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My essay on the Pope's comments

Do you not see that Allah is He,
Whom obeys whoever is in the Heavens and whoever is in the earth, and the sun and the moon and the stars, and the mountaains and the trees, and the animals and many of the people; and there are many against whom chastisement has become necessary; and whomsoever Allah abases, there is none who can make him honorable; surely Allah does what he pleases.
-The Qur’an, Surah 22: The Pilgrimmage

The Pope’s comments are very apt to be misunderstood by people who are not very religious or theological in their views. They are meant to reflect actions independant of real religion in the light of history and that are against the true nature of God, namely terrorism. Islam is just as valid as Christianity and that is what the Pope probably still believes despite the current state of the world. There are bad readers and believers of every sacred text, and the Pope here tries to take out some of his bad followers, a pristine harmonic coincidence contained in a theological riddle that echoes through the ages. You must understand what he said. Just as Catholic sermons of late have had to do with the glorification of the worker of God after the Muhammed cartoon and its relation to the ego of Christ himself, the Pope did the same thing with advancing sermons by bringing his own suggestion of the role of the Pope as a cleric and theological advisor of supreme command speaking most only to priests, while at the same time alluding to misguided and bad followers of his own religion.

“Jihad is against the nature of God”

Holy war is mental/intellectual; a common Christian aphorism. A violent faith is much different from violence itself, as a true belief about the world must form before physical action is to take place, and violence can have nothing to do with any religion for belief to exist. Politics plays a big part as always, and comments to train priests and people of high religious thinking shouldn’t be misunderstood when we enter the seperate realm of politics. These statements can solve many political dillemmas and in ways reconcile the many divergent paths into the godhead of the All. In the dark ages, muhammed made it abundantly clear to accept the work of Christ, just as Buddha, Krishna, and others all came from that great Egyptian school of the ALL, as explained in the Kybalion. I happen to know a Mohammed from Egypt. Studying everything is very important, as everyone here probably well knows.

The intellectual holy war was the peaceful end to the cold war. Its name was socialism. Communism is only violent socialism. A world government was the obvious solution to the cold war and the abolition of national governence after world peace beyond culture and local land management with an equal redistribution of wealth as socialism dictates is indeed the future utopia.

Now that we know that we can also understand that the WTC’s existance Might still be a result of bin Laden fighting the Russians like in the old war when he was a mere soldier. Hitler’s national socialism being inherantly and purposly flawed as it was not applied globally and that he also worked completly backwards in a republican manner. Hitler wanted to crush Marxism, and he proved both sides of the cold war wrong with the Republican police state and the violent antiglobal way of setting up the world. Bin Laden has nothing much to do with real Islam, and is indeed the Scorpion man who comes out of the mountains of Mashu to decieve us from the ancient Necronomicon. He is one of the bad demons from HItler’s pantheon, but, just like Hitler, is trying to show us what is wrong in a backwards like manner. Destroying the World Trade Center was an idiot children’s nazi like backwards revolution.

Marx was German also, and if we can specific in this instance of Marx ignore his still parallel observations of industry, The Christian thing to do is like Jesus, to turn morally outward. If nothing is produced in industry, unlike what China has done, the redistribution of wealth would be easier, and this is why cash exists. Vital industries like food, medicine, and community infrastructure building have nothing to do with the product model of industry and should be a world standard in their geographic distribution.

The Pope may be as always exasperated by the world’s condition, and saying that a bad thing did arise from something that was written, if terrorism even has anything to do with the Arabic people, does not reflect on the sacred text. The WTC being gone hurt an outpouring of resources that although was supposed to be just like what Christ taught, the compromised revolution was not pure in its implemented nature, and bin Laden, as an act of fighting the Russians, destroyed the place where any change could POSSIBLY take place.
“The Quran brought nothing new
except things evil and inhuman”

The Pope was speaking out of pure exasperation at tthe state of things in the world today, with war of all kinds haunting every corner of the globe, coming from a place of pure misunderastanding. Saying that a bad thing did arise from a writing in the light of historical events does not reflect on the actual writing itself, because the evil act is a misapplication of the true word of God. Just as many Catholic sermons of late have had much to do with the Muhammed cartoon and the glorification of the worker of God himself, the Pope was also trying to take out his bad Christian followers with the use of the word “inhuman”, like anything that wasn’t objectivly glorified like Jesus is in bad ways sometimes as a misinterpretation of him being the son of God like the word of God speaking about God’s work itself in the Quran can be misunderstood by bad people who have little to do with being true members of that religion. That the Pope is talking about what bin Laden did, and not what Muhammed wrote beyond a misapplication of it, the bad made manifest in historical events as stupid as the Christian crusades.

