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Non-religious people: What convinced you to stop believing in God?


Veteran Member
I just simply couldn't keep believing in god because it made no sense, I then realized that what we call god is all there is, its the whole cosmos, and we are part of that, so we collectively are the cosmos, or god if you prefer that name, this made a lot more sense to me, but still I don't hold the belief as complete truth, for we will never know the fully the truth.

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Title. Please answer the question and have a good day! :D

I wasn't raised believing in a Creator of any sort. I never had that "who created me?" feeling or question burning through my head or "what is the purpose of the universe?" type of thing. My mother said she wanted to have the perfect family and brought us to church (pentecostal). She never went. I loved study and I loved religion, so I told myself I wanted to be a clostered nun and just pray and study the Bible. That's when I learned about God.

After my surgery in 1999, I stoped going all together. I still had a passion for a devotional life. So, I made a premature jump three years ago and became Catholic. That's when I quote on quote met God.

I don't believe you can stop believing. You can a. stop practicing b. place your commitment elsewhere but you can't just stop believing unless you haven't believed in the first place. That's my hung up. I never believed in the first place.

I loved prayer, study, and communion. I couldn't hook well with the Creator concept and in Christianity especially not a human being a creator. So, I "stoped belieiving" or more accurately, took the Eucharist for the last time and stoped going to Church and devoting myself to someone else's Creator.

I feel less inner preasure now. Through inner meditation and reflection I found that the Buddha (our Buddha's Law our wisdom) called to me. I found that within and followed the Buddha ever since. I also realized how our bodies and minds are supposed to corrediante with the earth. I choose folk practices, healing, and such and have a Pagan influence reverence of the earth, rituals, and offerings to the Earth.

The Creator does not and cannot offer me what I have now.

That's why I "stopped believing."

Sorry for a long testimony.


Apistevist Asexual Atheist
Not sure I ever started believing in any God.
Parents weren't big on happy fairy tales and fantasy stuff so I didn't buy into God too much.

I worked my way out.
I went from what I was told was true to finding out that what I was told isn't reliable.

I went from point A halfway to point B, realized that traveling to point B was pointless, then retreated back to point A.
And point A is where I stay.
Title. Please answer the question and have a good day! :D

I can remember I couldn't shake the feeling of gods presence being as real as Santa Clause. Contradictions in bibical material and convoluted explanations. Feeling like prayers were a frivolous act to nobody. That is how it started anyway. Doesn't exactly reflect my views now.
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Title. Please answer the question and have a good day! :D
The manner in which God is hopelessly and permanently locked away in a persons mental realm being distinguished only as being a voice in someone's head, or a feeling of influence generated from a person's mind and passed off as being substantial.

That and there is absolutely not a peep anywhere that can be found aside from people completely alone doing all the talking and writing entirely on the "behalf" of God which of course, means it's entirely made up in the human psyche.

Bottom line is if there were no humans around and entirely silent, God simply vanishes away. When people start talking, God as if by magic somehow "reappears." again.

So no God.


New Member
I stopped believing in God because there is no solid evidence besides the stories in the bible and the stories people tell based on personal beliefs and or experiences. No-one has ever seen God and when you think about it logically one man creating the entire world seems a little unrealistic and now science is beginning to slowly prove previously unknown information about how the world was created and how we became what we are based on evolution. People that believe in god I want you to read Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I'm not telling you not to believe or that what you believe in is wrong because that would be wrong of me. I'm just asking to keep an open mind and read this because it really made me realize a lot of things about the Christian religion and religions that believe in a God. Now, I'm a Buddhist. I believe that we have the power to our own decisions and that their isn't a God but the universe works in weird ways that effect us differently based out our decisions. Or the famous idea of Karma. Honestly I'm a logical person and to me I just don't understand the belief of a God. The Christian religion just doesn't make sense to me because I think of everything in a logical manner.


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I've had to re-think my beliefs alot and there really hasn't been a moment when I ruled out the possibility of god. I became simply too apathetic to really examine it and didn't really start off with many religious beliefs to take the idea seriously. This might have been different if my buddies at school hadn't all been agnostics and atheists as I only really started to ask these questions pretty late (mainly from being here on RF). my atheism is something I've taken for granted and not really questioned in depth.


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I believe that the similarities of all deities and religious teachings serve as evidence that gods are a human invention.
To test this hypothesis, I've spent decades of my life studying religions and searching for the proposed gods. At certain times, I have genuinely devoted myself to an entire way of thinking and religious practice, only to find it wholly unfulfilling.

There's just as much evidence for God as there is for Sasquatch, Aliens, or Magic Space Wizards... And that's probably giving more credit to the evidence for god than is deserved.