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Modern use of The I CHING and Confucianism

Discussion in 'Confucianism DIR' started by Xavier Graham SA, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. Xavier Graham SA

    Xavier Graham SA God is Love is love is love. OM, AV KAH AHH!

    Jun 3, 2021
    Syncretic Anarchism
    Confucius spent his life trying to convince the local feudal kings to implement his policies. When he was old and grey, Confucius said "Oh, I have wasted my life doing this. It would have been better if I have spent my entire life solely on studying the book of changes (I CHING)". He then recommends this be the path his followers take. The I CHING is a divination text that relies on cleromancy. The basis of its authority is this. When you ask the I CHING a question, the one who responds is your soul. As long as you have the faith that your soul has an objective view of everything, and it can intelligently answer you by influencing the coins you're tossing, it will work.
    I was wondering if anyone uses the I CHING for this practical purpose i.e. seeking guidance from your inner soul. The inner soul, detached from the ego, is GOD Himself, so in effect, the belief is that you are asking God. I personally have been using the I CHING regularly for almost 2 years, and it has not once failed to give me an intelligent and direct answer. The I CHING is instrumental in reinforcing my belief in God all the time, as the I CHING speaks to me directly when I ask it questions.