Islam is very similar to the Ten Commandments, and much of the old testament in some ways. The Ten Commandments, posted in many of today’s courtrooms, and the Quran involve both the laying of knowledge based law. The law solves bad things in society and reactions to social implementation of the law conversely follow in being released as religious teaching. The Bible dealt with ancient political events and the law of the people in its own right, as does the Quran; the events in the life of God’s people. Human interactive social politics are a mainstay of religious teaching as they are mediums of change.
The teachings of Jesus are opposite of knowledge of events or absolute mathematical like law, although still completly true in their nature and wisdom, just they hold a differant nature in the way they are presented and exist. They are instead instead are equally divine truths that deal with human morality and actions toward others, an outpouring of the law into the people by teaching and living it. The Sikhs reconcile in their text some of the idiot world’s misapplications of Islamic law, just as Christ elucidated on the teachings of Moses and others.

The Quran asserts god’s power against the evil forces arrayed against humanity, in the nature of knowledge, and speaks against those who do not believe in the teachings of Christ as well. Of course this is misapplied to situations where people can’t even posess bibles and what bin Laden did. The Quran can stand by itself as a religious testament, but it was not meant to, and true wisdom comes from a study of the ALL. Jesus laid the post-Moses foundation of humanity’s moral law, in a localized part of the world. It was intended for all to have and Muhammed expounded upon this in warnings against Jews who are still waiting for a messiah like and also the Christians who were waiting for a second coming when he wrote that. The Pope was merely trying to turn back the violent towards morality, as morality is of course the foundation of Islam. The inward testimony of what is bad in reality drawn in by a judge for his final outgiving judgement in the absolute word of God is opposite in its way of action to Jesus’s historical role as the following teacher of Moses’s absolute spiritual law as an outgiving into humanity of moral teachings for humanity to conversely judge. This is, in the world of philosophy, known as blue books of knowledge and law, and red books of human social emotion. He was crucified and is sometimes glorified egotistically, a negative thing that comes to us as a bad Christian, unlike our great Pope, with bad belief systems flip flopped from an absolute outpouring of law, it can look weak in its misbelief and untrue in the light of absolute reality, as opposed to someone who absolutly knows that they are right that is actually wrong. Without Jesus’s teaching to guide the Muslim, the Quran can be misapplied. There is more to law than how to be good.

Bad interpretations of Islam are just as bad as bad interpretations of Christianity, and bin Laden is just as bad as a rigid and misguided Christian. Bin laden is not a true Muslim as he is violent, and just as physically violent communism is not a true socialism, if it even involves a revolution anymore, beyond the outgiving of resources as a serene benevolant testament to god’s power and will. Not every man is a judge, and a holy punishment can only come froma priest/judge schooled in divine law, not a common worshipper with his own ideas and beliefs. Great teachers are great teachers, divine or not.

All of the JeudoChristianIslamic tradition follows the tradition of the one god, and so do all religions, although the holy trinity may be as misunderstood sometimes as the supreme composite Godhead. Sikhism is the fusion of eastern Hindu/Islamic tradition as a final religious synthesis of all thought, just as statues of Buddha are similar to hindu religious statues, his philosophy was incorporated therein.

The Holy Quran appeared at a strange time for all of us, the end of the dark ages where a priest would spend his whole life copying the bible, for evangelical purposes. A copy of the Quran was a holy message at the end of this dark time in human thought, where Christianity was just spreading to Europe as Latin intended and people were just struggling to understand what the local evangelical priest had just brought them, if at all yet. Instead of a fusion, as was intendd by all, including the current Pope, illiteracy reigned supreme and instead of muhammed’s expected Christian text and moral mission being exported, the crusades happened.

People can never hope to truly understand a single religious text, and it looks like they never will. The holy Trinity as an example of misunderstanding can, in bad cases of misbelief, lead people away from the One God in the supposedly exclusive Jeudo-Islamic tradition, although this was never what Christianity was intended for. It gives us the Father as the absolute one God, Jesus, the son as God in human form, and the Holy Ghost as the trancendental spirit which guides all humans into becoming more like Jesus, the martyered moral teacher. In light of this simple allegory (metaphor in need of extension of imagination) it is expressed in the bad Christian or person who has fallen away from the church as devoid of the layered meaning it was supposed to posess, with god as god still. The same thing could come to us as a bad Muslim who tries to take his own zen farce law into his own hands and ways, a person who has fallen away from a differant church, one of Law.