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My government is…

My government is in the top what percent of governments worldwide?

  • Top 10%

  • Top 25%

  • Top 50%

  • Top 75%

  • Bottom 25%

Results are only viewable after voting.

Mock Turtle

Oh my, did I say that!
Premium Member
I would guess the UK as top 25% at least, given that so many countries will not allow the freedoms we have, but some seemingly do better in many aspects, so I couldn't justify a top 10% position - but I'm probably wrong. :oops:


"Truth" isn't a thing...
Premium Member
I'm a Canadian, and I have to say it, I place us in the top 5%, or among the top 10 nations in the world. Now, that doesn't mean that I think our government is near perfect -- there are lots of areas for improvement, but that's usually true of anything human. (I am not a member of our First Nations, for instance, and I think there's much work to do there.)

Still, our government clunks along with little fuss, like our Westminster parent. Voting is easy, medicare is univerally available with a single payer (government), we are well supplied with food, water and natural resources. Our national parliament and provincial legislators and municipal governments are well represented by Canada's huge diversity (our Governor General is an Inuit woman). Some say we pay too much in taxes, but at 75 years old, I can assure you that is more than made up for in what I DON'T pay for medical care. And we have excellent tax credits when we save money for our retirement, through various Registered Savings Plans, Education Savings Plans for our kids, and so on. We kill each far, far less frequently than our neighbours to the south, and their neighbours to the south of them.

And in general, we're a happy and content nation (13th happiest in the world, but the margins at the top are really quite narrow). That's not a bad thing, when you think of it.


Consults with Trees
Staff member
Premium Member
I can't even hazard a guess.

"Government" isn't a singular thing. It's a bucket term that a lot of different agencies and organizations fall into. There's city governments. There's school boards. There's state governments. There's state agencies. Municipal agencies. National agencies. Federal governments. Differences between branches of government - courts, executive, legislative. And rating based on what? Didn't realize this was a competition.


Veteran Member
In addition to this thread Do you trust the government of your country

Few people trust their government, but how do you guess your country compares to others worldwide?

There are 195 countries in the world, how well governed is yours comparatively?

(Of course this requires a lot of guesswork, but what is your hunch?)

If you want to note your country below along with your guess.
I'm not sure I'd put my government into the top 10 but I feel comfortable to put it in the top 10%.
There are a handful, maybe a dozen, countries doing better than Germany. New Zealand and the Scandinavian countries for sure. Canada is decent as are most of our neighbours.
I don't currently plan to emigrate.