he called Aazan. …. Muballigh writes, this scene I adored, that a person who believe Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) who has recently did Bai'at who cannot walk properly, cannot stand, cannot see, and does not know the direction of Qibla when delivers Azan. But he learns Azan in the love of Allah and Messenger.
This is the change which is being developed in those who are accepting Ahmadiyyat.



Peace be upon you.
Muballigh of Victoria, Australia writes, a young man Allan Shield sahib has recently done Bai'at. He was in contact with Jama'at since October 2016, and he used to attend Friday Salaat and other programs but had not done Bai'at . He was having many diseases, for which he was using medicines regularly. This year he attented Jalsa Salana Australia, and latter he emotionally expressed his sentiment and said, I have never seen such environment in life before, after this Jalsa I am returning to Melbourne as better human, better husband and better father. After returning he expressed to do Bait. At this he was told to study more and do prayer. One day, after Salaat he said, from the time I have started to come to mosque I do not need any medicine. This Salaat has become my medicine. He joined Jama'at by doing Bai'at.

Kosovo: Muballigh In charge writes that, By the fazl of Allah the Exalted there is unsual change in new Bai'at doers, and excitement to do service for Jama'at…Ilyan Ibrahimi sahib is sincere young man, has joined system of wassiyat, is at forefront of financial sacrifice, remain busy in sacrifice of time for deen. Since last one year, every Thursday, he comes to mission house by traveling a long journey and by joining Muallam sahib, does Tabligh-meetings, and next day, after offering Friday Salaat, returns to his city.

Muballigh in charge of French Guiana, Siddiq Munawar sahib writes, In French Guiana, a Christian woman accepted Islam in September 2016. She was reading advertisement in local newspaper to get house on rent..Meanwhile she read announcement by Ahmadiyya Jama'at that Holy Quran with French translation and other Islamic books are available from us. She immediately contacted Jama'at and bought a copy of Holy Quran with Translation and obtained other books. After reading translation of Holy Quran and literature of Jama'at she joined Jama'at Ahamdiyya along with her four children. Linda sahiba says I have been to many churches but no where I got peace of heart. I was in search of an alive God and now I have found my God, I have obtained bliss, peace and satisfaction which I was looking for, I am very fortunate that Allah the Exalted has made me join the best Jama'at. A revolution has come in my life, I find delight in Salaat and recitation of Holy Quran, my heart is filled with love of Allah the Exalted and Allah the Exalted is keep developing change in me miraculously. Her grown son Ahmad.. enthusiastically takes part in Jama'at activities. He is fond of reciting Holy Quran and calls azan in mosque. Linda sahiba offers Chanda and has special excitement in her regarding Islam.

Amir sahib Gambia writes, a lady accepted Ahmadiyyat during Tabigh-visit. She invited our Tabilgh teacm to her house and said in the presence of all her children, though I am not much literate but want to advise my children that if anyone of them left Ahmadiyyat she will not speak to him on the day of Qaiyamat.


Gambia’s Muballigh Incharge sahib writes, we went to a village in Niamina east region for conveying message, after that the village’s alkali said I will never allow Ahmadiyyat to enter my village, and do effort to stop Ahmadiyyat by ever possible mean, after saying this alkali left the meeting and went [perhaps alkali is a numberdar]. The team continue to convey message after alkali gone, and gave examples from the time of Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) of Allah that in his era, sahaba (r.a.) faced severe difficulties, but sahaba showed models of patience and pleasure. By the fazl of Allah the Exalted, more than 400 people accepted Ahmadiyyat without caring alkali’s words. When alkali learned that villagers have accepted Ahmadiyyat he went to police station to file complaint against Jama'at. Police officer said, every person has religious freedom, if you do not want to join Jama'at it is your choice, but those who are joining you cannot stop them. Police officer said he has joined the Ahamdiyyat too but no colleague of his did so. I did not force anyone, it is better you should stop opposing Jama'at. Alkali of village returned with no success from there and could not get what he wanted. He went to district court chief with his complaint. District Chief said when, in childhood, I was working with my father in the field, an airplane flew over, my father said he heard from his elders that when Imam Mahdi will come, iron will fly in ai. District chief said though I have not filled Bai'at form, but I am Ahmadi by heart. It is better you should not oppose Jama'at and do not put yourself in ruin.... Thus he failed here too and did not get what he wanted.

There are many more event.

Muballigh of Ivory coast, Bundoko region writes, one day this humble was coming back from visit. I saw smoke coming from one of our Jama'at, Somna area. I telephoned sadder Jama'at he said fire has broken in fields, and all village is busy in extinguishing this fire. Since water is not in large quantity in villages of Africa, that is why people extinguish fire by sand or other methods. Sadder sahib said fire is too much, which is going to my field too. At that time crop was ready to ripe and he based on it. I comforted him that you believe in that Messiah, to whom there is promise of God that Fire is your servant rather servant of servants. Do not worry, Allah the Exalted will Himself save your fields....After some time, this humble too reached there. Sadder sahib said, soon after the talk at the phone, air blew and due to it fire changed its direction and fire came under control too. ..So Allah the Exalted, by His support and help, saved him from big loss.


Muballigh of Chittagong Bangladesh writes, two years ago a person in Bangladesh claimed to be Bengali prophet. That person had excepted Ahmadiyyat firstly, latter denied Ahmadiyyat and claimed that Allah the Exalted has sent Quran to him in Bengla language and has appointed him prophet for Bengalis. Now there is no need of Ahmadiyya Khilafat. .... Murabbi sahib says I tried to teach him many times, but his answers used to be that Khilaffat e Ahmadiyya [nauzobillah] will be destroyed and would use very bad words. One day suddenly his speech power ended, he was admitted in Chittagong medical college, doctors said he has cancer in last stage, and cure is not possible, take him home. He was unable to say a word after that.

From Yemen, a sahib Muhammad Almunsari sahib writes, In 2015, i did Bait, Salaat and Jumua were offered regularly in our house, 3 opponent molvis had given Fatwa of my murder, one of them was killed with al-qaeda, second got brain hemorrhage and he stopped coming in mosque, third one’s circumstances have become so that all his followers have deserted him. On the other hand, number of those have sympathy for Ahmadis and Ahmadis are increasing.... Firstly I was Shia then joined Tablighi-Jama’at. Then one day after seeing program of Mustafa Sadiq sahib at MTA, I did eitakaf and istikhara about Jama’at, God the Exalted guided. It is only favour of God the Exalted if He had not given guidance we could not have gotten guidance. I am conveying message to fifteen people and spiritual change and .. betterment is visible in them but they have not done Bai’at yet.

Likewise there are events. Some are mentioned in short in report.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says: Now O opponent molvi-s and sajjada nashin-s, this dispute between us and you has grown more than limit. And if this Jama’at is little and fi qalilehi than your Jama’at and perhaps by this time it is not more than .... 5 thousand but surely understand it is plant planted by the Hand of God, God will never waste it, he will not be pleased unless make it reach to perfection, and he will water it, and will make boundary around it, and will grant amazing progresses. Have you used little power! So if it was work of human, this tree would have been cut since long and its name and sign had not survived.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah the Exalted be his Helper) further said: May Allah the Exalted continue to do favour to new comers and grant steadfastness, and enable us too to fulfill right of being Ahmadi and enable to be His special servant. [aamin] Assalamo Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatohu (peace and mercy of Allah and His blessings be on you).



(The real spellings of some names might be different than written above)
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