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Mister Preacher Man

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Lekatt, Oct 14, 2021.

  1. Lekatt

    Lekatt Member

    Oct 2, 2021
    Spiritual Beliefs
    Dear Mister Preacher man
    don’t teach my children fear.
    Sermons of hellish fire,
    What is this farce I hear?

    You say God is jealous,
    so angry, to condemn
    His own precious children
    to burn in hell for sin.

    You did not heed the One
    that set the teaching true.
    God’s one and only Son,
    the gift He gave to you.

    Why worship now His death
    by unaware, saddened throng,
    discarding His sweet words
    that taught us right from wrong?

    He asked you to Love God
    with your heart, mind and soul,
    and to love one another,
    now that should be your goal.

    Love your enemies, doing
    well to them that wrong.
    Go pace that second mile,
    give love as you walk along.

    Give service unto others
    so you be fully blessed.
    Help the poor, the homeless,
    walk the path He professed.

    Forgive those that harm you,
    do not judge nor condemn.
    Treat others as you would like
    to be treated by them.

    Now Mister Preacher man
    what don’t you understand.
    The Son said: “teach love” to
    each woman, child, and man.

    Please Mister Preacher man
    don’t teach my children fear.
    Give them the words of love,
    that they may hold them dear.
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  2. KenS

    KenS Face to face with my Father
    Premium Member

    Sep 3, 2013
    Sounds very reasonable.
  3. 'mud

    'mud ~~ Life is Stuff ~~
    Premium Member

    Aug 10, 2011
    ~~ LIFE ~~
    Ahhh....another preacher man....the fear amongst us in those words of worship, or not !