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On Hell

Discussion in 'Religions Q&A' started by Mauricius Modestus, May 30, 2020.

  1. Mauricius Modestus

    Mauricius Modestus God-Fearer
    Premium Member

    Dec 22, 2013
    Monolatrism, sympathetic to Christianity
    Upon reflecting on an article or two I’ve read recently about the origins of the concept of Hell, I’m still left to wonder about three things:

    #1. Did early Christians differentiate between Sheol, Gehenna, and Tartarus?

    #2. Why were these words all translated the same way in the Christian Scriptures?

    #3. How did a concept originating from Greek Mythology become the mainstream conception of the place of punishment for sin in Christianity? Why not Gehenna or Sheol, rooted in the Hebrew Bible?
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  2. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    If science says that in natural human life and existence living on a planet that they named as ONE..GOD st ONE. Then said that the gases no matter if they are alight and radiating or cold and clear belong historically to stone itself...then ONE is the only concept.


    There is no idea of 3.

    Yet imagine that you did something wrong...such as science.

    Conceptualized a formula whose strings involved building. And you built a machine that is artificial to the Nature of the evolution of formation.

    You then own and react that machine....yet in your natural life, you are in fact owner/partner of a creative act....human sex and then the gain of a new born baby.

    Would you be mind affected and make wrong and fake comments?

    About 3.

    If you claim that God is ONE...then if you form an ANTI science attack to what ONE owned...both burning light and cold clear light....conceptualising that cold clear light produced the end result of God the stone...the string of which you changed...removed, converted into machination...then you would be proven wrong.

    And named the concept ONE status only as HE did it and by changing EL, God stone fusion.

    And said HE EL L. And that statement said, I removed ONE body of cold gases as per formula...multi gases. So first of all I give my mind a false concept of multi presence....when natural blue light sky is natural blue light sky. The body One.

    ANTI means exactly what it says.

    O the stone is a natural mass.
    I removed natural mass for a machine reaction.
    So then I CAUSED and invented one state my own self, male/science self, and named that statement ANTI and HELL.

    Now I said the God Heavens is owned safe/saved...for it was.

    The only place where Satan presides hidden he says is in the deep pit of space in darkness.

    Meaning previous burnt metal of the Sun/radiation mass had gone cold and dark and is not seen, until Earth God heavens moves into it.....and science activated HELL in space to exist for God to inherit.

    And has lied about that cause ever since.

    Science invented HELL....God only owned the Heavens.

    Now you would conceptualise why a male said I am 3 of One...the Father, the son and the Holy spirit as a constant prayer, a constant thought and a constant reminder.

    Reason O pi...was burnt and removed its presence through a G evaluation...which proves the O first 3 in light time got burnt rationally. G O D eventually was saved in the Heavenly water cooling gain of the split of water from off the ground...but it was too late for humans not to be irradiated.

    For they were...as ground water mass split into D above and D below...and used up a huge portion of our life water just so science the egotist could claim I am a Creator as a scientist, when his owned given title is the DESTROYER.

    His owned mentality...as a group male behaviour status.....what is stated in the bible...when males in life exhibit this behaviour in self expression, is when they precede to become the Destroyer of life on Earth.

    From 1 to 3, the exact same burning event is owned...you might get burnt with position 1...then it is cooled...someone else some other place might be getting position 2...and position one mind then knows all about it...and the same for position 3....yet it is all the SAME one outcome....for radiation gets broken up.

    Satanic scientist liars....so stop irradiating our life...for everyday, the liars keep doing it....claiming that our life is going to be removed by his machine reactions as if he can steal our spirit from our life and give it to his machine. You know liars, our atmosphere.
  3. Hockeycowboy

    Hockeycowboy Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    Oct 28, 2015
    Here’s something you might like.....
    Go to BibleHub.com, and compare the verse in Genesis 42:38; especially note the Douala-Rheims version.

    Now, what happens in Sheol? Nothing. Ecclesiastes 9 5...and vs.10 basically says everyone goes there! At death, of course. Lol
    Read please 1 Corinthians 15 7,18,20
    Paul compares death to a “fallen asleep” condition.....to be resurrected later. Isn’t that what Jesus said @ John 11:10-14 & John 6:40?

    Not the future tense of Paul’s words at Acts of the Apostles 24:15 .....”there is going to be....”

    Gehenna & Tartarus are different things.

    Take care, my cousin.
  4. Brian2

    Brian2 Active Member

    Jan 16, 2020

    I don't really know what the early Christians believed about these things apart from what the Bible says, and even there I can be corrected. Shoel in the Hebrew is the equivalent of Hades in the New Testament. It is a place where the souls of the dead go to wait for the resurrection. It seems to not be a totally neutral place of sleeping. No doubt it is a different consciousness than we experience now but as the Pharisees seemed to believe and as Jesus seemed to teach in His Luke 16 parable of the rich man and Lazarus, there is a consciousness there and some are comforted and rest and others are probably troubled and tormented in their wait.

    They were not all translated the same way in all the translations. Some translations give more of a general picture of the scriptures and not an in depth literal translation. This can be good and bad. Literal can sometimes lead to misunderstanding of what was meant in the old languages and paraphrase can sometimes miss out on things that a more literal translation helps us to see.
    Sometimes translations are tainted by preconceived interpretations of what the scriptures mean. Some translators may think that hades, gehenna and tartarus are the same place and maybe they are right.
    From this site I got the following quote: What's the Difference Between Various Bible Versions?
    "More than 60 English-language versions are available. We can divide them into three broad types: word-for-word, meaning-to-meaning (also called thought-for-thought) and paraphrased. Usually a particular Bible version will explain, on its introductory pages, which approach was used in preparing it."

