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My Future Quaker Denomination


I plan on one day starting a new denomination. It will be like Gurneyite Quakerism with elements of Messianic Judiasm, Zoroastrianism, and Confucianism.
Like the Gurneyite Quakers, we won't believe in outward sacraments instead believing in "The Inner Light" which is Inward Baptism and Inward Communion.
We would also be pacifists.
Like the Messianic Jews, we will worship on Saturday. (although my denomination will still worship on Sunday but the Sunday service would be like a Wenesday service.) We will also celebrate the Jewish Holidays and we will have Bir Mitzvas.
Like the Zoroastrians, we will accept Zoroaster as a Prophet of God and we will believe in the Avesta. We will also believe that pollution is a sin. We will also celebrate a Zoroastrian Holiday called Zartosht No-Diso.
And finally like the Confucians, we will accept the teachings of Confucius in The Analects. We will also respect our ancestors.
My future Quaker denomination will be different because there will be no hymn singing in the Church. Also, there won't be any ministers in my denomination. We also won't have any missionaries as I believe that door knocking turns people away from Churches.
We will believe that there is nothing wrong with women preaching.
I will be the founder, although I won't ever become a preacher.
I have a question, how do I get my Denomination started?
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Straw Dog

Well-Known Member
Greetings Quakerguy,

Why do you feel it is necessary to start another denomination?

The current branches seem to have something for all types. I feel quite comfortable practicing in universalist/ liberal unprogrammed meetings even though my methods of transcendental communion are different from others. These variations in practice don't negatively effect the sense of community and spiritual kinship since the primordial potentiality (God) remains constant regardless.


Spiritual Friend
Premium Member
W/in the Liberal Quaker movement, my experience has been what brings you to discover and know better that Inner Light is welcomed,
within a safe a responsible perimeter, of course.

Are you attending a Friends Meeting currently?

Iti oj

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I think first you need a community. And also become. Legal precher I think you get the qualifications online so you can legally do things like weddings etc. Then you have to file paper with the state fed and irs non proffit charity church stuff etc. You willl also need a place to wworship


Spiritual Friend
Premium Member
Yes, I've started attending regularly. Silent worship is a powerful experience and personal practice has benefitted greatly from it. Do you also attend meetings then?

Heh, I guess I should have quoted Quakerguy, but I'm glad you answered,
as that too did catch my Eye.

When I was going to a Unitarian Universalist Church I often was part of a group that went to a Friends Meeting as many of them also visited and worked with our church.

Since then, I have attended Quaker Meetings when they are close, where I'm living,
or when I am traveling.

I'm not officially a Friend, but I'm a friendly for sure.


I've changed my mind about this, I don't want to start a new Denomination now.
I will focus on my own Religious Beliefs.