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My thoughts on Anton LaVeys "Evidence of a New Satanic Age"


Priest of Odin
Premium Member
(This post is not meant to bash other religions, just letting some people know) You know it's interesting how so many people these days like to bash LaVey, by calling him a charlatan, a no good father, you name it. Whether or not some individuals are considered Charlatan's, every point of view that some of these individuals write can have a bit of truth, hell LaVey even states it himself "From every set of principles (be it religious, political, or philosophical), some good can be extracted." I personally think that LaVey was a genius on what he wrote and how he developed Satanism. Every now and then I occasionally go back to reading the Satanic Bible. Their is one particular chapter I like in the Satanic Bible called "Some Evidence of a New Satanic Age." Coming from a half Russian formerly raised Russian Orthodox Christian background, I find it interesting of what I hear about from different Christian Institutions. Such as how Catholics aren't as religious and maybe go to Easter mass or whatever you call it, once a year and that's it. Or how Russian Orthodox Christians barely read the Bible or put it to practice if at all.

The thing I most identify in what LaVey mentions in Evidence of a New Satanic Age, is why continue to hold on to a faith that doesn't work for you, while you identify yourself in that faith? It would be like identifying yourself as a Satanist and not practice Satanic Philosophy, but instead wearing freely your Baphomet T shirts or Necklace without any kind of meaning. The way I see it is this. If something works for you as an identity and you practice the beliefs within that identity that you have, I can understand that. What I do not understand, is giving yourself a label as an identity but not truly practicing it. I feel that LaVey's questioning on that, is definitely something that one should think about and look at. I think that LaVey was one of the few western thinkers that questioned on what use is conventional religion for man? The thing that I like the most on what LaVey had to say in Evidence of a New Satanic age is on "why continue to grasp on to a dying faith?" When that faith decides to constantly change viewpoints to a more liberal or Satanic viewpoint in order to keep the flock in. That is something that one should keep in mind.
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