    Gehenna was a site outside of Jerusalem where the waste was burnt and Gehenna is used by Jesus as a picture of the final end of the wicked. Tartarus seems to be used as a place where bad angels have been imprisoned awaiting final judgement.

    That probably came about initially because the New Testament was written in ancient Greek and used the Greek "hades" for the place of the dead as the word closest in meaning to the Biblical idea. The New Testament was written to Greek speaking people mainly at the time. And no doubt there would be similarities between the Greek Hades and the Christian concept but I don't know if eventually ideas from other cultures were tacked on to the Biblical ideas.
    I hope someone else has a more in depth knowledge to pass on to you.
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  5. Nova2216

    Nova2216 Active Member

    Apr 20, 2020

    ...While Jesus, the thief, and Lazarus went to the paradise portion of hades, the rich man went to the unpleasant area which included torment and flame. This is the same region of hades, referred to in 2 Peter 2:4, where angels who sinned were committed by God. The term that Peter used was tartarosas, or Tartarus, and is described as “pits of darkness” where they are “reserved for judgment.” The parallel in Jude 6 speaks of these angels as having abandoned their proper place and having failed to keep their own domain. They are depicted as existing in “everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” This region of the Hadean realm must also be in view in Moses’ allusion to the anger of God which kindles fire that “shall burn to the lowest part of Sheol” (Deuteronomy 32:22)—sheol being a general Hebrew equivalent of the Greek hades....

    One Second After Death

    by Dave Miller, Ph.D.
    #5 Nova2216, May 30, 2020
    Last edited: May 30, 2020
  6. Samantha Rinne

    Samantha Rinne Resident Genderfluid Writer/Artist

    Feb 24, 2018
    Writer of the Mune Shinri (Aiken religion)

    #1 Sheol is the only actual Afterlife in this picture. Tartarus has to do with a Greek myth. Gehenna is a human compost pile where bodies are burned in a heap.

    #2 Mainly because of crappy translators. At one point, Moses and such is said to go to "Hell" (no, he clearly went to Sheol)

    #3 Again, translation. Same translations say Hades. Btw, the word Hell is a Norse concept. There isn't a real word for this place in English, so we have persistently wrong terminology. This is why I persistently call the place Afterlife, to denote that this is a unified space, and that reward or punishment is a result of something other than God straight up "sending us to Hell." That perception has a great deal more to do with things.
  7. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    The science teachings RELATIVE to stone O God the Earth as ST and ONE....said it owns the creation of the Heavens.

    Satan owns the body of Hell.

    And Satanists are scientists....who send us all there, why he preached about it daily.

    For if animals and the Garden Nature lived on a natural planet without any human, they would not be worried about going to Hell....for no scientist sending us there would exist as the Destroyer liar you all are.

    Out of space says the cosmologist scientist beginnings he says is cold radiation metal mass.

    O God owns no beginning and no end...yet in relativity God the stone is its owned END...meaning formed.

    So cold radiation also owns no beginning and no end....yet its relative end is cold radiation…...meaning formed and what is PRESENT.

    We live.….remember science, live in the PRESENT.

    Science then heats up by machine actions, the only not natural and artificial event, the COLD SPATIAL held METAL...radiation. And it heats and comes into our atmosphere. Heats whilst held in hot burning gas mass, natural light, then cooling and spatial vacuum eventuates into it being sucked out.

    But everyday in science irradiation heated cold radiation REMOVAL constant....the UFO cold radiation in space gets less and less, in the travel of Earth, until it gets/reaches hot black radiation mass....that human science gave to Earth, life and God.

    As the Earth in nuclear science constant machine destruction x by mass everyday removed.

    Why they try to claim we are safe, because machines are moving the mass...and not space/Hell.

    But one day their calculations equate us meeting Satan in Hell, to claim as they falsify that Satan created God by human and machine applied reactive historic separation FIRST.

    For God was never separated in natural history it was WHOLE.

    So they say 23, the place to remove God by W as a symbolic teaching into a HOLE.

    Claiming 22 Revelations allows it...and place 23 is when it actualizes.

    So XYZ….we own Genesis XY...and Z was a Holy 2000 of God and Satan...1000 and 1000, spatial xero…...life living sacrificed, as we were, but surviving.

    2012 was when it was asteroid/gas wandering star Saviour probability prophecised UFO sacrifice of life, to own being blocked from being allowed to enter into our light burning gases...what has kept us in sacrifice. Not enough gas mass presence to keep it blocked out.

    So when natural light exists first x natural light gas mass. Then water splits into 2 to cool the upper increased science caused gas burning by the UFO coming in.....to the lower ground irradiation fall out....then gas mass held light is increased.

    The UFO gets held in our atmospheric body longer in burning and so even more UFO mass gets removed than originally removed....for the UFO interacts with a larger atmospheric natural light gas mass science caused burning. Burning of cold cooled carbonised metal that is dark first, is how a lot of carbon gets put into the upper atmospheric gases. We do not see the UFO cold mass for it is dark.

    What they never infer, calculate nor abided by their own previous Earth God teachings, in relativity, never ever give God new names and destroy life.

    But they did.

    So our brothers the scientist but a holy scientist who has to say, listen you occult UFO Destroyer scientists you are wrong....and they just laughed at his sacrificed abused life body, you know Stephen Hawkings...the KING realization, the poor King, meaning had been sacrificed...whilst you are all yet to be sacrificed.

    He was so sick in his life due to radiation attack on his genetic Genesis health...and hence knew a huge amount of information, for only a Healed human sacrificed yet alive can tell these stories.

    Just as I learnt....when I never wanted to learn what an evil S.O.B. my science brother the occultist is. Never asked to be born, and if I had a choice, never would have.