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No Joke!


Well-Known Member
Broadly speaking, I don't like jokes that punch down. I particularly don't like jokes that are little more than a way to give outright bigotry a veneer of plausible deniability.

Pretty much this ^^^

I will say jokes like these tend to be boring as well. Jokes that rely on deeply treaded tropes and stereotypes tend to be so ham fisted the punchline can be seen a mile away


Well-Known Member
Are there any topics you are unable or unwilling to joke about?
Oh yes, quite a few. The holocaust, the slave trade, rape and paedophilia are the strongest examples. I was very glad that @ChristineM mentioned mental illness. Some years ago, through charity work, I had dealings with several mentally ill people. For them, it was living in a hell that others could not see. Never a subject for humour.