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Obama administration to spend 55 million dollars on a “soft war” project against Iran

Discussion in 'Political Debates' started by Shia Islam, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Shia Islam

    Shia Islam Quran and Ahlul-Bayt a.s.
    Premium Member

    Jul 29, 2009
    Shia Islam
    US trying to break down Iran through propaganda, says British analyst

    London, IRNA – The United States interest in operating soft war apparatus against Iran is to break down “this potential superpower and a major obstacle for their aggressive imperialistic growth”, a British analyst said Tuesday.
    “That is why they [Americans] went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan to compete with Iran...[over] trillions of oil and gas dollars,” Peter Eyre said when asked by IRNA to comment on intensified US propaganda war against Iran.

    The US Congress has authorized the (Barack) Obama administration to spend 55 million dollars on a “soft war” project against Iran under the guise of what it has called the “Victims of Iranian Censorship Act” also known as the “VOICE Act”.

    Under the legislation, the US government has been instructed to bankroll anti-Iran broadcasters such as Radio Farda and VOA Persian service.

    Eyre said such a strategy was overtly used during the Cold War era when “vast sums of money” were set aside to establish overseas broadcasts and hire multilingual operators to spread their own propaganda.

    “In the UK, for example, the BBC has always had a strong presence in most countries and the same exists with regards to the Voice of America,” he said.

    According to the VOICE Act, 30 million dollars will be expended on expanding Farsi language broadcasting into Iran by Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty’s Radio Farda and the Voice of America’s Persian News Network—all are recognised as the propaganda mouthpiece of the US government against Iran.

    Some 25 million dollars more will be also allocated to other psych-ops against Iran.

    Eyre said although President Obama has initiated this measure to promote propaganda against Iran, the group behind, and probably responsible for this, could well have been “AIPAC and other pro-Israeli lobby groups”.

    “...Most of the Western Media is controlled by a small group of very rich and influential people. Once such example is that of Rupert Murdoch whose father Sir Keith Murdoch married into a very wealthy Jewish family, acquired his wealth and moved forward into having significant control of the world's media,” Eyre said,
    referring to Murdoch's dominance on global media as Times Newspaper Holdings, News Corp, Ltd. and the British Sky Broadcasting, to name a few.

    According to Eyre, Murdoch has continued to exercise “incredible leverage to manipulate almost any world political party” through the media.

    “His support for Israel is second to none and he remains hostile towards any Arab or Islamic cause. He has the ability to support many of the pro-Israeli lobbyists around the world and raise significant funds for any cause that fits in with his own political views,” Eyre added.

    He pointed out that Murdoch-owned media tend to hide the truth by deciding as to “what the public can or cannot see. You can only hear what they want you to hear.”

    “The conflict in Gaza was a typical example of media control and also the big issue of the West's use of weapons containing uranium components. Basically you cannot read about the truth in such media.”

    He added that the United States is “pumping millions of dollars” into waging propaganda war against Iran because it is a “potential superpower” and a major obstacle for their “aggressive imperialistic growth” in the Middle East.

    333**345**1394 April 27

    Islamic Republic News Agency :: US trying to break down Iran through propaganda, says British analyst
  2. England my lionheart

    England my lionheart Rockerjahili Rebel
    Premium Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    I'm surprised any propaganda is needed,i think the Iranian Government does pretty well on its own
  3. Sunstone

    Sunstone De Diablo Del Fora
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Jul 2, 2004
    Erotic Dancing Girls
    Nice. Nothing like another war. I guess Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan ain't enough.
  4. Rainbow Mage

    Rainbow Mage Lib Democrat/Agnostic/Epicurean-ish/Buddhist-ish

    Mar 28, 2010
    Sunstone, and they wonder why America is called Imperialist in the media of other countries- LOL.
  5. Breathe

    Breathe Hostis humani generis

    Oct 5, 2008
    Syncretic, Personal Panentheism
    Vive l'impérialisme! :(
    (I think that's grammatically correct. I didn't study French. :D)
  6. dust1n

    dust1n Zindīq

    Nov 14, 2007
    Post-Anarchism Austin, TX
  7. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Well-Known Member

    Jul 26, 2009
    When we backed the Iranian Shah and helped oust Mosadec in..... '53 (I think), the Shah became increasingly authoratarian and eventually the Iranians had the Islamic revolution in '79. Do our rulers not see how our Foreign Policy is so stupid, and that blowback seems to be inevitable in everything we do?

    The last thing I want is another unjustified pointless conflict in the Middle-East, and the West's aggressive stance againt Iran is really starting to make me nervous.
  8. Kilgore Trout

    Kilgore Trout Misanthropic Humanist

    Feb 4, 2009
    Wow - $55 million!

    That'll buy you 11 minutes of SuperBowl ads or nine M-1 tanks. Is this a joke? Oh no, the sky is falling! The imperialists are spending 4 hours of their daily fast food budget on supporting non-Iranian government sponsored news. Batten down the hatches!