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New religion... vision religion

robocop (actually)

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Nobody has a problem with things that are bad for us looking scary and good things looking nice.

But what about the microscopic... when we look at things that are bad they are ugly and good they look nice. But why is this?

Whoever has the best explanation can co-found my religion. Good luck.


One Accepts All Religious Texts
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when we look at things that are bad they are ugly and good they look nice.
Number of reasons:
  • When people say things are bad in any language, there are drop tones; thus the shapes of sounds people produce when speaking about bad things, can create an image of its ugliness.
  • Bad things are lowering in consciousness, where each dimension is a conscious field, with the ultimate layer being Hell; thus low vibration, creates a disharmony, and ripple in the Matrix, that can look ugly... I.e Bad Vibrations.
  • Good things are sine waves, thus they appear smoother; than the jagged waves, where detrimental affects change the conscious waves.
In my opinion. :innocent: